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James Knox Polk Sonner

Reformatted by Calvin Sonner 
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Philip Sonner

{1} Philip Sonner, born in Wurtenburg, Germany about the year 1736, emigrated to Strasburg, Va. about the year 1757, married Miss Windell, daughter of Peter Windell, about the year 1759 and settled about four miles from Strasburg, Va., where he lived and died about 1814, age seventy-eight years. They had four son and two daughters;

1. Anthony, 2. Jacob, 3. John, 4. Philip P. and two daughters, 1. Christina and 2. Rebecca

Great-grandfather Philip Sonner's first wife died and he remarried. Writer, could not ascertain her name. They lived with his son, Philip P. Sonner. His second wife left him, they had no heirs. He was a weaver by trade when he emigrated to Virginia, but after he was married, he lived a farmer's life. He was supposed to be about twenty years of age when he come to this country. He was a German, and his first wife as well, according to traditions handed down from Father to Son. They were hale and hearty, and of a religious mind, which they certainly needed in their family, they went forth and battled with might like Herves and the Hervines in the cause of right. In connection with the above, writer will have the say further on, as space is limited here. Great-grandfather often spoke of his brother who remained in Wurtenburg, Germany. 

Anthony Sonner

{2} 1. Anthony Sonner, eldest son of Philip Sonner, born near Strasburg, Va. Sept. 4, 1760 and died Sept. 2, 1834. Married Elizabeth Geeting, born Feb. 8, 1776, and died July 25, 1848. She was the daughter of Rev. George A. Geeting, and were married about the year 1786 by Rev. William Otterborn, and remained there until about the year 1818, when he migrated to Taylorsville, Highland Co., Ohio. Entered land and settled there, lived and died. They had seven children by this union as follows;

(1) Jacob, (2) Anna, (3) George, (4) David, (5) Jonathan- twin, ( 6) William, (7) Sarah

    {3} 1. Jacob Sonner, eldest son of Anthony Sonner, born May 5, 1797, died Aug. 7, 1872. Married Miss Christina Ambrose, born May 1801, died April 11, 1871. By this union they had the following children: John, George, Elizabeth, Anthony, Mathias, William, Isaac, and Rachel.

        {4} 1. John Sonner, eldest son of Jacob Sonner, married Amelia Caley in 1851 in Highland County, Ohio, later on they moved to Noble, Richland Co., Ill. By this union they have five children as follows:

             {5} 2 . Frank W. Sonner married Emma Avers, Chicago, Ill. and have one child, Mary Edith.

                 {6} 1. Mary Edith Sonner

            {5} 3. Levi Sonner married Mary E. Antle, Louisville, Ky. and have four children: Cora E., Grace A., Ethela, and John Everett.

            {5} 4. John C. Sonner married Amy Ruyon, and have three children: Maude, Minnie, Emma A.

            {5} 5. Emma Sonner married Morris Taylor, have five children: Gertie E., Odessie, Florence, Amelie, Nellie; twelve grandchildren. or daughter, and one grandson.

            {5}  6. Cora Etta Sonner is single.

John Sonner and his family belong to the U. B. Church. All their Post Office Addresses in Noble, Richland County, Ill. This is all of John Sonner's children and grandchildren. Elizabeth A. married Hugh Sanderson, Post Office, Noble, Richland Co., Ill.

        {4} 2. George G. Sonner, second son of Jacob Sonner, Deceased, married Claricia Caley of Highland Co., Ohio and had ten children as follows; Susan, Eli, William, John, Mary, Sarah, Joseph, Jane, Amanda, and Alpha.

            {5} 1. Susan Sonner married Jacob Zion, now deceased, one child, Freddie, her address is Zanesville, Indiana.

            {5} 2. Eli Sonner married Maggie Byrd, one child (Namen) his post office is Andrews, Ind. ***

            {5} 3. William Sonner married Hannah Wolfcale, by this union were born seven children: Arthur, Vincent, Clarence, Darwin, Jesse and Blanche, their P. O. Address is Zanesville, Ind.

            {5} 4. John Sonner married Rachel Byrd and have four children: Ethel, Jason, Freddie and Amy. Their P. O. is Andrews, Ind.

            {5} 5. Mary Sonner married Daniel Young and have four children: Otis, Harley, Alpha and Stella, their P. O. is East Toledo, O., corner of Franklin and Tracy Sts., Lucas Co.

            {5} 6. Sarah Sonner married Liew Caston and have two children: Georgie and Josephine, their P.O. is Ossian, Ind.

            {5} 7. Joseph Sonner married Della Hill and have no children, his P.O. is Wells Co., Zanesville, Ind.

            {5} 8. Jane Sonner married John Byrd and they have six children: Eliza, Myrtle, Garry, Libbie, May, and Lafayette, their P.O. is Zanesville, Ind.

            {5} 9. Amanda Sonner, Single, P.O., Zanesville, Ind.

            {5} 10. Alpha Sonner, single, P.O, Zanesville, Ind.

       {4} 3. Elizabeth A. Sonner, third child of Jacob Sonner, married Hugh Sanderson, no further record.

      {4} 4. Anthony Sonner, fourth child of Jacob Sonner, deceased, married Sarah Hicks of Sugartree Ridge, Ohio and had six children, three living and three deceased, the names of the deceased are Franklin, Edward and Willie. Those living are Charles L., Ora O., and Brada H.

           {5} 1. Charles L. Sonner married Miss Susie M. Rogers and have two babies, Frances Marie and Helen Antoinette, his P.O. is Big Timber, Montana.
           {5} 2. Ora O. Sonner is single, his P.O. is Otto, Big Horn Co., Wyoming. He is in business there.
           {5} 3, Brada H. Sonner is single, his P.O. is Sheridan, Sheridan Co., Wyoming.

           {5} __. Franklin Sonner, deceased.

          {5} __. Edward Sonner, deceased.

          {5} __. Willie Sonner, deceased.

This is all of Anthony Sonner, Jr.'s family, his P.O. is Time, Pike County, Ill.

      {4} 5. Mathias Sonner, fifth child of Jacob Sonner, Deceased, married Nannie Tompson of Sugartree Ridge, Ohio, they have no children of their own, but adopted a boy and girl and called them George and Stella Sonner.

            {5} 1. George Sonner married Mable Harp, they have one little Harp, named ______.

            {5} 2. Stella Sonner is single.

Mathias Sonner was a Union Soldier in the WAR OF REBELLION, 89th OHIO INFANTRY. All their P.O. addresses are Macon City, Macon Co., Mo.

       {4} 6. William Sonner, sixth child of Jacob Sonner, deceased, born April 8, 1823, died about 1903. Married Jennie Lance Nov. 1884 and had three children:

            {5} 1. Mariah Sonner, born Dec. 6, 1845, married Richard Gibler May 9, 1869 and have four children: William, Philip, Mac and Jennie - all single, P.O. New Market, O.

            {5} 2. Jacob Sonner, Jr., born Jan. 12, 1848, married Cenia Anderson, date unknown, have two children, girl named ______ and a boy named Earl.

             {5} 3. Alice Sonner, born July 19, 1855, died May 16, 1858.

William Sonner's first wife died in 1858, and he remarried to Miss Priscilla Robinson in 1859 and they had seven children:

            {5} 1. Sarah Belle Sonner, born Jan. 4, 1861, married J. A. Davidson and have four children: Ulrich, Frank, Stella and Pearl.

            {5} 2. Minott E. Sonner born Dec. 30, 1865, married Mary E. Hatcher April 26, 1892.

            {5} 3. Charles Sonner, born Jan. 5, 1867, married Cora E. Emery Jan. 2, 1892 and have one child Earnest M.

             {5} 4. Melissa M. Sonner, single, born Jan. 8, 1869.

            {5} 5. William H. Sonner, single, born Sept. 6, 1876.

            {5} 6. James Sonner, single.

            {5} 7. John Sonner, born Dec. 12, 1878, died in 1881.

This is all of William Sonner's family, he lives near Taylorsville, Highland County, Ohio.

       {4} 7. Isaac Sonner, seventh child of Jacob Sonner, deceased, married Isablel Gibler and have seven children: Ella, Edward, Lewis J., Jesse L., Philip, Carrie, Annetta.

            {5} 1. Ella Sonner married John Bell in 1891, no children.

            {5} 2. Edward Sonner married Ada Farris, one child, a son.

            {5} 3. Lewis J. Sonner married Martha Walker and have had four children, two living and two dead.
            {5} 4. Jesse L. Sonner

            {5} 5. Philip Sonner

            {5} 6. Carrie Sonner

            {5} 7. Annetta Sonner, deceased.

Isaac Sonner was a soldier in the WAR OF REBELLION 89th INFANTRY (Ohio). He and family belong to the U.B. Church at SONNERS CHAPEL He lives near Winkle Station, Highland Co., Ohio, which is all of their addresses.

       {4} 8. Rachel Sonner, eighth child of Jacob Sonner, deceased, married James Fleming, deceased, now lives in Noble, Richland Co., Ill. They had seven children:

                {5} 1. Etta Fleming married Noble DeHass and have one child, Ulrich.

