JACOB SONNER was the fourth child of Johan Philip and Elizabeth Wendle Sonner. He was born about 1766 near Strasburg, Virginia Shenandoah County and died May 1837. Jacob Sonner first married (Margaret) Rebecca Copenhaver February 10, 1795. She was born December 22, 1773 and the daughter of Sussanna Copenhaver.

The grave of Jacob Sonner is in a cemetery adjacent to the Strasburg Middle School building located on Sandy Hook just South of Strasburg. None of their grave sites are presently marked. The last of the grave stones fell over sometime after the 1940s.

Jacob Sonner served as a Constable for the County of Shenandoah with in the district composed of the First Battery and the 13th Regiment of Virginia Militia in June 1809 and served through 1827.

Jacob Sonner owned lots 27, 28, 31, 32, and 74 in Strasburg.  Jacob also owned property at Woodstock.  This was located on the west side of Main Street north of Court Street. He also owned farms outside of the Town of Strasburg.

He purchased lot 74 at the corner of Queen and Depots Streets which is now Queen and Fort Streets. Reference Shenandoah County Deed Book 0-187 Jacob Funk and Catherine, his wife to Jacob Sonner lot 74 Town of Strasburg. The old house still stands today and is a historical landmark. See stories and pictures from the "Country Home Magazine June 1987, Shadows of the Past". By deed dated June 30, 1835 Jacob Sonner and Catherine sold the house on lot Number 74 to his son John Sonner for the sum of $100.00. This property then descended to Joseph W. Sonner.

Lots 31 and 32 were out lotts which were of about five acres each. The present location of this property is in the area of Walton Street, the lots beginning about midway between Washington and Thompson Streets beginning at the foot of the hill and likely cresting the top. These lots would then lay on the East side of Walton Street. He lived on this land at the time of his death. The lots are indicated on the 1783 plat of Strasburg and it's out lots compiled by Alexander Hite.
Children of Jacob and Rebecca Copenhaver Sonner;
3-1 John
3-2 Susanna (Susan)
3-3 Catherine (Kittie)
3-4 Mary
3-5 Elizabeth.

JACOB SONNER'S first wife died and he married Catherine Hiser, daughter of Henry Hiser July 1, 1843. Children of Jacob and Catherine Hiser Sonner:
3-5 William
3-6 Mary Ann
3-7 Henry
3-9 Sarah Jane.

Will Of Jacob Sonner
I, JACOB SONNER of Strasburg, Shenandoah County, Virginia, being weak and sick in body but of a sound mind, memory and understanding do make and publish my last will and testament in manner and form following:
First; I will that my debts and funeral expenses be paid as soon as convenient after my decease.
Second; Unto my wife Catherine, I give and bequeath one horse and one cow, one bed and bedding and one cupola stove and pipe for her use and benefit during her natural life and the house where I now live and the support and maintenance which my sons William and Henry will furnish and provide for during her natural life.
Third; Unto my sons William Sonner and Henry Sonner I give and devise the tract of land lying on the river called Finley tract and half of the mountain land which together I value at two thousand dollars to them and theirs hers and assigns forever.
Fourth; I also give and bequeath unto my said wife Catherine my out lot near Strasburg of fifteen acres more or less for her support during her natural life. And it is my will that said sons William and Henry cultivate the fields for her and if that is not sufficient for her support they must furnish the balance from the Finley tract herein devised to them. It is my will and desire also that said William and Henry live with their mother until they are twenty-one years of age each. But whether they do so or not they must furnish her while she lives a sufficient quantity of firewood and take her grain to mill and bring her meal and flour home for her.
Fifth; Unto my son John I give and devise fifty acres (located West of Strasburg beyond the site of the Wright Gatewood house on or near Capon Grade and Gatewood Road) of the land I bought of Philip Bowman and Wright Gatewood adjoining the lands of Gatewood, Hupp, and widow Hinkins which land I value at eight hundred dollars to him and his heirs and assigns forever. The said land must be laid off from the other by a straight line and shall always have an open road or way to the big road.
Sixth; Unto my son Samuel; I give and devise the Plantation lying on the river called the Sibert place and the other half of the mountain land which together I value at one thousand dollars to him, his heirs and assigns forever. But the said Samuel shall not receive the said land nor the profits or rents of the same until he is twenty-one years of age.
Seventh; Unto my daughters Mary Ann and Sarah Jane I give and bequeath twenty dollars each of them to make them equal with their sisters who have each of them received a bed and a cow.
Eight; Unto my daughter Mary Anderson I give and devise the house and lot where she now lives, (likely the 2.5 acres that he purchased from John Dosh et. al. September 3, 1831 for $64.00. The lot Numbered 21 in a plan of the town outlots adjoining said Jacob Sonner and William Morris outlots. This lot is located on East Washington Street near Stickley Street) that is to say as much of the garden as she now works to her and her heirs and assigns forever, which house and little piece of ground I value at one hundred and fifty dollars.
Ninth; Unto my daughters Susanna Creamer, Mary Anderson, Catherine Vincent, Mary Ann Sonner and Sarah Jane Sonner, I give and devise the balance of the land which I bought of Philip Bowman and Wright Gatewood (located West of Strasburg beyond the site of the Wright Gatewood house on or near Capon Grade and Gatewood Road) which I value at Sixteen dollars an acre and also the land of Abraham Crabill, Exor, which last mentioned land I value at twelve dollars an acre to them and their assigns forever which two pieces or parcels of land is to be divided equally among my said five daughters or their heirs.
Tenth; It is my desire to equalize the shares of all my children at eight hundred dollars (not including the forty dollars left to Mary Ann and Sarah Jane as soon as the same can be done out of any personal estate on hand. Should that not be sufficient for that purpose, those whose land exceed eight hundred dollars in value shall pay to their sisters so as to equalize all their shares.
Eleventh; I give and bequeath the house and lot where I now live, (This land is North of East Washington Street near Crim Drive) except what is devised to Mary Anderson the outlot of fifteen acres more or less (outlots numbered 28, 31 and 32) and the property left to my wife during her life. Unto my nine children herein mentioned or their heirs to be equally divided among them as soon as convenient after the death of my said wife, so as to equalize all their shares on a final settlement of my estate.
Twelfth; and lastly, I do hereby nominate, constitute, and appoint my son John Sonner and Daniel Stickley Executors of this my last will and testament, ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament. In testimony where whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal this fifth day of May eighteen Hundred and thirty seven.
JACOB SONNER Signed, sealed, published and declared by Jacob Sonner the above named executor as I for his last will and testament in our presence who at his request have subscribed our names as witness thereto.
Isaac Hurn
P. T. Eberly
Joseph Wattson

Whereas I JACOB SONNER in making the foregoing will and testament forgot to mention my Slaves, I do therefore make this codicil as part of my last will and testament in manner and form following; It is my desire that my Negroman London be sold with my personal estate and the price of him be divided in the same manner as the personal estate and that my Negro woman and her four children remain with and serve my said wife Catherine until my youngest child is twenty-one years of age, at which time, they may either be sold or devised amongst my five daughters as may be agreed on among my children.
It is my desire also if I should be taken from my family before another crop is gathered, that my wife shall keep twenty five bushels of corn without paying for or having it appraised.
In testimony whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal to this codicil as a part of my last will this day of May 1837;
In presence of
Isaac Hurn
Joseph Wattson

3-1 JOHN SONNER the first child of Jacob and (Margaret) Rebecca Copenhaver Sonner born January 16, 1800 and died May 5, 1880. John is buried at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Strasburg, Virginia. He married October 20, 1835 by bondsman Benjamin Miller. Harriet Clayton born August 20, 1809 Shenandoah County.
The children of John and Harriet are as follows;
4-1 Joseph W. Sonner
4-2 Jacob A. Sonner Died 1862 at the battle of Bull Run, Virginia during the Civil War (CSA). He was a member of the 10th Infantry.

4-1 Joseph William Sonner b. 4-2-1838 d. 5-29-1921 m. 12-15-1868
Rebecca Ellen Veach M-1 b. 2-28-1849 d. 11-17-1886
Joseph was a business man. He served in Co. A of the 10th Regiment in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. He served under Stonewall Jackson. Joseph was wounded, captured and imprisoned at Elmira, NY. He also served with Company E, the Laurel Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia. Joseph received a Confederate Pension about 1900. He and Rebecca were members of the Lutheran Church in Strasburg, Va.. Rebecca died of burns received while cooking in an outdoor open kettle at their home located at the Northwest corner of Queen and Fort Streets. Joseph W. and Rebecca Veach Sonner are buried at the St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery, Strasburg.
Rebecca's parents were William and Dorothy Bly Veach. They had one daughter, Ida Gertrude Sonner. Joseph and Rebecca died at Shenandoah County, VA.. Joseph and Rebecca were living in his father's home in 1870.

5-1 Ida Gertrude Sonner b. 1870 m.
George Metzger No heirs. Ida Gertrude and George lived in Chicago, Illinois, where she died.

Dora Ann Crabill M-2 b. 2-7-1858 d. 12-6-1925 m. 10-25-1887
Joseph and Dora were married by L. L. Smith in Shenandoah County, Virginia. The Groom was 44, a widower, laborer, born and residing in Shenandoah County. The bride was 30, born and residing in Shenandoah County, Dora, the second wife of Joseph Sonner, was a sister of Elizabeth (Bettie) Huddle Crabill who married John Henry Sonner. Dora Crabill's parents were Emanuel and Elizabeth Eberly Crabill. Dora Crabill Sonner is buried at the Riverview Cemetery, Strasburg, Virginia. The following children are by the second marriage with Dora..

5-2 Howard Smith Sonner b. 10-1-1888 d. 2-24-1919 Howard was born at Shenandoah County, Virginia. He died of Pneumonia while serving in Cry, France during WW I Buried at Riverview Cemetery, Strasburg, VA. Never married.

