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The information included in this database relates to History and Genealogy of the Northern Shenandoah County. The principal area of my interest is Strasburg, Virginia and it environs. This database includes Cemetery Data, names from store logs, land record data and etc.. Information related to the descendants of Johan Philip Sonner (Philip Peter Sonner Sr.) will also be posted. 


This is a recent photo of the fireplace in the Johan Philip Sonner home located west of Strasburg, Virginia. The house burned during the mid 1950s.  Only the stone portion and the heavier logs remain. This fireplace likely dates back to ca 1760. 


List of Property Owners Strasburg, Virginia 1834 


List of Property Owners Strasburg, Virginia 1850 


List of Property Owners Strasburg, Virginia 1879 


1783 Plat of the Town of Strasburg Virginia 


Strasburg Area Pictures 


List of Persons Called for Military Draft 1917 in Shenandoah County, Virginia 


Shenandoah County, Virginia World War I related data 


Data Related To Virginia's Civil War Soldiers 


Historical Data related to the Strasburg Christian Church Compiled and Maintained by Calvin Sonner 


Shenandoah County Mills and Millers 


List of names from 1852-3 Strasburg, Virginia Store Ledger 


List of Names from Other Strasburg Area Ledgers


Shenandoah County Tombstone Inscriptions 


St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Strasburg, VA. Historical Records ca 1770-1860


James Knox Polk Sonner's, Sonner Family History 1898-9 


Index for James Knox Polk Sonner's, Sonner Family History 1898-9 


Johan Philip and Elizabeth Wendle Sonner

A veterans administration tombstone is being erected at the Riverview Cemetery in Strasburg Virginia for John Sonner.  It will dedicated by the SAR sometime in August or September.  The ceremony was described by a representive as the following, "What we are working toward is an official ceremony to formally mark the gravesite by placing an SAR patriot marker there.  The marker would be dedicated and a blessing administered by our Chaplain, a three volley salute by our Color Guard and Taps or Amazing Grace played(we have a bagpiper)."  Thought this may be of interest to John Sonner descendants.

John Sonner, first child of Johan Philip and Elizabeth Wendle Sonner


Anthony Sonner, second child of Johan Philip and Elizabeth Wendle Sonner


Rebecca Sonner third child of Johan Philip and Elizabeth Wendle Sonner 


Jacob Sonner, fourth child of Johan Philip and Elizabeth Wendle Sonner 


Christina Sonner, the fifth child of Johan Philip and Elizabeth Wendle Sonner 


Philip Peter Sonner, sixth child of Johan Philip and Elizabeth Wendle Sonner 


Philip Sonner and His Descendants in the American Wars 


Johan Philip Sonner's Land Grant 

Sonner Deeds From Local Recordation


Early Shenandoah County Population data 


Strasburg News, History of Toms Brook, VA. published 1905 


Items From Early Issues of the Strasburg News, Newspaper 


Strasburg Museum, Strasburg, Virginia 


Strasburg Churches, Strasburg, Virginia


Strasburg Christian Church


Pictures of Northern Shenandoah County Churches 


Miscellaneous Information 


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Some Old Jordan Pictures

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Data From Other Sources



The Strasburg Heritage Association


Shenandoah Valley of Virginia - Early Strasburg Families


Trekking Stover Cousin's Stover Database


Spengler Families


Captain Alexander Machir's Company, Strasburg District


The Byers Family


Protection of Human Remains in Iowa 


Court Rulings Affirms Burial Site Protection not "Taking" 


Human Remains & Unmarked Burials 


North Carolina Cemetery Survey 


German Telephone Directory


Social Security Data


Strasburg Virginia Chamber of Commerce


Shenandoah County Library


Shenandoah County Page


The Handley Regional Library, Winchester Virginia


The Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation


Virginia Legal Resource Network


Genealogy in Shenandoah County, Virginia


The Library of Virginia Genealogy Home Page


Guide to Virginia's Civil War Battlefields & Sites


Virginia Historical Society


The American Genealogy Mall MEGALINKS 


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