                {5} 2. Amy Fleming, born Nov. 29, 1862, died Sept., 3, 1889, married Andrew S. Caley and have one child, Sadie, born Oct. 13, 1887. Their P.O. Address is Winkle Station, Highland Co., Ohio.

                {5} 3. Lizzie Fleming

                {5} 4. Katie Fleming

                {5} 5. Jennie Fleming

                {5} 6. William Fleming

                {5} 7. Jacob Fleming, died in 1892 Rachel Fleming, the mother, remarried and lives at _____, Ill.

This is all of Jacob Sonner's children, grand and great grand children, he belonged to the U.B. Church at SONNER'S CHAPEL. He lived and died near Taylorsville, Highland Co., Ohio. He was quite an extensive farmer and miller.

    {3} 2. Anna Sonner, second child of Anthony Sonner, writer has not obtained any of her history or family. She married John Gibler.

    {3} 3. George Sonner, deceased, third child of Anthony Sonner, deceased, born Jan. 1, 1804, died April 8, 1855, married Hannah Caley Dec. 18, 1855; she died Jan. 8, 1883. They had five children, three dead and two living.

       {4} 1. Samuel Sonner, deceased, born Dec. 10, 1835, married Lydia Kessler and have seven children:
           {5} 1. Jennie L. Sonner, Born in 1871, married Rev. O.C. Wright Oct. 22, 1891, then have one child (Floyd Wright);

            {5} 2. Jesse Geeting Sonner, born in 1872;

           {5} 3. William Weaver Sonner, born 1874;

           {5} 4. Mary Ann Sonner, born 1877;

           {5} 5. Charles Samuel Sonner, born 1883;

           {5} 6. George Sonner born Jan. 21, 1879 died Nov. 21, 1881;

           {5} __. the oldest girl died, writer did not get her name. mmmmmmmmmmmm

This is all of Samuel Sonner's family, his P.O. Address is Taylorsville, Highland Co., Ohio.

     {4} 2, Cynthia Sonner, deceased, born Oct. 21, 1832, died March 17, 1886; she never married.

     {4} 3. George Sonner, Jr., born August 26, 1848, married Edna E. Dorman, March 8, 1876 and have two children: Berger Caley, born 1879 and James Luther, born 1882. George belongs to the U.B. church at SONNER'S CHAPEL, his P.O. Address is Taylorsville, Highland Co., Ohio.

           {5} 1. Berger Caley Sonner. born 1879.

           {5} 2. James Luther Sonner, born 1882.

       {4} 4. Mary Jane Sonner, deceased, born April 29, 1840, married George W. Gergesson, had one child, Charles Gergesson. Their P.O. Address is New Market, Highland Co., Ohio.

           {5} 1. Charles Gergesson.

        {4} 5. John G. Sonner born March 3, 1838, died June 3, 1840.

This is all of George Sonner, Sr.'s children, grand and great grandchildren. He belonged to the U.B. Church and lived near Taylorsville, O.

    {3} 4., David Sonner, deceased, fourth child of Anthony Sonner, deceased, born Feb. 1, 1806, died Oct., 6, 1862. Married Elizabeth Barnes April 21, 1836. She was born June 22, 1815, died Jan. 31, 1881. They had Six children: Christina, Charlotte, Sarah C., Simon P., Lewis J. and Arminta.

        {4} 1. Christenia Sonner, born June 9, 1838, died Jan;. 31, 1861.

        {4} 2. Charlotte E. Sonner, born June 27, 1841, married Andrew J. Osborn, July 2, 1860 and have three children:

           {5} 1. Edward D. Osborn, born May 2, 1861, married Bell Hetherington Dec. 25, 1888;

           {5} 2. Carrie E. Osborn, born Sept., 9, 1865, married Frank L. Harris Sept., 30, 1882 and have four children: Levilla, Ethel, Clifford and Raymond Roy:

           {5} 3. Andrew L. Osborn born June 16, 1871.

This is all of Andrew J. Osborn's family, he was a member of the U.B. Church. He was a Union Soldier in the WAR OF REBELLION. His P.O. Address is Taylorsville, Highland Co., Ohio.

        {4} 3. Sarah C. Sonner, born June 27, 1841, died Dec. 12, 1844.

        {4} 4. Simon P. Sonner, born April 16, 1845, married Sarah Haynes Sept. 22, 1868 and have three children:

           {5} 1. Hettie Sonner, born Dec. 11, 1870;

           {5} 2. McAdow Sonner, born July 6, 1872;

               {6} 3. Lizzie Sonner, born Oct. 26, 1874.

This is all of Simon P. Sonner's family, he was a UNION SOLDIER in the WAR OF REBELLION. He is a member of the U.B. Church at SONNER'S CHAPEL. A farmer by occupation, his P.O. Address is Taylorsville, Highland Co., O.

        {4} 5. Lewis J. Sonner, born Nov. 12, 1849, married Mary E. Funk Jan, 26, 1873 and have one boy, David Homer, born Nov., 21, 1873.

           {5} 1. David Homer, born Nov., 21, 1873.

        {4} 6. Arminta Sonner, born March 20, 1853, died ____ 31, 1861.

This is all of David Sonner's family, he was a farmer and lived on the old homestead where his father lived and died, after he emigrated from Woodstock, Va. All the Sonners who have died there, are buried in the OLD SONNER GRAVEYARD on this old Sonner Farm. David Sonner was a member of the U.B. Church at SONNER'S CHAPEL, or Sonner's Old Log Church. He lived and died near Taylorsville, Highland Co., Ohio.

    {3} 5. Jonathan Sonner, fifth child of Anthony Sonner, twin to David.

    {3} 6. William Sonner, deceased, sixth child of Anthony Sonner, deceased, married Anna Caley of Hillsboro, Ohio in Dec. They had five children, two of them living and three dead:
        {4} 1. Elizabeth Sonner married Joshua Newhouse of Zanesville, Indiana and have three children, who are now living; Frank Newhouse, Nellie Newhouse and Willie Newhouse. Frank and Nellie live with their mother on Uncle George F. Sonner's farm near Hersey, Michigan, the husband is now deceased; Willie Newhouse lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana and married Miss _____.

           {5} 1. Frank Newhouse

           {5} 2. Nellie Newhouse

           {5} 3. Willie Newhouse

        {4} 2. George Franklin Sonner never married, he is sixty years old and rides a bicycle. His P.O. Address is Benton Harbor, Michigan. He was a sergeant in the WAR FOR THE UNION, he belonged to the Ohio Regiment. Sometime after the war he took Ella Parrette, a second cousin of his and raised and educated her; she has been engaged in teaching a training school in Buffalo, N.Y. at a salary of one hundred dollars per month, she will shortly retire and return to George F. Sonner's home and keep house for his, as he is alone; he is in good circumstances; he has deeded, or willed, several town lots to the city of Benton Harbor, Michigan to found a Kindergarten School, he owns several other lots and has a fine residence. His father, William Sonner, died from accident at the age of forty-four years, while at a barn raising near Zanesville, Ind. Mr. Hiscon Stuck him with a pin in the small of his back. The pin struck an artery, blood poison ensued, from which he died four days later. Hiscon did it for fun to get even with him for finching him. George F. Sonner's mother remarried, I don't know whom. She died at the age of sixty-six.

    {3} 7. Sarah Sonner, deceased, seventh child of Anthony Sonner, deceased, married Rev. John C. Caley, a local U.B. preacher, on March 7, 1837. She was born March 17, 1817, died Jan.. 13, 1887. P.O. Address Surgatree Ridge, Ohio. They had seven children: Delila, William, Andrew S., Rachel, Arminta, Newton and ______.

        {4} 1. Delila Caley, married John Robinson, had 6 children: Orville,

        {4} 2. William A. Caley, married Jennie Young and had two children, Delisle J., dec., and Sadie still living. His P.O. address is _______. He was a union soldier.

        {4} 3. Andrew S. Caley, married Amy Fleming, deceased, had one child, Sadie. P.O. Winkle Station, Ohio.

        {4} 4. Rachel Caley, born June 2, 1854, married William Young of Cincinnati, Ohio on Jan. 15, 1879 and had five children, three living and two dead; those living are Clyde, Irma Rachel and Calvert Linder.

        {4} 5. Arminta Caley, deceased.

        {4} 6. Newton J. Caley, deceased.

        {4} 7. ________________

This is all of Sarah Sonner Caley's Family, they lived near Sugartree Ridge, Ohio. they were members of the U.B. church at SONNER'S CHAPEL. She was an estimable woman.

This ends the list of ANTHONY SONNER'S posterity. Like his father, Philip Sonner, he raised a large family and his posterity continued to increase until they numbered by the hundreds, he and his posterity have helped civilize the county. Their prevailing trails were, and are, truth and soberned; also honesty and integrity. They have been and are, patriotic to the core. Many of them contributed largely during the WAR OF THE REBELLION, many of them shouldered their muskets and went forth to battle in defense of the Union and the Flag of our Country, that the Nation might be saved (intact) from the hands of the despoiler. 