Howard wrote from France October 21, 1918 while on active service with the American Expeditionary Force.
Dear Aunt Bettie (Bettie Crabill Sonner): Will try to answer your highly appreciated letter which I received a few days ago and I was surely surprised to hear from you. .......... Am very glad that the Christian Church thinks of the boys that are in the lines over here but suppose we are thought of by everyone over there.  Most of the forest are dead here either killed by shell fire or gas. The papers look very good at present so do not thing it will be long until the Kaiser either surrenders or we cross the Rhine and we do not care which it is as we are here and we are going to finish the job. Would surely like to see the people of the old Town but think it would be sometime before we see them. With love, Best Wishes, Howard Sonner

5-3 Edward Sonner b. 1-31-1890 d. 5-1983 m. 5-17-1917
Lillian Walker b. 2-3-1892 Merridian, CN. d. 5-26-1956
He served three years in the regular Army. They lived in Meridian, Conn. where his wife died. After his wife's death he maintained an apartment in Meridian and traveled by plane each year to visit his brother Lewis Sonner in Strasburg, VA. He later retired to Florida to be near his son Gordon Sonner. He loved to bake fruit cakes and banana bread. Edward died at Plant City, Florida.

5-4 Mary Elizabeth Sonner b. 5-27-1892
Charles Crem
Their address is Victoria, Va. Mary became a member of the Strasburg Christian Church March 1, 1896. In 1926 Mary lived at Berryville, VA..

5-5 Lewis Sonner b. 8-31-1894 d. 10-13-1985 m. 8-31-1926
Esther Mae Pierce b. 5-24-1895 d. 1-14-1973
Lewis born Shenandoah County, Virginia. Son of the late Joseph W. and Dora Crabill Sonner. He was the oldest member of the Strasburg Fire Department and was a member of the Spurmont Masonic Lodge 98. Retired from U. S. Postal service after twenty three and a half years.
One of Strasburg's best known WW I veterans. He was the first person from the community to register for the draft, later serving with the U. S. Army in Europe and receiving three bronze stars, the European Theater Service Medal, and the Medulis Badges Citations Neone decoration. Lewis served in WW I in France. He served first in the Flanders under British command. Later when American soldiers were placed under American Command, he served with the shock troops. The last surviving charter member of American Legion Post 77, Strasburg, he was a past Commander of the Post, holding continuos membership since it was first organized. He was a charter member of the Veterans of WW I Barracks 1526 and was a members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post in Edinburg. His hobby was fishing in the Shenandoah River where he made some big catches. He observed that fishing has not been good in later years. Lewis and Esther Sonner are buried at the Riverview Cemetery, Strasburg, VA.

This is a copy of a letter that was written to Aunt Bettie Sonner from her nephew Lewis Sonner when he was serving in W.W.I in France.
October 10, 1918 My Dear Aunt:
I was surprised but very glad to hear from you. ................. We came out of the lines the other day and are back of the big guns now. And I do not know when we will go back but I suppose soon.  France is a very pretty country back of the firing line but it is tore all to pieces where we are now. I have not saw anyplace compared with the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia in beauty. I am well and in good health and I hope you are. I can not think of anything else to write at present.
Your Nephew, Lewis Sonner

4-2 Jacob A. Sonner b. 1841 d. 1862
Jacob born Shenandoah County, Virginia. Jacob was a soldier in the Confederate Army and was killed in the Battle of Bull Run, Manassas, Virginia. He enlisted 1861 at Strasburg in Co. A. 10th Va. Infantry. Killed in action 9-29-1862 at Manassas, VA. He was listed as a Musician.

John Sonner married second Catherine Ann Copenhaver 30 March 1846.
She was the daughter of John and Elizabeth Copenhaver.

3-2 SUSAN SONNER b. 1-10-1796 d. 11-2-1868 m.
George Kremer b. 1787 d. 9-22-1871.
Susan was the Second child of Jacob and Rebecca Sonner They lived at Winchester 1870. George and Susan deed property to Samuel H. Sonner August 6, 1851. This land or lots were located at Strasburg. George was a Constable at Winchester 1850. Both are buried at Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Winchester, Virginia. George lived 71 year 10 months and 2 days. George's parent's were Conrad and Catherine Helphenstine Kremer. The children of George and Susan are as follows;

4-1 Margaret S. Kremer b 5-11-1817 d. 5-23-1840 m.
Richard Marshal
Margaret buried Mt. Hebron Cemetery.

4-2 George Kremer
Virginia _______
George born Winchester, VA.

5-1 James Kremer b. ca 1841
Born Winchester, VA.

5-2 William Kremer b. ca 1843
William born Winchester, VA.

5-3 Camelia Kremer b. ca 1845
Camelia born Winchester, VA.

4-3 Angelia E. Kremer b. 11-30-1825 d. 2-23-1845 m.
Giles Grim
Angelia born Winchester, VA. Angelia buried Mt. Hebron Cemetery.

4-4 Emily J. Kremer b. ca 1828 d.
Living at home 1850

4-5 Sarah M. Kremer b. ca. 1829
Living at home 1850

4-6 Juliet Kremer b. ca. 1832 m.
Juilet born Winchester, VA.

5-1 Rose Manthenia m.
________ Grim

4-7 Caroline Kremer b. 2-25-1834 d. 1-17-1904 m. 9-19-1854
Bernard Fetzer b. 1822
Bernard was the son of Joseph and Marie Fetzer of Woodstock. Bernard was a blacksmith. Their address was Winchester, Va.. Caroline died at Baltimore, MD

5-1 Susan (Susie) Fetzer

5-2 Caroline Fetzer

3-3 CATHERINE SONNER b. 12-10-1804 d. 3-6-1874 m. 10-29-1825
Cornelius Vincent b. 1806 d. 12-11-1872.
Catherine was the third child of Jacob and Rebecca Sonner. She was baptized at the St. Paul's Lutheran Church Strasburg, VA. March 24, 1805. The Tax book indicated that Cornelius Vincent owned pt. lot 68 in 1874. This lot is located on the North Side of Queen Street about 120' East of Holiday Street.
The children of Cornelius and Catherine as follows:

4-1 Margaret A. Vincent b. J?, 15, 1826 d. 12-6-1888 m. 4-16-1850
William H. Sonner b. Sept.. 21, 1826 d. 5-19-1901
William and Margaret A. Vincent are buried at the St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery in Strasburg, Virginia.

5-1 Laura Alberta Sonner b. 3-19-1853 d. 5-20-1897
No heirs Laura is buried at the St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery in Strasburg, Virginia.

5-2 Florence Lillian ("Lillie E.") Sonner b. 6-17-1855 d. 9-27-1901
No heirs. Lillian are buried at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Strasburg, Va..

5-3 Charles Edward Sonner b. 8-31-1861 d. 4-9-1952 m. 1890
Berdie Holliday b. 9-9-1871 d. 11-18-1953
Charles lived at Eggleston, Va. Giles County, where he served as a telegrapher his entire life.

5-4 Albert Maywood Sonner b. 7-3-1864 d. 12-14-1944
Sarah Catherine "Kate" Jarrett b. 1855 d. 8-27-23 M-1
Edna Agnes Stafford b. 1885 d. 1-3-1975 M-2
Edna's parents were Erastus and Sarah Croix Stafford. Albert born Shenandoah County, Virginia. Albert in his early life was a carpenter in construction for different railroads. This work gave him an opportunity to travel widely. Later he did cabinet work in Strasburg, Virginia. His last assignment was station agent in Strasburg, from which he retired in 1940. He was secretary - treasurer of the Strasburg Christian church for 40 or 50 years. When the materials for the church would arrive at his home, he would put them in a little red wagon of Ray's and deliver them to the church. This happened once each year. He was blessed with good health. He never missed a day of work or at church. Albert and Edna are buried at the Riverview Cemetery, Strasburg, VA. Albert became a member of the Strasburg Christian Church October 29, 1911. Sarah "Kate" was the daughter of James and Mary Bugbee Jarrett. Kate is buried at the Riverview Cemetery, Strasburg.

4-2 Mary Vincent d. 4-14-1895
John Goodshell d. 8-16-1887
No heirs. John Goodshell was a stonecutter from Hesse, Darmstadt, Germany. He and his wife lived in the Cornelius Vincent household in 1870. Margaret A. Sonner, Mary Goodshell and their husbands William H. Sonner and John Goodshell sold seven acres to George W. Strosnider. This is part of the tract Jacob Sonner, son of Philip Sr., left Cornelius Vinson and wife in the division of Jacob lands. Deed dated September 28, 1888. This land is located North of Strasburg on the Gatewood Road.

4-3 Sarah C. Vincent b. 3-22-1832 d. 4-5-1838

4-4 Francis E. Vincent b. 5-11-1835 d. 5-3-1838

3-4 MARY SONNER b. 1801 d. 1891 m. 6-7-1823
Henry Anderson. d. prior 1851
Mary was the fourth child of Jacob and Rebecca Sonner. The Tax Book dated 1870 indicate that Mary and Henry Anderson lived on lot numbered 79 which is located at the North West corner of Queen and Sharp Streets in Strasburg. The 1870 census indicated that Mary Anderson was living alone. Apparently Henry died before that time. Shenandoah County Deed Book ZZ page 491 therein list Mary Anderson "Widow". This deed was dated August 6, 1851. Mary is buried at the Prospect Hill Cemetery, Front Royal Virginia.
The children of Henry and Mary are as follows;

4-1 Peter Anderson b. 3-7-1824 d. 4-26-1887 m. 12-25-1849
Maria C. Fetzer b. 1829 d. 1903
Lived at Front Royal, Virginia 1870. Buried Prospect Hill Front Royal, VA..

5-1 John W. Anderson b. 12-16-1850 d. 6-20-1887
Warren County, Virginia. Never married. Buried Prospect Hill Cemetery Front Royal, VA..

5-2 Joseph Henry Anderson b. 10-6-1852 d. 1919 m.
Virginia D______ b. 1861 d. 1947
Warren Co., VA. Buried Prospect Hill Cemetery, Front Royal, Virginia.

5-3 Mary Julia Anderson b. 10-23-1885 d. 1937
Warren Co., VA.

5-4 Jacob Russell Anderson b. 10-1857 d. 7-6-1858
Warren Co., VA.

5-5 Annie Rebecca Anderson b. 5-7-1859 d. 12-12-1891
Warren Co., VA. Never married

5-6 Kittie Anderson b. 2-16-1861 d. 1926 m.
David W. Harrison b. 1854 d. 1896
Warren Co., VA. Buried at the Prospect Hill Cemetery, Front Royal, Virginia.

