Shenandoah County Mills
Grist, Chop & Saw Mills

Adams, Jackson, Saw Mill.

Adams, John, Saw Mill.

Allen, Benjamin, Mill, Mill Creek, Mt. Jackson.
"Benjamin Allen apparently acquired land at or near Mt. Jackson at an early date and built a mill there.  Thomas Lewis' journal, written in 1746, tells of running the Fairfax Line across the head of Benjamin Allen's mill creak.  Now this creek is called Mill Creek." ( from the Shenandoah Valley Herald).

Allen, Davis,  Saw Mill.

Allensworth, James.

Andrick, Joseph Jr..

Arthur, John,  Saw Mill.

Baker, Ananias.

Baker, Milton H. & Tobias B., Grist Mill,  Powell's Fort Valley,  Operating 1885.

Barb,  Adam Jr.,  Saw Mill.  Article from the January 16, 1880 issue of the Shenandoah Herald, ".... the road commencing at Rupert's gate about a mile west of Mill Creek and intersecting the road from Orkney Springs to Brock's Gap near Barb's Mill.".

Beam's, Jacob,  Mill, Cedar Creek??

Biltmire, William, Article from February 12, 1846 Shenandoah Herald, "For rent, The mill situated on Cedar Creek, formerly owned by Edward Bulger, and more recently by William Shull and occupied at this time by William Biltmire ...

Bird's, Andrew,  Mill.

Blackford, Arthur, Saw Mill.

Blauser, Jacob,  Saw Mill.

Borden's flour mill and stave mill,  Toms Brook,  Burned 1918.  Pictures of this mill have been published.
Picture of Borden's Mill at Toms Brook

Bowman, George, Mill (Breakbills Mill), ca 1753,  Cedar Creek, Near the old Valley Pike.

Bowman, Grace,  Mill, Grist & Saw, Cedar Creek (Part of operation in Warren County).  Water powered.  Little remains.

Bowman, Isaac,  Mill, (Stickley Mill) Saw Mill, Cedar Creek.  Water powered.  Near the old Valley Pike.  Some standing ruins.

Bowman, Isaac M..

Boyer's Mill, Cedar Creek.  (Frederick, Shenandoah County Border).

Boyer's Mill, ca 1850-1881, Mine Run, Fort Valley.  Passage Creek. Article from the Shenandoah Herald January 16, 1880 issue, "Petition for change of the road from Jacob McInturff's blacksmith shop to B. F. Boyer's Mill and thence to the mill road near Mine Run Mill in Powell Fort Valley.".

Boyer, B. F. Mill, ca 1877, Fort Valley.

Brewbaker, John.

Bridges, Edward.

Broomborcks, (John Brumback)   Saw Mill.

Buck, John,  Saw Mill.

Bulger's (Cunningham's) Mill, Cedar Creek.  Near Coal Mine Road. Article from February 12, 1846 Shenandoah Herald, "For rent, The mill situated on Cedar Creek, formerly owned by Edward Bulger, and more recently by William Shull and occupied at this time by William Biltmire ...

Butt, John M..

Cagy, Henry,  Saw Mill.

Calahan, ......  Steam saw mill near Mt. Jackson.

Circles Mill.  Shenandoah River.  Some remains.  North of New Market.

Clanahan, W. J., Mill, Rinkerton.

Coffman, Augustin.

Coffman, Benjamin F..

Colvin's Mill, Cedar Creek, Near Hite's Ford.

Cook, Noah   Cooks saw mill on Pugh's Run.

Copperstone, Jacob,  Saw Mill.

Coverstone, J. P., (Munch?), Mine Run Furnace,  Operating 1885.  Article from the pages of the Shenandoah Herald dated February 9, 1883, "The mill belonging to Mr. J. P. Coverstone of Powell's Fort was burned last Monday.  About 700 bushels of wheat and 100 bushels of corn were consumed.  Mr. Coverstone's loss will reach $3000.  there was no insurance.".