Jacob Sonner

{2} 2. Jacob Sonner, deceased, second son of Philip Sonner, deceased, of Germany, married Miss Harriet Copenhaver, first wife and had five children as follows:

(1) John, (2) Susan, (3) Kittie, (4) Mary, (5) Elizabeth

Jacob Sonner's first wife died and he remarried Catharine Hiser and had five children as follows:

(1) William, (2) Mary Ann, (3) Henry, ( 4) Samuel H., (5) Sarah Jane

    {3} 1. John Sonner, deceased, first child of Jacob Sonner, married Harriet Clayton and had two sons:

        {4} 1. Joseph Sonner married Rebecca Veach and had one daughter, Ida Sonner. His first wife died and he was remarried to Miss Dora A. Crabill and had two boys, Howard and Lewis. Ida Sonner married Mr. ______ and lives in Chicago, Ill. Joseph Sonner was a soldier in the Confederate Army. His P.O. address is Shenandoah Co., Va.

            {5} 1. Ida Sonner, by Rebecca Veach.

           {5} 2. Howard Sonner.

           {5} 3. Lewis Sonner.

        {4} 2. Jacob Sonner, Jr. was also a soldier in the Confederate Army. He was killed in the battle of Bull Run in 1862, he was never married.

This is all of John Sonner's posterity.

    {3} 2. Susan Sonner, deceased, second child of Jacob Sonner, married George Kreamer and had eight children: Mary, Zada, Julia, Caroline

        {4} 1. Mary Kremer married Marcus Copenhaver of Winchester, Va. and had four children: Annie, George, William and Ella. P.O. Address is Winchester, Va.

           {5} 1. Annie Kremer.

           {5} 2. George Kremer.

           {5} 3. William Kremer.

           {5} 4. Ella Kremer.

        {4} 2. Zada Kremer married Mr. Brown, deceased and hand one son.

        {4} 3. Julia Kremer married a Mr. Mathenia, deceased, had one daughter, Rose Mathenia, deceased, who married a Mr. Grim.

            {5} 1. Rose Mathenia Kremer.

        {4} 4. Caroline Kremer married Barney Fetyner and had Susie, Caroline and several others; Lived at Winchester, Va. Four sons, no record.

          {5} 1. Susie Kremer

          {5} 2. Caroline Kremer

    {3} 3. Kittie Sonner, deceased, third child of Jacob Sonner, married Dec., 12, 1825 Cornelius Vincent, deceased of Strasburg, Va. and had three children:

        {4} 1. Margaret Vincent, married William H. Sonner, a third cousin, April 16, 1850 and had four children. Charles Sonner married Miss _______. He is a telegraph operator. Albert Sonner, single, is also a telegraph operator, his P.O. Address if Strasburg, Va.

           {5} 1. Laura Sonner, single.

           {5} 2. Lilly L. Sonner, single.

           {5} 3. Charles Sonner

           {5} 4. Albert Sonner, Strasburg, Va.

        {4} 2. Mary M. Vincent, married John Goodshell, no heirs.

        {4} 3. Infant- not named.

    {3} 4. Mary Sonner, deceased, fourth child of Jacob Sonner, married Jacob A. Anderson, deceased and had five sons: Peter, Jacob, Henry, John and Hames H..

        {4} 1. Peter Anderson, deceased, married Mariah Fetyer and had seven children: John, Mary, Annie, Kittie, Samuel, Georgie and Lee: Lived in Front Royal, Va.

            {5} 1. John Anderson.

            {5} 2. Mary Anderson.

            {5} 3. Annie Anderson.

            {5} 4. Kittie Anderson.

            {5} 5. Samuel Anderson.

            {5} 6. Georgie Anderson.

            {5} 7. Lee Anderson.

        {4} 2. Jacob Anderson, deceased, married Martha Hamm and had two children: Edward and one not known. Jacob Anderson was a Confederate Soldier and was killed in battle.

           {5} 1. Edward Anderson.

           {5} 2. _________ Anderson

        {4} 3. Henry Anderson married I don't know whom and had several children. He went away from there to keep from going to war. He low lives in Salem, Va. His wife belonged to the Dunkard Church.

        {4} 4. John Anderson, deceased, married I don't know whom, no record.

        {4} 5. James H. Anderson, deceased, married Nancy Weakley and had four children: Eliza and Ella, the other two were twins, names not known, lived in Front Royal, Va. Eliza Anderson, deceased, married Wash Goldia and had one child. Ella H. Anderson and the two twins are single. James H. Anderson was a Confederate Soldier.

          {5} 1. Eliza Anderson, married Wash Goldia and had one child.

          {5} 2. Ella H. Anderson.

          {5} 3. Twin, name not known.

          {5} 4. Twin, name not known. 3} 5. Elizabeth Sonner, deceased, fifth child of Jacob Sonner, married Joseph Bloss, deceased, had no heirs. Lived in Strasburg, Va.

This is all of Jacob Sonner's posterity by his first wife.


    {3} 1. William Sonner, deceased, first child of Jacob Sonner by second wife, born March 10, 1814, died Dec. 14, 1889. He was married to Harriet M. Taylor of Winchester, Va. and have eleven children as follows: Elizabeth, Mary E., John W., James E., Annie V., George R., Shelton T., Lucy L., Emily C. Beatrice M. and one child not named.

        {4} 1. Elizabeth Catherine, died very young.

        {4} 2. Mary Ellen Sonner, deceased, second child of William Sonner, married Francis A. Hunter and have nine children: Herbert H., deceased, was drowned in the Kanwaha River: Phedora: Harry, deceased: Claude: Hattie: Omar: Lucy L.: Sallie: Katie, deceased. Hattie is married, this is all that is known of this family, they live in Maryland.

        {4} 3. John William Sonner, third child of William Sonner, was a Confederate Soldier, married Elizabeth Blanchfield and have eight children: Minnie, Harry, Howard, Daisy, John, Lessie, Charles and an infant son. P.O. Address is Strasburg, Va.

        {4} 4. James Edwin Sonner, fourth child of William Sonner, married Lucy V. Amiss and have five children: Mary Bell, Benjamin Jackson, James Edwin, Jr., Taylor Lloyd, Ethel Dell. P.O. Address Front Royal, Warren Co., Va.

        {4} 5. Annie Virginia Sonner, fifth child of William Sonner, born March 6, 1850, married James K. P. Sonner of New Amsterdam, Ind. They were third cousins. They have no heirs, she being his second wife, their P.O. is New Amsterdam. Indiana.

        {4} 6. George Rease Sonner, sixth child of William Sonner, married Sarah A. Lindamood and have nine children: Omar, George Preston, James, Floyd, Namier and Annie (Twins) Mary and Martha, and Edward. Their P.O. Address is Strasburg, Va. (This written Nov. 27, 1905)

        {4} 7. Shelton T. Sonner, married Ollie Leach, Feb. 9, 1899, have two heirs, Estella and Russel.

        {4} 8. Lucy Lelora Sonner, eight child of William Sonner, married Joseph Thornsberry and have three children. Cora Dell married Mr. Shacklett, deceased. George Eugene married Virginia Geiman and Rhoda Thornsberry is single, P.O. Address Strasburg, Va.

        {4} 9. Emily Cordelia Sonner died very young.

        {4} 10. Beatrice May Sonner, tenth child of William Sonner, married Edgar Patty and had one child, Beatrice May.

        {4} 11. ___________ This is all of William Sonner's posterity.

    {3} 2. Mary Ann Sonner, deceased, second child of Jacob Sonner by second wife, married Conrad Kremer, deceased and had fourteen children, five living and nine dead:

        {4} 1. William Kremer married I don't know whom and had four children. P.O. Lebanon Church, Shenandoah Co., Va.

        {4} 2. Margaret C. Kremer married I don't know whom, no heirs.

        {4} 3. Virginia Kremer married Mr. Watson and have one son, Lee Kremer, Martinsburg, West Va.

        {4} 4. Charles Kremer married the Widow Davis and parted, he remarried I don't know whom, address is Winchester, Va.

This is all of Mary Ann Kremer's posterity.

    {3} 3. Henry Sonner, deceased, third child of Jacob Sonner by second wife, married Jane Myers and had six or seven children: George Christopher, Henry Jr., and Mary. I don't know the other's names. Henry Sonner Sr. went to California about the year 1848 or 1849 to dig gold and died there. His family lives somewhere in Missouri. This is all the record of his family. It is very brief.

    {3} 4. Samuel H. Sonner, deceased, fourth child of Jacob Sonner by second wife, married Catherine Hight and have six children:

        {4} 1. John Sonner married Bettie Grable and have one son.

        {4} 2. Alice V. Sonner married Mr. Burgess and have one son, Samuel.

        {4} 3. Jacob Granville Sonner, clerking in the West.

        {4} 4. Quinton Camden Sonner, telegraph operator in the West

        {4} 5. Eugenia Sonner married a Mr. _____, a telegraph operator, P.O. Mt. Jackson, Shenandoah Co., Va.

        {4} 6. Katie H. Sonner married a Mr. Nickolson, P.O. Strasburg, Va.

Samuel H. Sonner and his father, Jacob Sonner, came on a visit to see Philip Peter Sonner, brother of Jacob Sonner, to New Amsterdam, Harrison Co., Indiana about the year 1835. Samuel H. Sonner is still living in Strasburg, Va. and keeps a hotel.