5-7 Georgia Lee Anderson b. 1-11-1865 d. 1952
Warren Co., VA.

5-8 Samuel Fetzer Anderson b. 8-27-1866 d. 1908
Warren Co., VA. Never married. Buried Prospect Hill Cemetery Front Royal, Virginia in the Anderson Plot.

5-9 James Oliver Anderson b. 8-21-1871 d. 9-12-1959
Warren Co., VA.

5-10 Nettie Maria Anderson b. 11-8-1874 d. 4-12-1949
Edgar Hill Duncan b. 1867 d. 1931
Warren Co., VA. Buried Prospect Hill Cemetery, Front Royal, VA..

4-2 Jacob Anderson b. 3-7-1824
Martha Hammer d. 11-3-1914
Son of Henry and Mary Sonner Anderson. Jacob was a soldier in the Confederate Army and lost his life in battle. Jacob and Peter were twins. Martha buried Prospect Hill Cemetery, Front Royal, VA..

5-1 Jacob Edward Anderson d. 8-20-1920
Buried Prospect Hill Cemetery, Front Royal, VA..

4-3 Henry Anderson Jr. b. ca 182_
Son of Henry and Mary Sonner Anderson. Lived in Front Royal, VA. 1870. Henry moved to Salem, Virginia. His wife was a member of the Dunkard Church.

4-4 John Anderson
Son of Henry and Mary Sonner Anderson.

4-5 James H. Anderson b. 4-24-1826 d. 5-11-1894
Nannie C. Weakly b. 9-11-1833 d. 2-2-1833
Son of Henry and Mary Sonner Anderson. James was a Confederate soldier... address Front Royal, VA. Buried Prospect Hill Cemetery, Front Royal, Virginia.

5-1 Eliza V. Anderson b. 6-16-1853 d. 11-27-1887
L. C. Golladay
Eliza buried at the Prospect Hill Cemetery, Front Royal, Virginia.

5-2 twins


3-5 ELIZABETH SONNER m. 12-12-1825
Joseph D. Bloss b. ca 1810
Elizabeth was the fifth child of Jacob and Rebecca Sonner. Married at Shenandoah Co., VA. Joseph was a Hessian soldier and a shoemaker by trade in Strasburg. Joseph is mentioned in "The History of Shenandoah County" by Wayland. His shop was near that of Jeremiah Eberly, the taylor. The 1850 and the 1870 census indicate that Joseph Bloss was a resident of Strasburg. It would appear that Elizabeth died before her father. This would account for the fact that she was not mentioned in his will. The 1850 Shenandoah County land records list John Bloss's estate owning lot 8 in the town of Strasburg.

Jacob Sonner's first wife Rebecca Copenhaver Sonner died and he married second Catherine Hiser 7-1-1813. The following children are of this marriage.

3-6 WILLIAM SONNER b. 3-10-1814 d. 12-14-1889 m. 3-17-1840 Harriet M. Taylor b. ca. 1820 d. 6-16-1908 William is the first child of Jacob and Catherine Hiser Sonner Shenandoah County, Virginia. William is buried at St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery, Strasburg, VA. Harriet lived to be 88. She was the daughter of John T. and Eliza Taylor. William Sonner in 1846 owned town lot 49 which is located at the corner of Main and Sharp Street at the South East corner. William and Harriet were married in Frederick County, bondsmen were Joseph W. Dosh and John Taylor.
Children of William and Harriet are as follows;

4-1 Elizabeth Sonner Died in infancy

4-2 Catherine Sonner Died in infancy.

4-3 Mary Ellen Sonner b. 6-1842 d. 7-1899 m. 2-16-1865 Winchester, VA.
Francis Albert Hunter b. 8-18-1837 d. 12-14-1908
Mary born Winchester, Virginia. Mary Ellen Sonner and her brother John William Sonner were baptized at the St. Paul's Lutheran Church Strasburg, VA. June 27, 1845. She was born in Strasburg, Shenandoah County, Virginia and died Dingess, Mingo County, WV. and is buried there. He was a Northern soldier during the Civil War. Francis was a medical doctor and served in different areas, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia. He was born in Tyngsborough, Middlesex County, Mass. and died in Branchland, Lincoln County, WV. and is buried there in an unmarked grave. His parents were Judith Carkin and Joel Hunter Jr.. His second marriage was to a widow Mary Jane Howard Peyton on February 17, 1902 at Branchland, Lincoln County, WV..

5-1 Herbert H. Hunter b. 11-25-1865 d. 6-27-1884
He was born in Strasburg, Shenandoah County, Virginia. He was knocked overboard while working on the towboat Ella Layman and drowned in the Kanawha River, near Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia. His burial date was July 5, 1884 at Springhill Cemetery, Charleston, WV..

5-2 Phedora Lenora Hunter b. 9-12-1866 d. 7-8-1933 m. 9-25-1893 John Ed. Hall d. 10-3-1938 Phedora was born in Strasburg, Virginia.

5-3 Harry B. Hunter b. 6-6-1868

5-4 Claude W. Hunter b. 11-23-1870

5-5 Hattie M. Hunter b. 8-8-1872 d. 4-27-1946 m. 3-6-1895
Lewis M. Hainor b. 3-6-1895 d. 4-1946
Hattie was born August 8, 1872 or September 13, 1872 at Sunbury, Northumberland County, PA..

5-6 Omer F. Hunter b. 11-23-1874
Nona Mahan (Monahan) M-1 3-1903
Cora Gullion (Gallion) M-2 8-16-1911 Kanawha Co. WV. by Charles F. Meyers.
Omer born at Pennsylvania.

5-7 Lucy E. Hunter b. 10-29-1876 d. 8-2-1950 m. 8-6-1896
Lawrence E. Newman d. 2-14-1936
Lucy was born in Clarion, Clarion County, PA.. 6-1 Lawrence Edgar Newman Lawrence lived in Louisville, KY..

5-8 Sally Grace Hunter b. 4-17-1879 d. 1-19-1946 m. 4-15-1900
Lawrence Luke McNamara b. 3-28-1869 d. 12-2-1928
She was born in Clarion, Clarion County, PA. and died at home in Kenova, Wayne County, WV.. Lawrence was born in Rockbridge County, Virginia. He died at the Mayo Brothers Clinic, Rochester, MN. He was yard master for the N&W Railroad. His father was Michael McNamara born 1820 Ireland, and his mother was Margaret O'Brien born 1835 Shenandoah County, Virginia and died Rockbridge County, VA.. They were married March 3, 1856 Lexington, Rockbridge County, Virginia. Both are buried there. Sally and Lawrence McNamara are both buried at Ridgelawn Cemetery, Huntington, Cabell County, WV..

5-9 Kattie A. Hunter b. 9-14-1881 d. 8-11-1895

4-4 John "Bud" William Sonner b. ca. 1849 d. 5-17-1913 m. 3-10-1875
Mary Elizabeth "Annie" Blanchfield b. 1857
John born Shenandoah County, Virginia. John William Sonner was baptized at the St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Strasburg, VA. June 27, 1845. He was a partner with his brother George in the pottery business in Strasburg, Virginia. The firm was known as the Sonner Bros.. Alexander D. Fleet operated the pottery. Several journeymen were in the employ of the Sonner Bros. at various times. The firm existed from 1880 to 1890. John W. Sonner was a Confederate soldier during the Civil War. He enlisted during 1863 at Culpeper in Co. E. 11th Va. Cavalry. Was captured 1864 at Woodstock. John received a Confederate Pension about 1902. Buried at the Riverview Cemetery, Strasburg, VA. Annie became a member of the Strasburg Christian Church December 29, 1878. She was the daughter of John and Ellen Blachfield. They were married at Middletown, VA..

5-1 Harry Lee Sonner b. 1-2-1879 d. 7-6-1947
Minnie Lou Berta M-1 b 6-3-1878 d. 6-25-1923 m. 11-4-1916
Elsie Ellen Lake b. M-2 b. 8-21-1899 d. 5-4-1991
Harry worked for the railroads and was stationed in Strasburg, VA. Harry and Elsie, and Nannie Sonner are buried at the Riverview Cemetery, Strasburg, VA. Elsie was the daughter of the late James A. and Lucy Emma Lake. She was a retired employ of the Shenandoah County School System and worked for ten years at Strasburg High School. Member of the Strasburg Christian Church and the Women's Christian Fellowship. Elsie and Harry lived at 209 N. Massanutten Street Strasburg. She became a member of the Strasburg Christian Church February 24, 1921. Nannie was the daughter of John and Mary S. Jones.

5-2 Minnie Mae Sonner b. 4-6-1875 d. 7-26-1924 m. 4-26-1897
George W. Strosnider b. 11-8-1858 d. 1-6-1951
George and Minnie were married by H. H. Kennedy in Shenandoah County, Virginia. The Groom was 38, a Farmer born and residing in Shenandoah County, son of Simon and Mary Strosnider. Bride was 21, born and residing in Shenandoah County, daughter of John W. and Elizabeth Sonner. Both are buried at the Presbyterian Cemetery in Strasburg.

5-3 Daisey Sonner d. 1960
Charles Grimm

5-4 Howard Sonner d. 1927

5-5 John P. Sonner b. ca 1885 m. 8-6-1909
Rosa Alice Fry b. ca. 1990
John and Rosa were married by A. Knox in Shenandoah County, Virginia. Groom was 26, laborer born and residing in Shenandoah County, son of John W. and Mary E. Sonner. The bride was 19 born and residing in Shenandoah County, daughter of Monroe and Corah Fry. Brides father was present.

5-7 Bessie Sonner Miles Holdsworth. No heirs.

5-8 Charles Sonner
Della A. Laing
Della A. Laing was the daughter of William J. Laing and Ida Bell Santmyers Laing. She has a sister Lola Scott. Charles and Della lived in Strasburg 1915. Della A. Laing married second Walter Stoltz.

