Anthony T. Sonner

Anthony was born near Strasburg, Virginia September 4, 1761.  He participated in the Revolutionary War.  He became a minister before moving to Ohio during 1814.  He married Elizabeth Geeting at Woodstock, Virginia about 1796.  Elizabeth was the daughter of a minister.  They resided at Woodstock.  Their house was located on south Church Street.  Seven of their children were born in Virginia and the eighth, Sarah was born in Ohio.

They settled at Taylorsville, Highland County, Ohio.  They founded a grist mill and a saw mill at Taylorsville.  They also farmed.  Anthony established the Sonner Chapel.  The older building was replaced by a new one and later removed from the farm to East Danville, about three miles to the northwest.  The Sonner Cemetery, located on the old Anthony Sonner farm contains the remains of many of his descendants.

Marker located on the Highland County Courthouse, Hillsboro, Ohio
Anthony's name is listed in the third column
The Sonner Chapel, now located at East Danville, Ohio
Anthony's grave.  Located in the Sonner Cemetery.
Situated about one half mile north of Taylorsville, Ohio
Elizabeth's grave is located in the adjoining plot.

Calvin Sonner
Calvin Sonner's Website
Further information about this family is listed in the James Knox Polk Sonner book titled, The Sonner Family History, dated 1899 and Dr. Cecil Sonner's book titled,  A History of the Johan Philip Sonner Family, dated 1980.  Additional information may also be found in Daniel Bly's book titled, From the Rhine to the Shenandoah, Part II, dated 1996.