This is all of Samuel H. Sonner's Family.

        {3} 5. Sarah Jane Sonner, deceased, fifth child of Jacob Sonner by second wife, never married.

This is all of JACOB SONNER'S Posterity.  This generation of Sonners in Shenandoah County, Va. were so far as the writer could ascertain, all industrious and well-to-do Citizens. Many of them were in good circumstances and owned slaves before the WAR OF REBELLION. Many of them contributed to the lost cause, quite a number of them went into the Confederate Army, and several of them yielding up their lives in the cause which they sponsored. Having always lived in the South, they naturally believed that the South was in the right. If they did not enter the service on their own account, they were compelled to do so. So ends the posterity of JACOB SONNER, who was the second son of Philip Sonner, who first came from Wurtenburg, Germany. 

John Sonner

{2} 3. John Sonner, deceased, third son of Philip Sonner, was born near Strasburg, Shenandoah Co. Va., married Miss ________ and had five children:

(1) Isaac, (2) Joseph, (3) Jacob, (4) Mary, (5) Son name not known. Probably John as he was called Jack

     {3} 1. Isaac Sonner, first child of John Sonner married first Miss _______, and had four children:

         {4} 1. Catherine Sonner married Mr. Lambert, have no heirs, they live somewhere in Pennsylvania.

        {4} 2. Mary Sonner married another Mr. Lambert, they have no heirs and also live somewhere in Pennsylvania.

        {4} 3. Anna Sonner, deceased, married Peter Zea, have one son, Arthur Zea, married and lives in Ohio.

        {4} 4. Bettie Sonner married a Mr. Bell, have one daughter, Laura.

Isaac Sonner married second, Miss Rosa Baker and had five children: Levi, Martha, Margaret, Lucy and Sarah:

        {4} 1. Levi Sonner, never married. P.O. address Capon Road, Va.

        {4} 2. Martha Sonner married Cornelius Mowrer and had two children: Nellie Mowrer married Mr. Arndorff and had one son; Lucy Mowrer married a Mr. Stover and lives in Ohio. Cornelius Mowrey is dead and his widow lives with her brother, Levi Sonner, near Capon Road, Va.

        {4} 3. Margaret Sonner, third child of Isaac Sonner, married David Stickley, deceased, no heirs. She lives in Ohio.

        {4} 4. Lucy Sonner married Mr. Golida, have no heirs and live somewhere in the West.

        {4} 5. Sarah Sonner never married, is now deceased.

This is all of Isaac Sonner's posterity.

    {3} 2. Joseph Sonner, deceased, second son of John Sonner, married Susan Copenhaver and had six children: George, Rejinia, Richard Wisdom, William H., James A. and John Jr.:

        {4} 1. George Sonner married Miss Rudulf and had seven children:

            {5} 1. Helen Sonner married Lem Pingley of Frederick Co., Va. and have one girl.

            {5} 2. Susan Sonner, deceased, married Silas Feeley, had two children: Walter and Bessie, P.O. Lebanon, Va.

           {5} 3. Josephine Sonner married Silas Feeley, her sister's husband, and had one daughter.

           {5} 4. Joseph Sonner Jr. deceased, never married. He was a Confederate Soldier and was killed in Battle.

           {5} 5. William Arthur Sonner married in Ohio and lives there.

           {5} 6. Russell Sonner married Miss Campbell and have no heirs, they live in Stephen City, Va.

           {5} 7. Maggie Sonner married _______ she lives with her sister, Helen Pingley, in Frederick Co., Va.

This is all of George Sonner's family, he being the son of Joseph Sonner and grandson of John Sonner.

        {4} 2. Rejinia Sonner, deceased, married Joseph Grable deceased, and had one daughter, Lucy. She married Luther Orty in Strasburg, Va.

        {4} 3. Richard W. Sonner married first, Sallie Bowman and had six children:

           {5} 1. Minnie Sonner never married, lives in Strasburg, Va.

           {5} 2. Julia Sonner married Samuel Feller, deceased, had one child. P.O. Address Strasburg, Va.

           {5} 3. Lucy Sonner. When her mother died, she was adopted by her Aunt, Ann Crabill, and her name appears as Lucy Crabill.

           {5} 4. Frank Sonner, single, P.O. Address Strasburg, Va.

           {5} 5. Peter Sonner, deceased.

           {5} 6. Susie Sonner deceased.

Richard W. Sonner married second Philipa Zea and had two children:

           {5} 1. Ward Sonner, single. P.O. Address Strasburg, Va.

          {5} 2. Mary Sonner, single. P.O. Address Strasburg, Va. Richard W. Sonner was a confederate Soldier. He was a carpenter and wagon maker by trade. This is all of Richard W. Sonner's Family, he was a son of Joseph Sonner and grandson of John Sonner.

     {3} 4. William H. Sonner, fourth child of Joseph Sonner, married Margaret Vincent, his third cousin, she being a grand daughter of old Jacob Sonner, record of his family is recorded in the list of old Jacob Sonner's posterity, by turning back a few pages you will find it. William H. Sonner was a Confederate Soldier and by occupation, a carpenter. P.O. Address Strasburg, Va. His wife was burned to death. They had butchered and she was about the fire, her clothing took fire and she was badly burned, from which she died the next day. this is all of William H. Sonner's family, he was a son of Joseph Sonner and grandson of old John Sonner.

        {4} 5. James A. Sonner, deceased, fifth child of Joseph Sonner, deceased married Bettie Machier, deceased, and have seven children: Hugh Mc, Nora, Lee, Carrie, Susie, Stover and Willie:

        {4} 1. Hugh Mc Sonner married Eliza Brurner and have no heirs.

James A. Sonner was a Confederate soldier, by occupation a carpenter, lives in Strasburg, Va.

This is all of his family, he is a son of Joseph Sonner, deceased and grandson of old John Sonner, deceased.

        {4} 6. John Sonner Jr., sixth child of Joseph Sonner, deceased, married a Miss Pitman and had one daughter. She married Mr. Copp. John's wife died and he went away and married again: his whereabouts are not known. He may have gone to Paducah or Owensboro, Ky., or Maryland, as there were Sonner's at both places. This is all of Joseph Sonner's posterity.

    {3} 3. Jacob Sonner, deceased, third child of John Sonner, deceased, never married. He died from accident, his servant brought out his horse for him to go to a wedding. He mounted his horse and the animal being very wild and vicious, threw him and broke his neck. He was in good circumstances, owing valuable real estate and a number of slaves.

    {3} 4. Mary Sonner, fourth child of old John Sonner, deceased, married a Mr. Stover and had five children: John, Joseph, Margaret, Mary and Jacob.

        {4} 1. John Stover married a Miss Funkhouser and had no heirs.

        {4} 2. Joseph Stover married a Miss Bly and had ___ children.

        {4} 3. Margaret Stover married John J. Finley and had one son, Joseph.

        {4} 4. Mary Stover never married, lives in Strasburg, Va.

        {4} 5. Jacob Stover never married, lives with his brother, John, somewhere in Ohio.

    {3} 5. John or Jack Sonner, fifth child of old John Sonner. This son's name is not positively known and his name was probably John, as he was usually called Jack. Be it John or Jack, he married a Miss Huffman and had three children: Robert, Mary and Eliza.

        {4} 1. Robert Sonner married a Miss Balthis and went to Missouri, they had one daughter, Jennie. She married Dr. Maguier and separated.

        {4} 2. Mary Sonner married a Mr. Grable, lived in Va.

        {4} 3. Eliza Sonner is deceased.

This John or Jack Sonner, deceased, fifth son of old John Sonner, deceased, moved to Paducah or Owensboro, Ky. or to Maryland.

Philip P. Sonner is listed in "THE SONNER FAMILY IN INDIANA: published by John M. Gresham & Co. in their "Biographical & Historical Souvenirs of Clark, Crawford, Harrison, Floyd, Jefferson, Jennings, Scott & Washington Co., Ind." part 2, pages 186 and 187. This book was published in 1889 and is in the DAR Library in Washington, D.C. William Sonner, first son of Philip P. is listed as Capt., William Sonner. John Pleasant Sonner is the only Child of William Sonner listed. It also lists John Pleasant's nine children. No other children of William Sonner are listed, neither is it explained why he is listed as Capt. William Sonner.

Conclusion of old JOHN SONNER'S posterity. According to the best obtainable information, his posterity were for the most part well-to-do citizens. Like his brother, Jacob Sonner's posterity, many of them contributed to the lost cause, one of each posterity was killed in battle. Many of old John Sonner's posterity were soldiers in the Confederate Army. They were all born in and around Strasburg, Shenandoah Co., Va. The older ones nearly all owned slaves before the war. They all lived in and around Strasburg, Va.. Some of the younger ones have gone West, but many of them still live in and around Strasburg. So ends the History of Old JOHN SONNER'S posterity, he being the third son of Philip Sonner, who came from Wurtenburg, Germany. 