4-5 James Edwin Sonner Sr. b. 3-10-1847 d. 5-29-1926
Lucy Virginia Amiss b. 4-20-1852 d. 5-1-1918
Lucy born at Warren County, Virginia. James and Lucy moved to Warren County shortly after their marriage. They first owned the Shelton Sonner farm which they sold to Alvin and Stella Stokes and purchased a farm nearby. On this farm was constructed a rural school building which was known as the Sonner School. Upon retirement they moved to Front Royal. They were members of the United Methodist Church. Both are buried at the Prospect Hill Cemetery, Front Royal, Virginia.

5-1 Mary Bell Sonner
Frank Isaac Stokes
Mary and Frank born at Warren County, Virginia. Frank was born and grew up on a farm. He spent his entire adult life in Washington, DC. in the insurance business. His entire family was active in the Methodist Church. They attended the Mt. Vernon Place Church.

5-2 Benjamin Jackson Sonner b. 1876 d. 1928
Lulu T. Compton b. 1874 d. 1961
Benjamin and Lulu were employed by the federal government in D.C.. They are buried in the Prospect Hill Cemetery, Front Royal, Virginia.

6-1 Lillian Sonner
John N. Robertson
John was born in Washington, D.C. and graduated from the Columbia Technical Institute with an interest in municipal engineering and became a registered professional engineer. He was active in professional organizations -- Association of Highway Officials and American Road Builders Association. He served forty two years with the Washington, D. C. highway department including several years as its chief. At his death, he was engineering consultant and engineer director of the D. C. Road Builders Association. He was a Mason and belonged to the Almas Temple, Royal Order of Jesters, Scottish Rite.

5-3 James Edwin Sonner Jr. b. 1883 d. 1934
Never married. In early life James was a farmer and lived in the Front Royal area. In later life he was employed by the Proctor Milling Company.

5-4 Ethel Bell Sonner
George Snarr
Ethel and George lived in Front Royal, Virginia. He was employed by the American Viscose Corporation which made rayon fabric. No heirs.

5-5 Lloyd Taylor Sonner b. 8-9-1886 d. 7-20-1973
Ora A. Lawson b. 10-4-1886 d. 12-17-1956
Lloyd born Warren County Virginia. Loyd worked for Proctor Milling Company. He enjoyed gardening. Ora was a very good seamstress. They were active in the Methodist Church. Both are buried at the Prospect Hill Cemetery, Front Royal, Virginia.

4-6 Annie Virginia Sonner b. 1858 m. 1893
James K. P. Sonner b. 1844 d. 1907
Refer to the record of James Knox Polk Sonner.

4-7 George Reese Sonner b. ca. 1856 d. ca. 1925 m. 1-17-1882
Sarah F. Lindamood
George born Shenandoah County, Virginia. George and Sarah were married by J. F. Campbell. The marriage took place at a residence North West of Strasburg on Capon Road. Bride was 21, the daughter of Elcana and Barbara E. Lindamood. Groom is a Potter. In his early life George formed a partnership with Theophilus Grim and made stoneware under the name of Sonner and Grim. Sonner was the agent and Grim the artisan. Financial difficulties resulted in the change of ownership and John William Sonner, his brother became a partner with George and the firm became known as the Sonner Bros. In later years he was a farmer and trucker. He also won recognition as a gardener. He lived in Martinsburg, WV. in his middle and later years. George died of a stroke at age sixty-nine years. Sarah removed her membership with the Strasburg Christian Church November 30, 1921.

5-1 J. Omar Sonner b. 2-20-1884
Sarah Catherine Byers b. 8-18-1886
Omar born Shenandoah County, Virginia. Sarah was born in West Virginia. Omar was originally from Strasburg, VA.. He was an employ of different railroads and in conjunction with his employment also operated ranches in Pennsylvania, Kansas and Colorado.

5-2 George Preston Sonner
No heirs

5-3 James Sonner

5-4 Floyd Sonner d. 11-19-1930
Died early in life at age 36. Died in Pennsylvania .

5-5 Mamie Sonner
Harry Nausa
No heirs. Twin of Annie Sonner.

5-6 Annie Sonner
Twin of Mamie Sonner.

5-7 Mary Sonner b. 4-26-1894 d. 10-1978
Fred Maxwell M-1
William Bordner M-2
Mary died at Harrisburg, PA. She was born in Shenandoah Co., VA.

5-8 Martha Sonner b. 4-26-1894 d. 10-11-1976
Willis Wilson Maxwell b. 8-26-1888 d. 9-9-1953
Martha born Shenandoah County, Virginia and died at Harrisburg. PA..

4-8 Emily Caroline Sonner b. 2-17-1853(4)
Baptized at the St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Strasburg, VA. June 24, 1853 by Rev. Levi Keller. Died in infancy.

4-9 Emma Cordella (Lucy) Sonner b. 2-16-1854 d.12-29-1930 .
Joseph W. Thornbury b.1852 d. 6-18-1916 m.1-16-1877 Prince Wm. Co., VA.
Joseph lived his early life at the site of the battle of Bull Run. The house in which he lived had a large basement. The basement of this house had a large kitchen in which food in large quantities, for the Confederate soldiers was prepared. General Early, before the battle, came to the house and advised them to leave since they would be within the reach of guns involved in the battle. They merely went to the basement. Joseph was a blacksmith by trade but a great part of his working life was spent in railroad construction. He was a supervisor of a construction gang. Joseph and Lucy spent their honeymoon in New York City. Lucy's wedding dress was blue and she wore a black evening wrap. They first lived in Strasburg, VA. and later moved to Winchester, VA. Lucy died in West Virginia.

5-1 Cora Dell Thornbury
Omar Clyde Shacklett b. 1878 d. 7-13-1906
Ormar died 17 days before his daughter was born. Omar died at Strasburg. Son of E. W. Shacklett (1839-1918) and Margaret Shacklett (1836-1913).

5-2 George Eugene Thornbury b. 1880 d. 3-22-1951
Virginia Lee Geiman
George born Shenandoah County and Virginia Westminister, VA.. George was a ticket agent and a telegrapher at various times for each of the following railroads; Old Dominion, Southern and B&O.

5-3 Rhoda V. Thornbury b. 9-29-1894 d. 11-12-1993
William Edward Butts
William was fireman and conductor on the B&O Rail Road. Rhoda died at Baltimore, MD..

4-10 Lucy Sonner b. 2-16-1859

4-11 Shelton Taylor Sonner b. 1860 d. 1943
Ollie Leach b. 1864 d. 1929
Shelton born Shenandoah County and Ollie Warren County, Virginia. Buried at the Stokes Cemetery, Front Royal, Virginia

5-1 Stella Sonner b. 2-7-1900 d. 10-17-1989 m. 9-12-1923 Warren Co., VA.
Alvin Stokes b. 11-22-1901 d. 10-11-1991
Stella born Warren County, Virginia. She was retired from the Alvin B. Stokes Clothing Store. A life long member of the Front Royal Methodist Church. Also a member of the Willing Workers Circle of Kings Daughters and the Warren Rifle Chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy. She was past worthy matron of the Order of the Easter Star, treasurer of the American Cancer Society for 25 years and a former school teacher in Warren and Rappahannock counties. Alvin was the son of Robert and Sarah B. "Sallie" Steed Stokes. Robert and Sarah were married 10-1-1855. Robert married second Susie Catherine Clegg 9-18-1926. Susie was the daughter of William Jackson Clegg 1860-1918. Both Stella and Alvin died at Front Royal, Virginia.

5-2 Russell Taylor Sonner b. 9-28-1901 d. 7-21-1976
Ruth Virginia Bean b. 9-30-1902 d. 8-14-1997
Russell born Warren County, Virginia and Ruth Hampshire County, West Virginia. Russell was co-owner of the Front Royal Livestock Market. They were active member of the Highland Presbyterian Church. Ruth was past matron of the Eastern Star and worked in the Front Royal Citizens Bank for 15 years. Russell died at Winchester, Virginia. He is buried at the Shenandoah Memorial Park, Winchester, Virginia.

5-3 Arthur Kipps Sonner b. 5-30-1908 m. 11-25-1939
Martha Helen Seagraves b. 11-8-1914
Arthur born Warren County, Virginia and Martha West Point, Georgia. Arthur is a retired highway engineer of the Federal Department of Transportation and the North Carolina Department of Transportation. He is a member of the Lutheran Church, Democrat and Conservationist.

4-12 Beatrice Mae Sonner b. 1866 m. 10-11-1888 Edgar S. Pattie b. ca. 1858 Edgar was the Son of Oscar F. and Susan E. Pattie. He was born at Prince Williams County, Virginia. Beatrice was born in Shenandoah County, VA..

3-7 MARY ANN SONNER b. ca. 1822 d. 12-30-1984 m. Apr. 16, 1839
Conrad Kremer b. 1818 d. 1902.
Mary is the seventh child of Jacob and Catherine married 4-16-1839. Conrad Kremer is listed in the 1870 Census as a resident of Winchester, VA.. Conrad's occupation in 1850 was Constable at Winchester, Virginia. Mary is buried at the Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Winchester, VA.. Conrad's parents were Peter and Margaret Burk Kremer.
Children of Conrad and Mary are as follows;

4-1 William M. Kremer b. 12-12-1840 d. 4-27-1914
Annie Elizabeth _____ b. 6-8-1841 d. 6-5-1907
Buried at the Lebanon Church Cemetery West of Strasburg, Virginia.

5-1 Edwin C. Kremer b. 11- 8-1868 d. 1-11-1943
Dora S. ___ b. 12- 7-1877 d. 7-2-1951
Buried at the Lebanon Church Cemetery.

5-2 Lillie Kremer b. 1869

5-3 Bobbie Kremer b. 12-12-1872 d. 3-26-1882
Buried at the Lebanon Church Cemetery West of Strasburg, Virginia

5-4 Jacob Luther Kremer b. 1873 d. 1948
Elizabeth M. ____ b. 1880 d. 1956
Both buried Lebanon Church Cemetery.

5-5 Omer S. Kremer b. 8-16-1876 d. 5-13-1949
Mary F. _____ b. 6-26-1871 d. 7-8-1947
Both Buried Lebanon Church Cemetery.

5-6 Jospeh H. Kremer b. 9-26-1880 d. ____
Annie B. ______ b. 4-30-1889 d. 10-18-1945
Both buried Lebanon Church Cemetery.

4-2 Margaret C. Kremer b. ca. 1843
No heirs.