Crabill, David, Flour mill, Burned by Sheridan.  East of Valley Pike.  Toms Brook.
Picture of a Mill at Toms Brook

Croudson's Mill.

Cunningham, Adam, Mill.

Danner's Mill.

Downey's Saw Mill.  Stoney Creek.  Edinburg.

Edinburg Mill   Article published in the September 9, 1875 issue of the Shenandoah Herald, "Mr. Elwood P. Daniels has purchased the property known as the Edinburg Mills, including the woolen factory and water power, formerly owned by Maj. George Grandstaff.  Mr. Daniels proposes to refit the mill with new machinery, and improve the property generally.  Mr. C. C. Hollingsworth, who enjoys the reputation of being an excellent miller, will have the superintendence of the mill.".

Erb, Levi.

Farmer's Mill Co, Mt. Jackson, Mill Creek. Still standing.

Farmers Mill, North of Woodstock, Shenandoah River.  In 1832 known as Coffman's Mill. Article published in the April 25, 1883 issue of the Shenandoah Herald, "Public sale of valuable property known as Farmer's Mill situated five miles east of Woodstock on the river consisting of a large frame mill, brick dwelling house and 25 acres of land, r acres cleared, the rest in timber.  S. A. Shaver.".

Fisher, David C..

Fisher, N. J.,  Grist Mill,   Now Tumbling Run (Earlier, Funks Mill Run.)  John Funk Mill earlier.   Water powered.  Little remains. Operating 1885.  A dam was built upstream during the early 1900s and the mill was used to generate electricity.  A large pipe was used to convey water from the dam to the mill at that time.  The dam is still standing.  Fishers Hill.  Mill apparently taken down after it's use for electrical generation no longer practical ca 1930s. Corrected   Article from Shenandoah Herald dated January 4, 1872, "First Class merchant mill, a fine large brick dwelling, a classic far, the celebrated Fisher's Hill Estate, ......proceeds to sell 226 acres which David Fisher died seized, and a tract of 68 acres adjoining the same being property of which Anna, the wife of David Fisher died seized ... lies on the Valley Turnpike about two miles south of Strasburg.  It is well watered by springs and by Tumbling run which pass through it and embraces Fisher's Hill.".

Foltz, Joshua, Sr.,  Saw Mill.

Forestville Mill.
Picture of Forestville Mill

Forrer, Samuel,  Saw Mill.

Forrer, Christian,  Saw Mill.

Funks, Justice,  Grist Mill, Strasburg Town Run.  Located south of Strasburg, ca 1740s.  Water powered. Little remains.

Funk, Henry,  Mill, Cedar Creek.

Funk, John,  Mill, Funks Mill Run, (Now Tumbling Run), Fisher's Hill.  Located near the Valley Pike, (Philadelphia Road) ca 1743.    Water powered. (See Fisher, N. J. above).   From the Shenandoah Herald January 28, 1892,  "The old stone mill situated on the creek at the foot of Fishers Hill about two miles south of Strasburg, was totally destroyed by fire on Friday morning.  The property belonged, we are told, to Mr. Samuel Fisher and the loss is partially covered by insurance.".

Fulling Mill, Toms Brook.
Picture of a Mill at Toms Brook

George, John.

Gill & Company   Article from the Shenandoah Valley Herald July 25, 1867, We are gratified to learn that Gill & Co. have got the steam saw mill in operation on Narrow Passage Creek.

Gill & McInturff  Article from the Shenandoah Herald dated July 9, 1868, "The bone mill on Pugh's Run is in full operation pounding, smashing and reducing to powder any quantity of old bones, gathered from the old camps and battlefields in the county.  The proprietor Gill & McInturff are preparing a large quantity of phosphate for the wheat crops.".

Glick's Mill  Article from the Shenandoah Herald dated July 9, 1868, "..............Late in the evening, having passed through Massanutten Gap and arrived on the bank of what is now called Smith creek, they encamped for the night, in a bend of the stream where Glick's Mill Stand now.".