IV. PHILIP P. SONNER - emigrated to Indiana in 1817

{2} 4. Philip Peter Sonner, deceased fourth, son of Philip Sonner, deceased, was born near Strasburg, Va. August 29, 1772, died in Harrison County, Indiana April 21, 1845. He was married to Elisabeth Lenty of Lance, born Dec. 10, 1775, died Feb. 10, 1845. They were married near Strasburg, Va. about the year 1797 and had seven children: William, Isaac, Henry, Rosa, Abraham, Joseph and Eli.

    {3} 1. William Sonner, deceased, first child of Philip P. Sonner, born Sept., 16, 1798, died Jan. 26, 1894. Married Mary Ripperdan, born Dec. 9, 1809 and died July 29, 1894. They were married by Esq. Watson, Sept. 16, 1824. Father Sonner was of Dutch descent and Mother Sonner of Dutch, Scotch and Irish Descent. He could talk German, but she could not. She was a native of Harrison County, Indiana. They had eleven children: John Pleasant, Evaline, Mary Isabel, Joshua, Agrippa Feliss, Elizabeth Virginia, William Lafayette, James Knox Polk, Benjamin Franklin, and infant son not named and _________.

        {4} 1. John Pleasant Sonner, first child of William Sonner, born Jan. 17, 1829, married Sarah Faith Jan. 1, 1861 and have nine children:

           {5} 1. Homer Sonner married Miss Lulu Swigart and have three children, Gladys, Guy and ______. He lives in the State of Washington.

           {5} 2. Medora (Dora) Sonner married Amos Lemon and had two children, Georgia and Hardin. They live in Corydon, Ind. He was clerk of the Court, is now Deputy.

            {5} 3. Mary A. Sonner married M. Sherrill and have ___ children, Straud, Ovid, Evin, ___, Zola and Wayne. Mr. Sherrill was a farmer and Justice of Peace. P.O. address is New Amsterdam, Ind.

            {5} 4. John P. Sonner Jr. single, P.O. Address Lincoln, Neb., Salesman and general roustabout.

            {5} 5. Bertram Sonner, deceased.

            {5} 6. William Sonner, deceased.

            {5} 7. Claude Sonner, deceased.

            {5} 8. Sarah E. Sonner married Roy Fried of Croydon, Indiana and have ___ children.

            {5} 9. Jacob Todd Sonner, single, a red headed urchin.

This is all of John P. Sonner's Family, he is about seventy years of age, has a good education but has made many changes in his calling. He has been teacher, farmer, justice of peace and pettifogger at law. At present he has about retired from any business. P.O. New Amsterdam, Ind.

        {4} 2. Evaline Sonner, second child of William Sonner, born Dec. 9, 1830, died Feb. 21, 1863, married William T. Frank, deceased in March 1853 and had five children of record and some deceased:

             {5} 1. Samuel H. Frank married Lucy Enlow and have four heirs, Flora, Roy, Mattie and Mary (Mollie). P.O. address Mauckport, Ind.

            {5} 2. Vesta Frank married Edward Funkhouser and have four heirs: Frank, Elmer, Rosa and Ira. She died Feb. 6, 1928 at the home of her daughter, Rosa Miller, near Mt. Zion, and is buried at Cross Roads, Indiana.

           {5} 3. Perry Frank (Invalid) P.O. Grand Island, Neb..

           {5} 4. Otto Frank

           {5} 5. William Frank married a Miss Atwell of Ky. and have two or three children. P.O. address Grand Island, Neb..

William T. Frank was a farmer, lived near Mauckport, Indiana, in Harrison County. This is all of his children and grandchildren.

        {4} 3. Mary I. Sonner, third child of William Sonner, deceased, born May 23, 1833, died Jan 7, 1917, married Dr. D. S. Fisher, M.D. on March 23, 1854 by Rev.. Shrodes of the M.E. Church and had ten children: William Henry, Sarah Hattie, Belle, Beecher, Frank, Mamie, Charles and three deceased.

           {5} 1. William H. Fisher was killed by the cars (train) Sept. 7, 1892 at Ellis, Kansas: brought home and buried at Wesley Chapel, Harrison, Co., Ind. Sept. 9, 1892.

           {5} 2. Sarah H. Fisher married Frank Melton, no heirs, separated by divorce shortly afterward.

           {5} 3. Belle Fisher died in Newton, Ill, of brain fever and was buried at Olney, Ill.

           {5} 4. Beecher Fisher (Invalid) died at home Feb. __, 1903, near Wesley Chapel.

           {5} 5. Frank Fisher, single, at home.

           {5} 6. Mamie Fisher married Edward Hardsaw and have one son and one daughter, Parline and Newel.

           {5} 7. Charles Fisher married Rosa McCrady.

This is all of Dr. D. S. Fisher's children. P.O. address Valley City, Ind.

        {4} 4. Joshua Sonner, deceased, fourth child of William Sonner, deceased, born July 19, 1835, died Nov. 17, 1873. Married Agnes M. Doll and have five children: Rinda, William J., Isaac, Cora and Alice J.

           {5} 1. Rinda Sonner married a Mr. Smoots and had two children, P.O. address Avoca, Neb.

           {5} 2. William J. Sonner, deceased, single went away somewhere. Died near Avoca, Neb., Nov., 1900.

           {5} 3. Isaac Sonner married Harietta Glen, had one daughter. He married second, Media Crecelius and had four children; live on Paine Street, near Baxter Ave., Louisville, Ky.

           {5} 4. Cora Sonner married Oliver Tower and have no heirs: P.O. address Avoca, Neb.

           {5} 5. Alice J. Sonner married George W. Wolfe Jr., died Nov. 1904. Had one daughter, Murtle. P.O. address Valley City, Ind.

This is all of Joshua Sonner's family. He died as the above stated, of typhoid fever, age about thirty-eight years and was buried at Wesley Chapel, Harrison Co., Ind. He was a physician by profession.

        {4} 5. Agrippa Feliss Sonner, fifth child of William Sonner deceased, born Oct. 23, 1837, died July 31, 1910. Married Emily Simler Aug. 27, 1862 by Rev.. Bert A. Bennett of the U.B. Church and had ten children: Emmett, Minnie, Stella, Annie, John W., Albert, Willard, Emma, Ella and David.

           {5} 1. Emmett Sonner married Dora A Perkhiser and have three children, Edna, Lela, Charles and one deceased. They were later divorced.

           {5} 2. Minnie Sonner married Andrew Bruce and have seven heirs, two dead, five living: Roy, Elmer, Vada, Verna and Daisy.

           {5} . Stella Sonner married Jesse E. Duley and have five heirs: Eva, Daisy, Ruth, Floyd and Virgil.

           {5} 4. John W. Sonner died single.

           {5} 5. Albert Sonner married Annie Hayes and have two heirs, Henry and Abbie.

           {5} 6. Willard Sonner married Bertha Shireman.

           {5} 7. Emma Sonner, died single.

           {5} 8. Ella Sonner married Harry Ripperdan March 12, 1905 and they have three living children. Jesse, Manford and Francis. Harry Riperdan died _____. She remarried a Mr. Jesse Berryman of Mauckport, Ky.

           {5} 9. Annie Sonner, died single.

           {5} 10. David Sonner, died single.

This is all of Agrippa F. Sonner's family. He was a farmer, P.O. address New Amsterdam, Ind.

        {4} 6. Elizabeth Virginia Sonner, sixth child of William Sonner, deceased, born March 15, 1840. Married V. Ross, deceased, Oct. 13, 1859 by Rev.. A. Bennett of the U.B. Church and had eight children: Laura A., Stella, Ollie, Rosa, Kate, Leonard, John W. and an infant, deceased.

           {5} 1. Laura A. Ross married Edward Felts, deceased, and had two heirs, Charles and Grace deceased, Laura A. Felts was remarried to Ephriam Hickman in December, 1897 and separated. No Heirs.

           {5} 2. Stella Ross, single, deceased.

           {5} 3. Ollie Ross married Lee Davis and have one boy, Ross Davis; he was a soldier in the World War, details I do not know.

           {5} 4. Rosa Ross, single, deceased, buried Wesley Chap.

           {5} 5. Kate Ross married David Miller and have three children: Elizabeth, Christine and David.

           {5} 6. Leonard Ross, deceased.

           {5} 7. John W. Ross, deceased.

Martin V. Ross was a blacksmith by trade and lived in Valley City, Ind. The above is all of the family.

        {4} 7. William Lafayette Sonner, seventh child of William Sonner, deceased, born Aug. 26, 1842, died March 16, 1843.

        {4} 8. James Knox Polk Sonner, eighth child of William Sonner, deceased, born in Harrison County, Indiana March 13, 1844, married Eliza Jane Shaffner, deceased of New Market, Highland Co., Ohio. She was born Dec. 20, 1850 and died Feb. 24, 1880. She died of pneumonia fever. They were married May 29, 1870 by Rev. E. W. Howe of the U.B. Church near New Market, Highland Co., Ohio. and have four heirs as follows: Nellie Ann, George William, Mary Elizabeth and Elva Lulu.

          {5} 1. Nellie Ann Sonner married William Zenor of New Middletown, Indiana. She was the first child of James K. P. Sonner and was born July 3, 1871, died April 15, 1895 of consumption of the bowels. She had one heir, who lived only a few hours. Nellie A. was buried at Wesley Chapel beside her mother. She had been married about five years.