4-3 Virginia Kremer b. ca. 1844
______ Watson
Their address was Martinsburg, WV.

5-1 Lee K. Watson

4-4 Charles Kremer
His address was Winchester, VA..

4-5 Carrie Kremer b. 2-16-1863 d. 11-4-1902
Clarence Morgan
They lived in Winchester, VA.. Buried at the Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Winchester, Virginia.

5-5 Clarence G. Morgan Jr. b. 11-28-1888 d. 3-19-1899
Buried at Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Winchester, Virginia.

4-1 Mary E. Kremer b. 2-15-1826 and d. 3-2-1873 m.
Marcus Copenhaver b. 1-10-1815 d. 7-15-1893
Both are buried in the Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Winchester, Virginia.

5-1 Anna E. Copenhaver b. ca. 1847

5-2 George S. Copenhaver b. 1849 m. 3-9-1871
Mary Martin b. 1850
Married by J. D. Freed. The groom as 22 single, farmer born and residing in Shenandoah County. The bride was 21 born in Warren County, Virginia and living in Shenandoah County, Virginia the daughter of Ella A. Martin.

5-3 William Copenhaver b. 1850 d. 1914 m. 9-22-1880
Sarah O. (Sallie) Crabill b. ca. 1862 d. 1922
Married by G. W. Howe at Toms Brook, Virginia. The groom was 28, a farmer born in Frederick County, Virginia. Sarah was 18 born in and residing in Shenandoah County the daughter of Samuel and Catharine Balthis Crabill.

5-4 Ella Copenhaver

3-8 HENRY SONNER b. 1817 d. 1858 m. 9-12-1838
Jane Myers b. 4-28-1821 d. 10-7-1898
Henry is the eight child of Jacob and Catherine Jane was the daughter of Sarah Myers. They moved to Vernon County, Missouri about 1848. Jane is buried in Berea Cemtery, Blue Mound Township.
Children of Henry and Jane are as follows;

4-1 George Christopher Sonner b. 2-11-1839 d. 3-24-1914 m. Nancy ______ b. 1843 George was born in Virginia and later moved to Vernon County, MO.. They lived at that place in 1887 when they signed a deed for Samuel Sonner.

5-1 John H. Sonner b. 1860

5-2 Lee Jackson Sonner

5-3 Sidney Albert Sonner b. 1872

George Christopher Sonner married second Sarah May Goode born March , 1877, died September 28, 1955. Both are buried in Myrtle, Missouri. George C. Sonner moved to Missouri about the year 1870. Sarah May Goode was only 17 years old when she married George C. Sonner who was then 55. Her father and mother died young. There were two boys and two girls, the eldest boy named Chester. Benjamin F. Goode served in the Union Army, may have been her brother. Her brother Chester Goode went to find a place for them to live but was never heard from after that. Sarah lived with someone who just made a slave of her so when she had a chance to get away, she took it. Children of George Christopher and Sarah May Goode Sonner.

5-1 Homer Christopher Sonner b. 2-22-1898 d. 2-22-1931 m. 8-192_
Lola ______
Both are buried in Myrtle, Missouri.

5-2 Winnie Dee Sonner b. 1-28-1900 d. 1-1-1982 m. 9-16-1922
Ray Bryant
They lived in Horsington, Kansas.

5-3 Gussie Lee Sonner b. 5-15-1902 d. 3-28-1975
Don Hays
Gussie died at Springfield, CO..

5-4 Ben Franklin Sonner b. 9-27-1904 d. 10-23-1990
Ben died at Carson City, Colorado at the age of 86 years. He had lived in Springfield, Colorado and was the last brother of Mary Sonner Walker. He died a peaceful death after eating he laid down and died in the nursing home where he was living. Ben was born at Missouri.

5-5 Madie Mary Sonner b. 11-4-1907 Omer J. Walker Omer is buried at Beatrice, Nebraska. Madie still resides at Beatrice.

5-6 Eugene Victor Debs Sonner b. 1-30-1910 d. 8-1987 m. 8-29-1941
Aileen Miller
They lived in Springfield, Missouri. Eugene was born at Missouri and died at Rogersville, MO.

5-7 Sadie Ellen Sonner b. 10-14-1912 d. 3-6-1979
Lyndell James

4-2 Sarah C. Sonner b. 1840

4-3 Virginia Sonner b. 1842
John W. Trower
Shenandoah County Deed Book 29 Page 157 indicated that a E. M. Trower signed a release for Samuel Sonner. E. M. Trower may have been a child of John and Virginia and perhaps they were deceased by 1887 and their son signed his rights to the subject property. This deed was dated 1887 and was signed at Vernon County, Missouri.

4-4 Mary Susan Sonner b. 12-31-1845 d. 1-21-1889
George Isaac Hammonds b. 1-8-1847 d. 1-8-1944

5-1 Lucy W. Hammonds b. 1868

5-2 Ida Frances Hammonds b. 10-11-1870 d. 6-20-1953
William Washington Morris b. 7-17-1867 d. 6-8-1944

5-3 Herman Luther Hammonds b. 1873 d. 5-8-1958
Mattie Morris 

5-4 Annie Hammonds b. 1874 m.
John Schuster

6-1 George Ira Schuster

5-5 Mary E. Hammonds b. 4-25-1876 d. 5-16-1877

5-6 Mollie Hammonds b. 1879
Walter Anson

5-7 Locious H. Hammonds b. 9-1-1879 d. 2-9-1889

5-8 Joseph L. Hammonds
Callie Duvall

5-9 Maggie Hammonds
Ed Mentze

5-10 Minnie Hammonds
Will Hinkle

5-11 Daughter b. 11-1888 d. 2-11-1889

4-5 Helen A. Sonner b. 1846
T. B. Capps
They lived at Vernon County, Missouri in 1887.

4-6 Henry C. Sonner b. 1849

4-7 Thomas J. Sonner b. 1852
Thomas lived at Vernon County, Missouri 1887.

3-9 SAMUEL HARRISON SONNER was the son of Jacob and Catherine Hiser Sonner (2nd wife of Jacob Sonner) and was born February 21, 1821 in the old log house at the corner of Fort and Queen Streets in Strasburg, Virginia. He died April 29, 1901 in Shenandoah County, Virginia. Samuel Harrison Sonner married May 10, 1853 Catherine Virginia Hite born March 14, 1831, died April 22, 1913. Both are buried at Riverview Cemetery in Strasburg, Virginia. Samuel Harrison Sonner was a lifelong resident of Strasburg, Virginia. As a young man he learned tailoring but never followed it as a vocation. He owned a farm consisting of 53 and 33 acres on which he built a fine home. He also owned considerable property in town, including a hotel called "The Central House".  In it he also had a store.

His country home was used by General Phill Sheridan as his headquarters and was ruined by the Federal Troops. All the materials were confiscated by Sheridan's troops and removed from the property, including the house, barn, outbuildings and even the fence railing that surrounded the property. Its bricks were later used to make chimneys in Strasburg. The property appears to have been located on the Front Royal road (now East Queen Street) at the site where Automotive Industries now occupies. The 1849 Tax book located at the Shenandoah County Court House indicated that was the only property outside of Strasburg that he owned at that time.

Years after the Rebellion Samuel Sonner filled a claim with the government for restitution of his losses incurred at the hand of Sheridan's troops.

Some of the information follows.
In mater of Application of Samuel H. Sonner before Court of Claims, Washington, DC. Samuel H. Sonner vs. No of Application 9151 United States ...................... That at an Election held in Virginia in regard to Secession that on said day I left Strasburg early in the morning and did not return until after sun down, that I went away for the express purpose of not voting at said Election because I feared the people, if I remained at home and did not vote for Secession , that I might receive bodily harm, and that my conscience would not permit me to vote said way as the most of the people wished, as I left town and went down on the River in Warren County to Robert Putman's and then remised thoughout the day. I further state that I always remained a Union Man and so hold these principals now, that my house during the War was always the stopping place for the scouts and made my house his headquarters and that my house was always the headquarters of some of the officers of the Union Army. ..............................
Given under my hand this 4 day of August 1877.
Samuel H. Sonner

March 31, 1874 Case of 8863 March 31, 1874 Confederate Treasury Records. Samuel H. Sonner, Shenandoah Co. Va. S. H. Sonner of Strasburg, Shenandoah Co., VA. presented petition to Geo. W. Siebert II 1862 asking the exemption of a miller. The petition says " We have suffered much from the damage done us by the Federal Army in a variety of ways. Yet we will not complain if it still be really necessary & unavoidable if we must suffer more and longer under the calamitous condition of our suffering country".

James H. Putman a witness called by the claimant to prove loyalty being first duly sworn deposes and says.
I am 82 years of age and reside in Warren County Virginia. I am a Carpenter by occupation. I am not related to this Claimant. I have no interest in this claim. About the first of June, 1861, I went to live with Mr. Sonner the Claimant in this Store at Strasburg and remained with him about four months.
On the 23 day of May 1861 the day the Ordinance of Secession was submitted to the people for ratification or rejection my father Wm. R. Putman gave me some claims or accounts he held and sent me to Cedarville district to collect them. I was from home all that day and on my return home late in the evening my father told me that Mr. Sonner had been to see me to get me to tend Store for him. I went to Strasburg on the 24th or 25th day of May 1861 to see Mr. Sonner and he told me that he was at my fathers home on the 23rd to see me. I lodged with Mr. Sonner and went to live with him about the first of June in the same year and remained there until I went in the rebel Army all the journey men in Strasburg knew that I was in favor of secession and they often told me that they were surprised at my staying with Mr. Sonner when I knew as well as they did that he was a Union Man and two journey men who lived in Strasburg. George and John Miller refused to associate with me because I would not leave Mr. Sonner the claimant. Mr. Sonner often told me while I was living with him that he was opposed to this war and that he did not vote for secession, that he was opposed to it, and I heard him say when Confederate Soldiers were marching through the Street that he had opposed the war and voted against secession and that he certainly will not fight for it. I am certain that Mr. Sonner was regarded by the people of Strasburg as a Union Man. I know he was regarded as such from the first that a great many people told me that I should not live with him because he was a Union Man. I remember that when I say Mr. Sonner on the 24 or 25th day of May 1861 he told me that he had decided the day of the election to come and see me about living with him to avoid voting that he was a Union Man and that there was a regiment of Rebel Soldiers stationed in Strasburg and that he did not think it safe for him to say home that day. I have stated all that I know in regard to this claim.
James H. Putman