          {5} 2. George W. Sonner, second child of James K. P. Sonner, born in Harrison Co., Ind. March 26, 1873. He taught school in Knox County, Indiana and quit the profession. He lives at Oaktown, Indiana, where he is a barber. He married Emma Asher and they have nine heirs:

                {6} 1. Guy Sonner

                {6} 2. Lloyd Sonner, married.

                {6} 3. Doyle Sonner, single, deceased.

                {6} 4. Hershel Sonner

               {6} 5. Dorotha Sonner, married John Leak and they have three children. They live at R. R. #2, Bruceville, Ind.

                {6} 6. Bernice Sonner, single, lives at home.

                {6} 7. Kenton Sonner, deceased, was tragically killed at _____ by a falling tree.

                {6} 8. Leone Sonner, married ______. They have _____ children and live at Shanks Village, Orangeburg, N.Y. (above added June, 1952)

           {5} 3. Mary Elizabeth Sonner, third child of James K. P. Sonner was born near New Market, Highland County, Ohio on Dec. 25, 1874, died at Corydon, Indiana on April __, 1945. On October 30, 1907 she was married to Ralph Davis, born April 10, 1882 at Stinesville, Ind., died at Corydon, Indiana on Dec. 21, 1944. Most of their married life was spent in Corydon, Ind., they had two children:

               {6} 1. Homer Harold Davis married Helen Hazelip and they have one child: Homer Harold Davis II. Harold is at present a color photographer for the Courier-Journal and they live at 2837 Brownsboro Road, Louisville, Ky.

              {6} 2. Frances Juanita Davis married Hubert E. Caskey and they have two children: Patrick Errol and Judy Lynn. Their address is R. R. #3, Box 11-A, Willianston, Mich. (Above added June, 1952)

          {5} 4. Elva Lulu Sonner, fourth child of James K. P. Sonner was born near New Market, Highland County, Ohio April 9, 1878 and married Ben H. Windell, son of Robert Windell and they have seven heirs:

               {6} 1. Lydia Windell married Samuel Lesh, deceased. No Heirs. Lydia's present address is Louisville, Ky.

               {6} 2. Lacie Windell married Joseph Deahl, they have one adopted daughter, Jane; they are living in ____, Ohio.

               {6} 3. Nolena Windell married Cole Breeden, deceased, there are four children: Martha, Frank, William and Charles, they live in Ft. Wayne, Ind..

               {6} 4. Robert James Windell married Helen Amy, they have no children: live in Ft, Wayne, Ind.

               {6} 5. Howard Taft Windell, deceased. Howard was a soldier in World War II and was killed serving his County in the South Pacific by the Japanese.

               {6} 6. Sonner Benjamin Windell married ____and they have no heirs. They live in Ft. Wayne, Ind.

               {6} 7. William Glenda Windell married and they have no heirs. They live in Ft. Wayne, Ind. (Above added June, 1952)

This is all of Ben. H. Windell's family. Their P.O. Address is Central, Indiana.

James Knox Polk Sonner later returned to his home in Harrison County, Indiana. About eight months after marriage, they went to housekeeping at the old Ripperdan place. During the winter of 1870, he taught school at Timberlakes School house in Heth Township. Went back to Ohio on a visit in Sept. 1871, returned in the spring of 1872, and went to housekeeping again at the Kintner House on the hill. Moved over the creek in with Grandma Keller and taught school at Dist. #8, Washington Township. Moved back first of March, 1873 to the same place. Did farming during the summer and again taught school at Dist. #6, Washington Township, during the winter of 1873. In the spring of 1874 removed to Highland County, Ohio. Farmed and taught school there. In the spring of 1876 removed back to Harrison County, Indiana. Farmed that summer and taught school during the winter of 1878 at #7 Washington Township, this being his last school. The first school he taught was at Lopp's Landing, during the winter of 1867. His second school was at Bennett's school house, Dist. #4, Washington Township, during the winter of 1868.

His first wife, Eliza Jane, died Feb. 24, 1880 in Harrison County, Indiana, leaving four children to be cared for; the eldest was seven and the youngest two years old. She was a kind and loving wife and mother. James K. P. Sonner remarried to Annie V. Sonner of Strasburg, Va., March 17, 1883. She was born March 6, 1850, she being a third cousin and a daughter of William Sonner, deceased, of Strasburg, Va., and granddaughter of Jacob Sonner, also of Strasburg, Va., who was the second son of Philip Sonner, who came from Germany.

James K. P. Sonner and Annie V. Sonner, deceased, became engaged through correspondence; they met in Louisville, Ky., on Wednesday, May 3, 1883. They came down to his home on Saturday night, May 6, 1883 and were married on Thursday, May 17, 1883 at the residence of Rev. David W. Hottle and by him. They have no heirs, and lived continuously in Harrison County, Indiana.

James K. P. Sonner was a soldier for the Union in the WAR OF REBELLION, served as private in Company F- 13th Regt., Indiana, Cavalry. Was orderly for General Carl Schurz, during a part of his service. He enlisted December 18, 1863 and was discharged May 16, 1865 under General Archer, No. 27 (Order) discharging all sick and wounded. He made application for Pension in June, 1880 for disability contracted in the service, disease of the throat and lungs. Pension was granted Feb. 1882 at four dollars per month and arrearage back to date of discharge, which has been increased to fourteen dollars per month.

He was appointed Postmaster at New Amsterdam, Indiana Nov. 1885 under Grover Cleveland's first administration, resigned March 4, 1889 but was retained until July 17, 1889, having served nearly four years. In the year 1890 he made a race for Recorder of Harrison County on the Farmers Ind. Ticket against L. M. O'Bannon, Democrat. The county being largely Democratic, he was beaten by about five hundred votes. He voted for Benj. F. Harrison in 1892. He also made two unsuccessful races for the Nomination of Recorder in 1894 and 1898 before the Republican Conventions. The last time he came with in a vote and a half of getting the nomination, the ticket was unsuccessful. He is now serving his third term as Notary Public of Harrison County, Indiana. His P. O. Address is New Amsterdam, Indiana.

J.K.P. Sonner was candidate for Trustee of Washington Township, Harrison County, Indiana and was defeated Nov. 8, 1904 by Jesse Watson by thirty-nine votes, was not beaten but overpowered by Money, Whiskey, Extra ballots. He received the nomination over D. S. Stoker, by twelve votes.

        {4} 9. Benjamin F. Sonner , nineth child of William Sonner, deceased, born May 11, 1846 and died April 18, 1847.

        {4} 10. Infant Son, deceased, tenth child of William Sonner, deceased, born July 4, 1848 and died July 10, 1848.

        {4} 11. George W. Sonner, eleventh child of William Sonner, deceased, born Feb. 3, 1852, married Annie R. Hisey Nov. 21, 1872 by Rev. Fish of the M. E. Church; they have eleven heirs: Horace S., Abbigail, Drew, Alvin, Eva, Thomas, Sadie Belle, Leonard, Straud and an infant.

           {5} __. Horace S. Sonner married Zella Coffman and have___ heirs, Cecil, Bernice.

           {5} __. Abbigail S. Sonner married Jesse Shuck, have no heirs.

           {5} __. Drew Sonner married Leonidas Kintner by Rev. Patterson of the U. B. Church, they have three sons, Earl, Horace, Herman and two daughters, Faye and Vernell. He was a farmer, address Valley City, Ind.

           {5}__. Alvin Sonner married Miss Minnie Hilderman and have three children, George E., Emmett and an infant, _____.

           {5} __. Eva Sonner.

           {5} __. Thomas Sonner

           {5} __. Sadie Belle Sonner married Baxter Redden.

           {5} __. Leonard Sonner.

           {5} __. Straud Sonner.

           {5} __. Unamed infant.

The foregoing are all children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of William Sonner, deceased, who was the eldest son of Philip P. Sonner, deceased, who was the fourth son of Philip Sonner who came from Wurtenburg, Germany. William Sonner had eleven children, forty-four grandchildren and twenty-three great grandchildren when he died Jan. 26, 1894 at the age of ninety-five years, four months and ten days. He was born in Virginia, with a powerful constitution. He joined the Lutheran Church while in youth and lived faithful until death, his last words were "Glory to God.". He was Patriotic, Charitable, honest and forgiving. He lived nearly sixty-nine years at the same old home, having never moved from where they first went to house keeping. He was a Democrat and a prosperous farmer.

    {3} 2. Isaac Sonner, deceased second son of Philip P. Sonner, deceased, married Mary Lopp, deceased and had eight children: Julia Ann, Isabela, Andrew Jackson, (died 1906) Mahala, deceased, Mariah, Elizabeth, Philip Peter and Isaac, Jr.

        {4} 3. Henry Sonner, deceased third son of Philip P. Sonner, deceased married Miss Marish Kilenbarger, deceased and had ten children: George, Lewis M. Jane, Ann M. About the year 1848 he left Harrison County, Ind. and emigrated to Keokuck, Iowa. He and his wife both died there. He was a farmer. The children were born in Harrison County, Indiana.

           {5} 1 George Sonner, first child of Henry Sonner, deceased, married Susan Jenkins and have had fourteen children, three of them are deceased: the living ones are Hershel, Sarah, Arthur, Emma, Amos, Patience, Hugh, Milo, Benjamin F. (was a Spanish American Soldier), Claudia and Prudence. Henry Sonner died about 1900.

               {6} 1. Hershel Sonner married Miss ______ and have four or five heirs. They live in Colorado.

{6} 2. Sarah Sonner, married Nathan Bunn and have six heirs. His P. O. Address Tarkio, Missouri.

               {6} 3. Arthur Sonner, single, lives in Nebraska.

               {6} 4. Emma Sonner, married Robert King. P. O. Address is High Creek, Iowa.

               {6} 5. Amos Sonner, married a Miss Huetter, have no heirs, lives in Nebraska.

               {6} 6. Patience Sonner, married a Mr. ____ have one heir P. O. address High Creek, Iowa.

               {6} 7. Hugh Sonner, single, and at home.

               {6} 8. Milo Sonner, single, and at home.

               {6} 9. Benjamin F. Sonner, single, and at home.

               {6} 10. Claudia Sonner

               {6} 11. Prudence Sonner, single and at home.

The above is all of George Sonner's family, he is a well-to-do farmer.

           {4} 2. Lewis M. Sonner, second child of Henry Sonner, deceased, married Rebecca Jane Cabbage, Feb. 27, 1867 and have nine heirs as follows: Oren P. I., Belle, Florence N., Ona F., Glibert R., Gussie V., Walter E., deceased, Clyde B. deceased and an infant son, deceased.

            {5}  1.  Oren P. Sonner married Susie Wick Jan. 31, 1893, have two heirs, Grace and Paul W. He is a Baptist Minister.

            {5}  2.  Belle Sonner married Rev.. R. L. Ludlane, Jr. Feb. 27, 1889 and have one daughter Vera Viola.

            {5}  3.  Florence N. Sonner, single at home.

            {5}  4.  Ona F. Sonner, single at home.
            {5}  5.  Gilbert R. Sonner, single at home.

            {5)  6.  Gussie V. Sonner, single at home with their parents.

            {5}  7.  Walter E. Sonner, deceased

            {5}  8.  Clyde B. Sonner

            {5}  9.  Infant, deceased.

Lewis M. Sonner is a well-to-do-farmer. His P. O. address is Ioka, Iowa. This is all of his immediate children and grandchildren.

        {4} 3. Philip P. Sonner, third child of Henry Sonner, deceased, married Amanda Bowman and have three children living, as follows: Savannah, Alonzo and Dora.

           {5}  1.  Savannah Sonner married Warren Eva Bower and have no heirs, P. O. address is __

           {5}  2.  Alonzo Sonner

           {5}  3.  Dora Sonner married Charles McCarthy and have one daughter, Sallie, now deceased.  Her P. O. address is _____

This is all of Philip P. Sonner's children and grandchildren by his first wife.

His first wife died and he remarried to Miss Nancy Udley and have nine children: Sterling P., William, Nora, Verne, Snowflake, Rena, Edith, Tena Gertrude and Jay Gould.

           {5}  1.  Sterling P. Sonner

           {5}  2.  William Sonner married Miss Bertha Hisc, and have two children, Hazel and Minnie.

           {5}  3.  Nora Sonner.

           {5}  4.  Verne Sonner.

           {5}  5.  Snowflake Sonner.

           {5}  6.  Rena Sonner

           {5}  7.  Edith Sonner

           {5}  8.  Tena Gertrude Sonner

           {5}  9.  Fay Gound Sonner

Philip P. Sonner's family by his second wife, continued. Nora, Tena, Gretrude and Fay Gould Sonner are single and live with their parents. This is all of Philip P. Sonner's children and grand children by his second wife. He is a prosperous farmer, his P. O. Address is Ioka, Iowa.

        { 4} 4. Martha Sonner, fourth child of Henry Sonner, deceased, married ____ Babb and have no heirs, her P.O. address is Silvane Springs, Ark.

        {4}  5.  Rosanah Sonner, fifth child of Henry Sonner, deceased, married Boyd Glover and have the following children: Albert, Alford, William, Arthur and Clarinda. Their P. O. address is _______.

          {4} 6. Sarah Sonner, sixth child of Henry Sonner, deceased married a Mr. Osborn, probably have some heirs. Her P. O. address is Trenton, Missouri.

        {4)  7.  Mary Sonner, deceased seventh child of Henry Sonner, deceased, married Charles Estes, no children.

        {4}  8.  Cathrine Sonner, deceased, eighth child of Henry Sonner married Martin V. Moyers and have the following children: Robert, Ona, Minnie, Stella, Kittie, Maggie and Gertrude. Robert V. Moyer's P. O. address is Downs, Missouri.

       {4}  9.  Jane Sonner, deceased ninth child of Henry Sonner died at the age of twelve years.

        {4}  10.  Ann M. Sonner tenth child of Henry Sonner.

    {3} 4. Rosa Sonner, deceased, fourth child of Philip P. Sonner married Ephraim Fleshman, deceased, and had five children: Isaac, Philip P., Mary Jane, Abraham and Hugh. Isaac Fleshman married a Miss Wolfe and had one son and she died. (Encebuis Fleshman was a Union Soldier in the WAR OF REBELLION and belonged to Company F. 13th Ind. Cav. Vols. He died at Columbus, Miss.).

      {4}  1.  Isaac Fleshman remarried a Miss Mary Bearfield and had seven children as follows: Benjamin F., George W., Rosa, Andrew J., Sarah, Annie and Francis M.

           {5}  1.  Benjamin F. Fleshman died single.

           {5}  2.  George W. Fleshman died Jan 2, 1899, married Atta Best and have one son, Willie.

           {5}  2.  Francis M. died single.

           {5}  3.  Rosa Fleshman married Aron Toler, deceased and have heirs.

           {5}  4.  Andrew J. Fleshman, single.

           {5}  5.  Sarah Fleshman, single.

           {5}  6.  Annie Fleshman, married Ora Frank (Hobart) have one heir.

           {5}  7.  Francis M. Fleshman died single.

This is all of Isaac Fleshman's family, their P. O. address is New Amsterdam, Indiana.

        {4}  2.  Philip P. Fleshman, second child of Rosa Sonner Fleshman, deceased died single at the age of about twenty-one.

        {4}  3.  Mary Jane Fleshman, deceased, third child of Rosa Sonner Fleshman, married Andrew J. Walk, a Mexican Soldier and had two children, Joseph and Mary Jane.

           {5}  1.  Joseph Walk (Elizabeth) married Miss Stephens and have four heirs;

           {5}  2.  Mary Jane Walk married Silas Pringle and have two children _____ and Elizabeth. Their P. O. address is New Salisbury, Harrison Co., Ind.

This is all of Andrew J. Walk's family.

        {4}  4.  Abraham Fleshman, fourth child of Rosa Sonner Fleshman, deceased, married Mary Jane Bufford, deceased, and have five heirs, Lyman S., Simon E., deceased, Arthur C., Charles I. and Aquilla D.

           {5}  1.  Lymann S. married a Miss Miller and have one son, Herman and two heirs deceased. He is a druggist at Mauckport, Indiana.

           {5}  2.  Simon E. Fleshman, deceased.

           {5}  3.  Arthur E. Fleshman married Miss Eva Lee Kesler, he is a teacher by profession, P. O. address Bagdad, Ky.

           {5}  4.  Charles L. Fleshman married a Miss Hudson in 1905, he is serving his second term as Prosecuting Attorney of Harrison County, Indiana. His P. O. address is Indian Territory, Okla.

           {5}  5.  Aquilla D. Fleshman, single, he also is a teacher, P. O. address is Valley City, Indiana.

This is all of Abraham Fleshman's family, he is a well to do farmer. He remarried Mrs. Kate Green and have no heirs. P. O. address is Valley City, Indiana.

        {4}  5.  Hugh Fleshman, deceased, fifth child of Rosa Sonner Fleshman, married Sarah Haskins, both deceased, no heirs.

    {3} 5. Abraham Sonner, deceased, fifth child of Philip P. Sonner never married, died about fifty years of age, he lived at the old home after his parents died.

    {3} 6. Joseph Sonner, sixth child of Philip P. Sonner, married Christina Conrad and had eleven children: Lydia, Amos, Cathrine, Martin L., Lucretia, Albert C., Mary, Adaline, Ann, Oliver S. and Rosa.

        {4} 1. Lydia Sonner married William Bascley and had six heirs: Martin, Cathrine, Ada, Harriet and Dora A. Martin Bascley, single, and at home. (Frances Toler) This name might be Baxley.

           {5} 1. Martin Bascley.

           {5} 2. Cathrine Bascley married a Mr. Thompson, deceased and had two heirs, Rosa and Nellie.

               {6} 1. Rosa Thompson married David Moyars, a second cousin and have one heir. P. O. address Levenworth, Indiana.

               {6} 2. Nellie Thompson married Richard Cunningham, and have ten children: Rose, Anna, Claude, Bessie, Mary, Perry, Richard, Carl, Dudley, Avel.