Richard H. Long a witness called by the Claimant to prove loyalty being first duly sworn deposes and sayeth.
I am 51 years of age and reside in Strasburg, Shenandoah County, Virginia.. I am a clerk by occupation. I am not related to Mr. Sonner the Claimant and have no interest in this claim. When the War began I was living with the Claimant as a clerk in his Store. I remained with him until some times in April 1861. When I went into the Rebel Army.
Just before the War began Mr. Abraham Stover a citizen of Strasburg who had been a customer at Mr. Sonner Store came in this Store. Mr. Sonner was not in when he first came in Mr. Stover told me that he had come in to tell me that he was not going to deal at the Store any longer. That Mr. Sonner was a Union Man and that he was going to stop dealing at the Store on that account while he was talking Mr. Sonner came in and I told him what Mr. Stover had told me he told Mr. Stover that he could not help about that he certainly was a union man and did not care if he did stop dealing with him.
Mr. Stover did stop dealing at the Store.
I often went home during the war and I know that Mr. Sonner was regarded by all the people in Strasburg from the beginning to the end of the war as a Union Man. I have stated all that I know in regard to this claim.
Richard H. Long

Deposition of Jno. W. Miller to prove the property of Claimant.
Witness says - I am 60 yrs. of age and resided in Strasburg all my life.
Item No 1. I saw one Brick House taken down 2 stories high and tin roof 18x36 they cleared away every sign that was left of a house. I could not say how many bricks were in it.
Item No. 2. I saw one Ice House taken down also. I don't know anything more about it.
Item No. 3. I say 1 large barn taken down by the troops, it was a new barn. Don't know the size of the barn.
Item No. 4. I can't state how many planks was taken. he had a large amount fencing taken in fact took all he had planks is worth $2.50 per hundred.
Item No. 5 I do not know how many post were taken but I know he had every post planked and rail taken on the place. I saw all the property before it was taken and everything stripped clean.
Item No. 6. The framing was all gone but I don't know how much lumber was worth $2.50 per hundred.
Item No. 7. These posts were surely taken, but I don't know how many.
Item No. 8. I saw where the rails had been taken but they were all taken and I know it was done by the army I counted the number of planks but that can't recollect. Mr. Sonner has the amount in his claim.
Item No. 9. I say the rails taken around the lot and knew they was all gone. The lot contained some 15 acres.
Item No. 10. I saw the stable taken in town with my own eyes. It was 18x20. It could not be build for less than $150.00. It was a log stable.
Item No. 11. I did not see this corn taken.
Item No. 12. I saw the framing around the town lot taken also the posts, 450 ft. Plank and some 40 posts.
Item No. 13. I did not see two tons hay taken. I know all the property claimed belonged to S. H. Sonner and I know of nothing being left in exchange for this property and further saeth not.
John Miller

12 Day of May 1872
Deposition of Geo. W. Balthis to prove the property of Claimant.
Witness says I am 42 years of age and live in Strasburg. I am conversant with the property Mr. Sonner had taken and I saw the following, tearing down his house, barn and out buildings. I did not see his property taken in town, only that at his farm. It was a new house at least and contained at least 60.000 bricks. I do not know the size of the ice house. I don't know how much planks was in it. The lumber was worth $3.00 per hundred. Everything about his place was taken. Framing and all. There is about 90 acres in the place and County Road runs through it. Everything was taken and used for quarters and for fuel. The place was all taken, it was all done by Sheridans Army.

It appears that Samuel Sonner first decided to rent the Samuel Bell Pottery located on lot numbered 98 and then about two weeks later bought the property from Bell's Father in-law Leonard Balthis.

This is to certify that I give Samuel H. Sonner full possession of my pottery shop and lot on the line with the lower cage of the upper pen, full possession and title to be made on the first of March 1853 granting Samuel Bell the privilege of burning the ware on hand at the time specified about leaving the kiln in the same order as at present time. For which Samuel Sonner agrees to pay 250.00 dollars on first day of March and 230.00 dollars on first day of March 1854.
Signed Samuel Bell and Samuel Sonner.
Teste: Cornelius Vinson.

March 16, 1853 Samuel H. Sonner purchased a pottery at the Northwest corner of Depot (Fort) and High streets from Leonard Balthis reference Deed Book 1 page 342 Shenandoah County. This lot was designated as Number 98 in the subdivision plan of the town of Strasburg at that time. Leonard Balthis previously purchased this lot from Joseph Spengler.

Samuel Bell located his pottery shop here in 1843. This property was owned by Leonard Balthis, Mr. Bell's father in law. The purchase price was $500.00. The deed stated that the pottery was facing the Academy on High Street and at the Northern edge having a stable from it being part of a certain barn which was located on the dividing line between lot 85 and lot 98.

After the sale of this property to Samuel H. Sonner, Mr. Solomon Bell moved his pottery business to lot 85, also property owned by Leonard Balthis. This lot adjoined lot 98 on the North and fronted on Queen and Depot (Fort) Streets. The building from which he operated his pottery business is still standing. Mr. Balthis had previously purchased this property from Joseph Spengler.

The following information was obtained from "The Shenandoah Pottery" book by A. H. Rice. "Samuel Harrison Sonner was no potter but engaged journeymen to operate the shop, while he sold the wares. The Civil War brought ruin to all trades in Strasburg. His recovery from this disaster was a real test of character. He reestablished himself in the mercantile business, including pottery and stoneware by purchasing a pottery at the corner of Depot and Church Streets.
This business had been established by a man named Shinnix. After his purchase the pottery was marked S. H. Sonner, Strasburg, Virginia. The pottery shop was converted to a dwelling and occupied for many years by Amos Ridenour.".

About 1870 Samuel H. Sonner purchased a pottery shop at the corner of Depot (Fort) and Church (Washington) Streets, which an old man named Shinnix had established several years prior and resumed the making of stoneware. The product is marked "S. H. Sonner Strasburg, VA.. George H. Davidson a very skilled potter for a time was associated with S. H. Sonner. He was a native of Baltimore, Maryland. His son George S. Davidson was also potter for a time in this shop.

In 1883 John H. Sonner, son of Samuel Sonner learned the art in his father's pottery and assumed the business and continued until the coming of the steam pottery in 1892. He made stoneware and occasionally tile.
The product is marked "J. H. Sonner Strasburg, VA". The stamp with which the pottery was marked was carved in wood and was made by John W. Painter. At one time Samuel Sonner was also in partnership with Amos Keister who had a pottery shop in Strasburg. They traded under the name of Keister and Sonner, Strasburg, VA..

His pottery price list reads as follows:
1/4 gal jars .75 per doz.
1/5 gal jars 1.13 per doz.
1 gal jars 1.50 per doz.
2 gal jars 3.00 per doz.
3 gal jars 4.50 per doz.
1 gal butter jars 2.10 per doz.
2 gal butter jars 4.10 per doz.
3 gal butter jars 6.30 per doz.
3 gal churns 6.50 per doz.
5 gal churns 7.50 per doz.
6 gal churns 9.00 per doz.
1/2 gal crocks 1.13 per doz.
1 gal crocks 1.50 per doz.
1 1/2 gal crocks 2.25 per doz.
1/4 gal jugs .75 per doz.
1/2 gal jugs 1.13 per doz.
1 gal jugs 1.50 per doz.
2 gal jugs 3.00 per doz.
5 gal jugs 10.50 per doz.
1/2 gal milk pails 1.13 per doz.
1 gal milk pails 1.50 per doz.
1 1/2 gal milk pails 2.25 per doz.
1/2 gal chambers 1.13 per doz.
1 gal chambers 1.50 per doz.
Spittoons 1.50 per doz.".

Samuel Harrison Sonner and his father Jacob Sonner made a visit to see Philip Peter Sonner, brother of Jacob Sonner in New Amsterdam, Harrison County, Indiana about the year 1834.

Samuel Harrison Sonner can be characterized as a very energetic and busy man. That was in evidence until the end. The following information was taken from Virginia Cadden's "History of Strasburg". "Samuel Harrison Sonner who lived in the building at the corner of Fort and King Streets, Strasburg, Virginia, was opposed to slavery. Before the Civil War, both he and his wife are said to have freed or returned the slaves given them by their parents at marriage. Strasburg's allegiance to the South left the Sonner's in a difficult position and the husband habitually disappeared into the mountains to keep from fighting a war against his principals. Nevertheless, their location on Main Street made them especially vulnerable to the foraging of passing Federals. There were two cellars in the house and the pigs and the chickens had to be kept in the back cellar for protection. During one of Mr. Sonner's prolonged absences, his wife heard a discussion between two Union Soldiers about whether to requisition her two horses. Yanking the bolt from the door, she rushed out waving her pistol and threatening to shoot them. The Soldiers agreed that the little Rebel Spitfire might do just that and moved on.
Eventually General Sheridan lived a week or more in their home paying the owners with coffee, sugar and scarce commodities. Apparently by mistake he left four hand made linen sheets in the house stamped USA which became the source of pleasure to the impoverished post war Families. Mrs. Sonner embellished the fine material with her fancy needlework, making luncheon sets fine dinner napkins as gifts, some of which are still treasured by her descendants.
The same building became the Massanutten Hotel at the turn of the century, playing host to Drummers who were given display space for their goods. An entire theatrical company registered in 1909, the cast of "Ten Nights in a Bar Room".".

According to D. J. Lake & Co. 1885 Atlas, Samuel Sonner was a "Hotel Proprietor" and owned 256 acres of land. At the time of Samuel Sonner's Death in 1901 he owned thirty nine and one quarter acres on the Valley pike North of Strasburg and lot 21 and one half of lot 44 in Strasburg. Lot 44 is the location of the Central House Hotel.