           {5}  2.  Cathrine Baseley continued.  Mr. Thompson died and Cathrine remarried John Deschamp and have six heirs as follows: Paul, Halleck, John, Willard, Perry and Sadie.

           {5} 3. Ada Bascley married Steward Corcelius and have ____ heirs, Amzie, David, Bessie, Dora and Charley.

           {5} 4. Harriet Bascley married August Pate and separated. Have no heirs. She is not deceased.

           {5} 5. Dora A. Bascley, married Stephan Corcelieus and have one heir living and two dead.

This is all of Lydia's children and grandchildren.

        {4} 2. Amos Sonner, second child of Joseph Sonner, deceased married Eliza Deen and have six heirs, Walter H., Thomas B., Joseph L., Zetta, Edwin and Lula, deceased.

           {5} 1. Walter H. Sonner married Cathrine Fleshman, deceased and had three children, Maud, ____, and Tommie.

           {5} 2. Thomas B. Sonner married Miss Winona Peckinpaugh and had one child, a girl. He is a teacher by profession, a graduate of Lebanon, Ohio Normal School. His P. O. address is English, Indiana.

           {5} 3. Joseph L. Sonner, single, he is a teacher, his P. O. address is New Amsterdam, Indiana.

           {5} 4. Zetta Sonner married Oscar Windell, have ____ children, Homer, and Florence, deceased. Her P. O. address is Valley City, Indiana.

           {5} 5. Edwin Sonner, single, full of life and manly. Lulu Sonner died when about ten years old.

Amos Sonner is about sixty-five years old. He is a man of good intellectual capacity, and is well informed on every subject. He does not belong to any church organization, but rather holds to the Lutheran Church. Several years ago he had some aspirations for a County Office, but would never consent to become a candidate. He has held the Office of Township Trustee, he is a Democrat. But he voted for McKinely in 1896, because he was apprised to Bryan's free silver Craze. The foregoing is all of his direct family, his P. O. address is New Amsterdam, Ind.

        {4} 3. Cathrine Sonner, third child of Joseph Sonner, deceased, married John H. Moyars, deceased and had five children, John Joseph, Dillie, George, deceased, David and Angeline.

           {5} 1. John J. Moyars married Lizzie Danbner, no heirs. She died and he married Maggie Aydelotte and have three heirs, Helen, Daisy and Beulah.

           {5} 2. Dillie Moyars married Rev. John L. Beanblossom and have five heirs, Shewey, Claude, Stella, Dewitt and Moody.

           {5} 3. George Moyars, deceased married ______ and have two heirs, Pearl and Florence. She died and he married Nannie Carroll, no heirs.

           {5} 4. David Moyars married Rosa Thompson, his second cousin, and have one heir, as stated in her father's list.

           {5} 5. Angeline Moyars, single, deceased. Lived with her mother in New Amsterdam, Indiana.

This is all of Cathrine's family.

        {4} 4. Martin L. Sonner, fourth child of Joseph Sonner, deceased married Mollie Toler and have six heirs, Elmore, Edith, Jesse, Luther, Rozella and Ruth. His P. O. Address is New Amsterdam, Ind.

        {4} 5. Lucretia Sonner, deceased, fifth child of Joseph Sonner, deceased, single, died when about twenty-two years old.

        {4} 6. Albert C. Sonner sixth child of Joseph Sonner, deceased, married Florence Jones and have several Heirs, lives in Nebraska.

        {4} 7. Mary Sonner, deceased, seventh child of Joseph Sonner, deceased, married George L. Funk and had three heirs, Ella, Perry and Van. The mother died several years ago.

        {4} 8. Adaline Sonner, eight child of Joseph Sonner, deceased, married George L. Funk, her deceased sister's husband, and have one son, Olla. This is all of both mother's families, they lived in New Amsterdam, Ind.

        {4} 9. Ann Sonner, ninth child of Joseph Sonner, deceased, married Wesley Mowrer and had three children: Curtis, Harvey, deceased and Guy.

           {5}  1.  Curtis Mowrer married Minnie Cunningham, no heirs, they live in New Amsterdam, Ind.

           {5}  2.  Harvey Mowrer, deceased

           {5}  3.  Guy Mowrer is single and at home.

Wesley Mowrer is a well to do farmer and fruit grower and a soldier. P. O. is New Amsterdam, Ind.

        {4} 10. Rosa Sonner, deceased, tenth child of Joseph Sonner, married John J. Simler and had no heirs.

        {4} 11. Oliver S. Sonner, eleventh child of Joseph Sonner, deceased unmarried and lives in Nebraska.

This is all of Joseph Sonner's posterity. He is a well to do farmer and a good citizen, a member of the Lutheran Church and a Christian. He died with cancer of the face. He lived and died on a farm near his father's old homestead. He was the sixth child of Philip P. Sonner, long since deceased. He was in good circumstances, owning considerable real estate. He and his wife both died about the year 1880. His wife weighed over four hundred pounds, he was honest, sober and industrious and his entire posterity are well to do citizens.

    {3} 7. Eli Sonner, deceased, seventh child of Philip P. Sonner, deceased, married Rebecca Gilmore, deceased. They never had any heirs, but they raised several children and one of them lived with them as long as they both lived. His wife died in 1868, he died Dec. 3, 1898, aged about ninety years. He was honest, sober and industrious and belonged to the Lutheran Church.

This is all of Eli's Family history.

PHILIP P. SONNER'S posterity, includes his seven children and almost an innumerable number of grandchildren, great grandchildren and great, great grandchildren. The writer, who is nearly fifty five years of age, has no recollection of ever having seen his grandfather, Philip P. Sonner, long since deceased, but from tradition handed down from father to son, it is not presuming too much to say that he must have been a man of push, pluck and endurance. He surely possessed these traits of character, for the idea of his disposing of a nice and valuable home in the Valley of Shenandoah County, Virginia, where it is said that God made Men and Women, and where it is also said that the Plumb hangs straight, be that as it may be. As stated before, his leaving ol" Virginia and coming, or rather emigrating, to Harrison County, Indiana as early as the year 1817, Indiana then being only one year old, the State being almost a wilderness waste. There was but little cleared land to be found but not withstanding all these inconveniences, he came with a large family, nine sons, all told, and had to clear the land and support a large family. This certainly bespeaks a master mind to plan and meet and undergo the adversities of such a wilderness as Indiana then was. Dangers threatened him and his family on every hand, even nature itself seemed wild and desolate; ravenous beasts lurked in the forest of Harrison County, Ind.. The Indians were frequently seen passing through the county, but they were friendly with the settlers.

Allow me to say again that he was no means an ordinary man or he never could have succeeded in raising his family, and at the same time accumulate considerable real estate and personal property. He and his wife were German, but they also spoke English. Their immediate family all learned to talk German, as they talked it in the old home. His children also learned English. Those of his children who married wives who spoke German even talked it in their homes. It was said by those who knew that his wife was an estimable woman, kind hearted and true. She died some time before he did with a disease called tuberculosis. She never liked Indians very well. She would often say that she wished she had never seen Indiana. And he frequently said the same. It is only natural to suppose that they became lonesome and sick here. They left all their relatives and friends, and the children missed their playmates, but is to be hoped that as civilization advanced and the population increased, that they naturally became satisfied with their new Home. He was an adherent of the old school Lutherans, in Politics his posterity were principally Democrat. He had two grandsons in the Union Army, WAR OF REBELLION 1861 to 1865 also one great-grandson in the American Cuban War with Spain, 1898. From him there has sprung a generation of descendants who have helped to people Harrison County, Ind.

Many of their descendants have emigrated Westward. We might write and rewrite and half would not have been told. This sketch is only a brief outline of what might be written on the Posterity of Philip P. Sonner, who was the fourth son of Philip Sonner, who was born in Wurtenburg, Germany about the year 1736 and emigrated to Strasburg, Shenandoah County, Virginia, about the year 1757.

This closes the narration of Philip P. Sonner's Posterity. This was written by his grandson, James Knox Polk Sonner, during the winter of 1898 and 1899 for his own amusement and convenience to be kept as a souvenir by his posterity.

James Knox Polk Sonner, the author of this Sonner Family History, died in Harrison County, Indiana in 1907. He is buried at Wesley Chapel, near Valley City, Harrison County, Indiana. It is impossible to estimate the number of hours he spent in correspondence., research and actual writing of the history.

There is a record in Strasburg, Virginia of a deed or a Land Grant of some land in Frederick County, Va. granted to PHILIP SONNER, who emigrated to Strasburg from Wurtenburg, German. This is dated in 1776. This is Shenandoah County now, but all of the Northern Neck of Virginia was Frederick County in the days of Lord Farifax. The Lutheran Church in Strasburg also has such a paper. They don't mean anything now except a keep-sake, except the church is still on the ground deeded to it by Fairfax. The present church is the third and the graveyard has some very old graves and many which are not marked. The Court House in Woodstock, Virginia has records back to 1772. (The above information supplied by Mrs. Cathrine N. Balthis, 215 W. Washington St., Strasburg, Va., whose mother was _____ Sonner)


Calvin Sonner