The death notice of Samuel Sonner published in the Strasburg News, Friday, May 2, 1901, died April 29, 1901 read as follows.
Sudden Death of Mr. S. H. Sonner The shocking intelligence passed through our town on Monday morning that Mr. Samuel H. Sonner had breathed his last. This venerable, beloved and respected citizen passed peacefully into the great beyond, while sitting in his favorite chair, shortly after 11 o'clock. He had been complaining slightly of indigestion for a few days, but it was thought that he would soon be rid of the trouble. His end was just like the snuffing out of a candle. All through his long life he had been remarkably free from illness and there was no suffering at its terminus. Like he had often taken a nap in his favorite chair, he entered upon the long sleep. Five minutes prior to his death he had laughed and talked with his son-in-law, Mr. H. C. Burgess. Mrs. Sonner entered the room just as he was passing away. She notified Mr. Burgess, who hastened for Dr. White. Before they could return all was over. Samuel Harrison Sonner's life was a refutation of the claim that southern men lack energy. He was always a busy man. He was a son of Jacob and Catherine Hiser Sonner and was born on February 2, 1821, on Queen Street. His father was twice married and there were nine children in all. The deceased was the last to die. The deaths of his brothers, John and William, who lived here, are easily recalled, as is also that of his sister, Mrs. Mary A. Creamer, of Winchester. Mr. Sonner, when a young man, went to Front Royal to learn tailoring. He, however, never pursued that avocation. Aside from his stay in Front Royal he had always lived in or near Strasburg. On May 10, 1853, Mr. Sonner married Miss Catherine V. Hite, of Nelson county. The ceremony was performed at the house of Mrs. Sonner's sister at Bridgewater. Eight children were born to them, two dying young. Those living are: Messrs. John Sonner, of this place; Jacob Sonner of Carbondale, Col. and Quinton C. Sonner, of Saluda, N. C.; Mrs. Alice Burgess, Mrs. Gene McCarty and Mrs. Katie Nicklin, the latter of Winchester. All were at home except Mr. Jacob Sonner. Mr. Sonner built a fine country mansion on his farm--now owned by Mr. Hal Houck--before the war. He also acquired considerable property in town previous to the unpleasantness between the States. In 1854 he built the present Massanutten Hotel building. He conducted a store there. Mr. Sonner's fine country property was used by Phil Sheridan as his headquarters and ruined by the Federal troops. It bricks after the war were used to make numerous chimneys in the vicinity. His other property was either damaged or destroyed and his store looted. The war over, Mr. Sonner found only fragments of the property of a well-to-do man at its beginning remaining. Besides he was in debt. With indomitable energy he went to work to regain his fortunes and pay what he owed. He re-established himself in the mercantile business. He also went into the pottery business and did much to establish Strasburg's reputation as a place where splendid stoneware was made. He embarked in the hotel business for 15 years. He proved himself an ideal landlord and he is affectionately remembered by a great many traveling men and others as a genial and accommodating minehost. He retired from active business about five years ago. His great reservoir of energy was not exhausted and up to the end he was a busy man. Mr. Sonner was a useful man to Strasburg. He did much for the town's welfare. He was a genial gentleman, unselfish and charitable in disposition. He was ever thoughtful of others and it always gave him pleasure to do a kind act. He was an affectionate husband and a fond father. The bereaved family have the sympathy of the entire community in their hour of sorrow.
The funeral took place on Wednesday morning from the Methodist church, the Rev. R. M. Wheeler officiating. Burial was in Riverview.
The pall-bearers were; Messrs. V. D. Reforn, Samuel Fisher, John Bowman, C. F. Bell, Frank Zea and O. H. Crabill. Funeral Director Marion Stover was in charge.

Children of Samuel Harrison and Catherine Hite Sonner:
4-1 John Henry Sonner
4-2 Alice Elizabeth Sonner
4-3 Jacob Granville Sonner
4-4 Quentin Camden Sonner
4-5 Virginia Maude Sonner
4-6 Samuel Lee Sonner
4-7 Eugenia Isabel Sonner
4-8 Katherine Sonner

4-1 JOHN HENRY SONNER first child of Samuel and Catherine Hite Sonner was born November 21, 1854 in Strasburg, Virginia and died April 25, 1937.
John Henry Sonner married October 21, 1886 to Elizabeth (Betty) Huddle Crabill of Toms Brook, Virginia. The wedding service was conducted by the Rev. R. H. Fleming at Woodstock and was witnessed by his wife and daughter Mary. She was born April 3, 1867 and died November 26, 1948 at their home place North of Strasburg, Virginia. Betty became a member of the Strasburg Christian Church June 9, 1989.  Both are buried in Riverview Cemetery close to Samuel and Catherine Hite Sonner.
Her parents were Captain (CSA) Emanuel and Elizabeth Eberly Crabill of near Toms Brook, Virginia at a place called Posey Hollow. She attended Bethel School and the Academy for Girls operated by the Forrer Ladies in Strasburg, Virginia.
John Henry was a lifelong resident of Strasburg and a member of the Methodist Church.
In 1883 John Henry who had learned the art of pottery making in his father's pottery, purchased the business from his father and operated it until the coming of the steam pottery in 1892. He also made stoneware and tile. The products was marked J. H. Sonner Strasburg VA.. His business card read "John H. Sonner, Successor to S. H. Sonner, Manufacturer of Stoneware, Strasburg, Virginia, Shenandoah County, VA.". John H. Sonner worked at the Strasburg Steam Pottery for a time.
Children of John Henry and Elizabeth Crabill Sonner:
5-1 Robert Crabill Sonner
5-2 Frank Camden Sonner
5-3 Hugh Granville Sonner
5-4 Ray Vaughn Sonner

5-1 Robert Crabill Sonner born December 15, 1887 Strasburg, Virginia died July 1, 1961 married October 24, 1920 Ella Wardecker born February 9, 1900 died June 24, 1969. Rob apparently received his middle name from his mother side of the family, the Crabills. According to a record of this marriage Rob and Ella were married at the bride's home. The wedding was witnessed by Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Eshelman. Rob became a member of the Strasburg Christian Church November 13, 1907. Ella Joined the same church February 27, 1921.
Rob died July 1, 1961 in the Shenandoah County Memorial Hospital after a short illness. Rob and Ella are buried in the Riverview Cemetery. Strasburg, Virginia in the Sonner Plot next to Rob's parents and grandparents.

5-2 Frank Camden Sonner born February 1, 1893 died December 9, 1984 in the Shenandoah Memorial Hospital at Woodstock, Virginia.
He Married first Alma Lemley and they divorced a few months later.
Secondly he married Edna Christina Stephens on July 11, 1926 at Hagerstown, Maryland.
Edna was born May 9, 1911 and died September 15, 1988. Her parents were Edwin Samuel and Julia Lydia Theodora Rebecca Sibert Stephens from St. Davids Church, Virginia which is located in the Fort Valley, Shenandoah County, Virginia. Her grandparents on her father's side were Nathaniel and Elizabeth Stephens, and on her mother's side were Rev. William and Rebecca Clem Sibert.
Her grandfather was a Lutheran Minister who traveled throughout Hardy, Franklin and Hampshire counties in West Virginia and a few counties in Virginia preaching the gospel. Edna's parents are buried in the Sibert Cemetery near St. Davids Church.
Frank Sonner was a WW1 veteran. He farmed some and picked apples in the Fall for nearby orchards. Frank also worked for the Goodrich Rubber Company in Akron, Ohio for awhile. Frank mailed a post card to his mother July 1917 from Akron, Ohio. Back in the late Teens or early Twenties he drove a bus from Strasburg to Winchester.

Edna was a good homemaker and kept good meals on the table for her family. She worked at the O'Sullivan plant in Winchester in the forties, at The National Fruit Products Company in Winchester in the Fall until the early sixties.

Both were members of the Strasburg Christian Church for many years. Frank and Edna are both interred in the Riverview Cemetery in the Samuel Sonner plot located on the hilltop near the cemetery's entrance.  Children of Frank and Edna Stephens Sonner:
6-1 Ruth Gene
6-2 Alvin Frank
6-3 Melvin Kenneth
6-4 Calvin Lee
6-5 Charles Lester.

5-3 Hugh Granville Sonner born November 27, 1894 died December 23, 1986 married
Fannie Belle Robertson November 27, 1917.
She was born September 3, 1980 and died March 17, 1983. Fannie and Hugh were members of the United Methodist Church in Strasburg. Fannie's father was James William Robertson, her grandfather was Robert (Bob) Robertson and her great grandfather was Samuel Robertson who came to America from Sheffield Scotland to avoid compulsory military training. Fannie and Hugh lived in many different locations in Shenandoah and Warren Counties. They had previously lived on Main Street, Washington Street and on Funk Street in Strasburg and for a while at Frank's house at the Valley Pike homeplace. Hugh once owned a garage and lived in a house he had built next door to his parents which was part of the Sonner home place.
Hugh and Fanny are buried in the Riverview Cemetery in Strasburg. Their graves are located in the Robertson plot located South East of the Sonner plot.

4-4 Ray Vaughn Sonner born May 16, 1902 Strasburg, Virginia died April 25, 1904. Buried at Riverview Cemetery with his parents.

This is all of John Henry and Elizabeth Crabill Sonner's family.

4-2 ALICE ELIZABETH SONNER second child of Samuel and Catherine Hite Sonner born November 5, 1856 Strasburg, Virginia died December 6, 1931 married September 18, 1884 Henry Clay Burgess born August 31, 1847 Central Plain, Fluvanna County, Virginia died December 9, 1916 Strasburg, Virginia. Henry and Alice were married by W. E. Woolfe at Shenandoah County, Virginia. The groom was a farmer, son of Morgan and Julia Burgess. J. J. Sonner a brother of the Bride was present.
They had one son Samuel Leo Burgess. George and Alice are buried at the Riverview Cemetery, Strasburg, Virginia.

5-1 Samuel Leo Burgess born June 6, 1885 Strasburg, Virginia died September 27, 1968 married September 29, 1916 Elizabeth Alberta Armentrout born December 10, 1894 Middletown,
Virginia died at age 82 and is buried at the Riverview Cemetery Strasburg, Virginia.
They had on son Samuel Leo Jr.. Elizabeth died October 1977 at Strasburg, Virginia

4-3 JACOB GRANVILLE SONNER b. 6-26-1858 d. 6-5-1923 m. Oct. 27, 1897
Millie Woodward
Jacob was the third child of Samuel and Catherine Hite Sonner born June 29, 1858 married Millie Woodward on October 27, 1897 in Carbondale, Colorado. At the Age of 27 years Jacob started West. He first went to Missouri but after a year he purchased a ticket to Denver, Colorado. He was told by the ticket agent "Don't you know the Indians are fighting out there" but he replied, "I don't care, I am going anyway.". In Denver he boarded a stage by way of Leadville and Aspen. On August 27, 1887 he arrived in Carbondale, Colorado. He entered the employ of his cousin the late W. M. Dinkel in the General Store as a clerk and soon become Manager of the grocery and Hardware Departments. After thirty five years of ill health he resigned. He was a charter member in the Carbondale Lodge of the Woodmen of the World and also the Carbondale Masonic Lodge. He died June 5, 1923 from a stroke.
They had a daughter Gladys E. Sonner born 1898.

Feb. 24, 1891 letter from Jacob to John Sonner
Dear Brother
I will try and write you a few lines tonight. I am not very busy although I promised to write to you on my return but neglected to do it when I was idle and thought of it when I was busy. I sent the paper for the knife a few days ago it will reach you by the time of this letter. I had a nice time on my trip, but did not secure my ticket as I like to have had it go by New Orleans instead of Atlanta, Ga.
How is the boom going on? I see by the newspaper that Strasburg has west land improvement. Are you working in the new pottery shop or not. How much ware have you on hand and what kind of ware have you and what can a car load of 5000 be bought for? I do not know if it will be taken yet or not but perhaps I can dispose of a car load of 5000 ware the most of it would be jar, jug and other ware assorted. Are there a good many workmen at Strasburg now?
Well as it is getting late I will close tell father to pay my assessment in the Boone Club of money I sent him last week.
Tell John S. Bowman that February has almost gone and no shoes has come yet. What are you going to do this summer? And is Strasburg progressing as fast as can be expected. Well as it is late I will close. Write and tell me all the news.
Your Brother Jacob

Los Angles California January 29, 1923
Dear John:
I will try and answer you letter received a few days ago and glad to hear from you. I have not heard from Quint for some time. I am getting along OK, weight 119 and a half lbs and am feeling very good. I saw your Dr. M. R. Bruin, he has an office on 6th St. and on the 12th floor. He is a very pleasant man. He has been away from Strasburg for sometime.
I know a man by name of Fetzer that used to live somewhere on the river out from Toms Brook. He sells cigars and tobacco for a firm in Grand Junction, Colorado. There used to be a lot of them around Strasburg.
It is raining and I am keeping in the house today. It just poured for awhile.
I took a trip out of the city yesterday to a sale of lots but did not buy any. That's one of the big items out here selling oil stock and lots that they call potential oil lots, might be oil under them and may not be but it looks like there is oil under most this ground. Santa Springs produce 90 thousand barrels a day. They make big money. I would like to have a good flowing well but that ain't all. I won't be so lucky to have it. I rode in this city about 30 miles in an auto. I don't see how they all live and get by. I am up on 37th Street and miles of houses on each side of the street. It just looks like a big country Town. Street cars are about 150 ft. to get on them. Five or six stores up here. One movie show that has two shows in the evening. We are about four miles from the main business part of the city. Takes 20 minutes to get there. Lots of people here from Colorado from where I live at but haven't seen over a dozen of them. I expect to go home the last of February and I hope I will be well enough to do something. About all I can think of to write. Will Close.
With Love, as ever your brother J. G. Sonner

4-4 QUINTON CAMDEN SONNER fourth child of Samuel and Catherine Hite Sonner born December 9, 1860 died December 12, 1935 as a result of high blood pressure. He married Ethel Fairchild of Charlotte, North Carolina. She was from a theatrical family. She was a school teacher. They owned a store at Saluda, North Carolina, "Q. C. Sonner & Co. General Merchants". Ethel died sometime after November 23, 1947.
Children of Quinton and Ethel Fairchild Sonner:
5-1 Quinton C. Sonner Jr.
5-2 Bessie Sonner.
5-3 Eunice Sonner.
5-4 Samuel Harrison Sonner.
5-5 Fairchild Sonner

5-1 Quinton C. Sonner Jr.
Never married. Took his own life at about age 18 years after the death of his girlfriend.

5-2 Bessie Sonner
Died not long after the death of her mother. In a letter dated February 2, 1934 to Mrs. John Sonner Bessie's father states that Bessie traveled to Panama Canal to meet her husband who was located on the Pacific side of the Canal.

5-3 Eunice Sonner.
No heirs. Apparently living at home 1935.

5-4 Samuel Harrison Sonner Sr.
Anna Marie Peer
Samuel was going to school in Miami, Florida in 1935. He and his wife died young. Each of the children were raised by different aunts in New York. Anna was from New York, daughter of William Peer. Children of Samuel Harrison Sr. and Ann Peer Sonner:

5-5 Fairchild Sonner b. 1915
Fairchild visited Strasburg at the home of Mrs. John Sonner about the year 1940. He was planning an acting career. He moved to California and we never heard from him again. His mother did write to Mrs. John Sonner after that. No heirs.

5-6 Barbara Sonner
Died in infancy.

This is all of Quinton Sonner's Family.

4-5 VIRGINIA MAUDE SONNER b. May 31, 1862 d. March 7, 1863.
Virginia was the fifth child of Samuel and Catherine Hite Sonner She is buried at St. Paul's Lutheran Church Strasburg, Virginia

4-6 SAMUEL LEE SONNER b. August 7, 1864 d. September 11, 1873.
Samuel was the sixth child of Samuel and Catherine Hite Sonner Buried at St. Paul's Lutheran Church "Strasburg, Virginia.

4-7 EUGENIA ISABEL SONNER b. 9-30-1866 d. 5-29-1954 m.
Charles Atwell McCarty d. 1-31-1900 Frederick Co., VA.
Eugenia was the seventh child of Samuel and Catherine Hite Sonner. Charles and Eugenia were married April 8, 1891 by J. B. O'Reilly in Shenandoah County, Virginia. Groom was 22, a telegraph operator at Mt. Jackson, Virginia, born and residing in Rockingham County, Virginia. He was the son of Charles and Margaret McCarty. Euginia is buried at the Riverview Cemetery, Strasburg, VA.
They had three children:
5-1 Margaret Catherine McCarty
5-2 Charles Samuel McCarty
5-3 John E. McCarty

5-1 Margaret Catherine McCarty b. 1-18-1892 d. 10-1968
Joseph H. Balthis b. 11-25-1876 d. 1-17-1935
No heirs. Margaret born Harrisonburg and Joseph Luray, Virginia. She was a school teacher. David Balthis Ellicot City, Maryland is a stepson of Margaret Catherine McCarty Balthis. Margaret died at Fulton, MD..

5-2 Charles Samuel McCarty b. 4-2-1893 d. 12-14-1963.
Caroline Virginia Keller. b. 1-20-1893 d. 12-31-1990
He served three terms as Mayor of Strasburg. She worked for the Northern Virginia Daily. Caroline was born 1893 in the Central House Hotel Strasburg, Virginia. She was the daughter of Robert Lee and Annie Elizabeth Funk Keller. She retired from the Shenandoah Publishing House in Strasburg after more than 50 years of service. She was a member of St. Paul's Lutheran Church. Both buried at the Riverview Cemetery, Strasburg, Virginia.

5-3 John Edwin McCarty b. 1898 d. 1980
Lucille Thornton. b. 5-26-1903 d. 10-1985
John was born Harrisonburg, Virginia. He is buried in Riverview Cemetery in Strasburg, Virginia. They lived in Atlanta, Georgia.

4-8 KATHERINE SONNER b. Aug. 30, 1873 d. Jan 31, 1923 m. Jan 21, 1896
Walter Shirley Nicklin b. Aug. 1, 1874 d. Dec. 2 1961
Katherine was the eight child of Samuel Harrison Sonner Her birthplace is Strasburg, Virginia Walter was a Pharmacist in Alexandria, Virginia. Children of Walter and Catherine Sonner Nicklin. Walter and Katharine were married January 21, 1896 by J. S. Hopkins. The marriage took place in Shenandoah County, VA.. Groom was 22, a druggist, born in Cumberland, Maryland residing in Fauquier County, Virginia. He was the son of Jno. W. and Sarah C. Nicklin.

5-1 Russell Granville Nicklin b. 6-7-1898 d. 7-27-1971 m.
Marie Rose Fayret b. 12-26-1902 d. 12-24-1971
Russell born Upperville, Virginia and Marie Cadillac, France.

5-2 Sarah Virginia Nicklin b. 9-10-1904 d. 8-1987
John Thurman Diggs b. 4-21, 1904 d. 6-9-1957.
They were married January 18, 1928. They had two daughters and lived at Rockville, MD. Sarah is buried at the Mt. Hebron Cemetery Winchester, VA.

5-3 Walter Shirley Nicklin II b. 5-22-1914
Miriam Elizabeth Dickerson M-1 b. 1-29-1920
Myrtle Pearline Messick M-2 b. 12-10-1931 d. 10-18-1965.
Walter born Alexandria and Miriam Warrenton, Virginia. During WW II Walter served his country as a medical Doctor. He served in the China Theater and received the Bronze Service Star and the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service. He attained the rank of Captain. He lives in Warrenton, Virginia where he practiced medicine until his retirement.

3-10 Sarah Jane Sonner
Sarah was the fifth child of Jacob and Catherine Hiser Sonner never married.
She lived near Strasburg, Virginia. Sarah Jane is noted in Shenandoah County Deed Book ZZ page 491 dated August 6, 1851 deeding her interest in about 16 acres of land, in and out lotts, to her brother Samuel H. Sonner. Shenandoah County Deed Book 13 page 292 indicate that Samuel H. Sonner, committee for Sarah Jane Sonner sold 2 lots containing 14 acres, property of Sarah Jane, to John Henry Sonner. This land was located near Strasburg on Gatewood Road.

This is all of Samuel Sonner's Family History.

This information was compiled from James Knox Polk Sonner unpublished records dated 1898-9 and a book on the Sonner family published by Dr. Cecil Sonner 1980.  Some additional inforamtion was included by Calvin Sonner.
The information from the above sources is posted only throught the fifth generation.

 Calvin Sonner