Grandstaff, George, Mill, (George W. Ring).  Stoney Creek.  Standing in good condition.  Built 1848.  Edinburg. Article from Shenandoah Herald, August 30, 1849, "Edinburg Mills just completed exchange flour for wheat, two pairs of burrs running all the time.  Stony Creek affords a permanent and efficient supply of water, George Grandstaff.  Article in the April 17, 1878 Shenandoah Herald reads, "The Grandstaff Mill in Edinburg was rented at a public renting on last Monday to Mr. William Wightman at $501 per year.".

Golladay, Samuel.

Guiselman's Mill  Article from the Shenandoah Herald February 13, 1878 issue reads, "a bridge to be built across Cedar Creek near Guiselman's Mill.  One half of the cost is to be paid by Frederick and the other half by Shenandoah county.".  Article from the Shenandoah Herald dated June 11, 1879 reads, "The mill known as Geiselman's mill on cedar creek near the old forge was burned last Thursday.:.

Hanbaugh's Mill.

Hamman, George M..

Harmon's Mill, ca 1820, Near Joppa, Fort Valley.

Helsley, Peter Mill, Swover Creek, Saw mill. Near St. Jacob's Church, south of Conicville.

Hites Mill, Cedar Creek, Near Hite's Ford.  (Frederick, Shenandoah County Border).

Hottle, A. S.   Article from the Shenandoah Herald dated November 23, 1871, "On application of A. S. Hottle, .......and others for changing the road leading from the Valley turnpike to A. S. Hottle's Mill at a point near Bushong's big spring on Toms Brook, through the lands of John Jacob and Isaac Bushong.".

Hottel, Eli. Article from the Shenandoah Herald, "The saw mill belonging to Mr. Eli Hottle situated on Narrow Passage Creek near Green Hill was burned on Wednesday night.  The paper was dated February 20, 1868.

Hottel, Elias.

Hottel, Henry. Article from the Shenandoah Valley Herald February 7, 1867, The rains and warm winds together with the thawing of heavy snow caused a sudden rise in the river.  The ice upon the mill dams was sufficient thickness and solidity to bear heavily laden wagons ... probably half of it being carried away.  We understand that the dam at Mr. Henry Hottel's Mill was badly damaged, great slabs of thick ice from 10 to 20 feet in width would be thrown perpendicularly.

Hottel, Joseph.

Hottel's Mill, Toms Brook.
Picture of a Mill at Toms Brook

Hottel's Mill, Cedar Creek and Meadow Brook.  (Frederick, Shenandoah County Border).

Hottel, William A..

Hottle, Andrew.

Hottle, Joseph.

Hottle, Luther, Grist Mill, Toms Brook,  Operating 1885.
Picture of a Mill at Toms Brook

Hottle, Nathaniel.

Hottle and Painters Mill.

Hottel, Smith & Co., Grist Mill,  Woodstock,  Operating 1885.   Article from the Shenandoah Herald May 3, 1882 issue, "Hottel, Smith & company are putting up the poles for their telephone line from their warehouse in Woodstock to their mill on the river.  Flour, brand and etc. will then be ordered by telephone and will be delivered by Mr. Sine's express line.".

Hottle, Wm. H., Grist Mill,  Woodstock,  Operating 1885.

Huddle, Henry,  Grist Mill, Stony Creek.

Huddleson, ......  Article from the Shenandoah Valley Herald January 24, 1867, We have already referred to the fact that the county court has made an order requiring the road leading from Woodstock to Powell's Fort by way of Mr. Huddleson's mill to be so changed in its present location as to make it passable for wagons and other vehicles.  Article from the same, dated February 9, 1871, "...... to examine the road leading from Huddleson Mill to the Cross Roads in the Fort as far as the top of the mountain and report upon the expediency of altering the grade or establishing a new road between said points.".

Humberts Mill.

Hutchinson, Joseph F..

Keller, Jacob,  Saw Mill.

Keller's W.. M.,  Mill.

Keller Mill (Baker's Mill) (Robinson's Roller Mill), ca 1810, Fort Valley.

Keller Mill  Article from Shenandoah Herald dated July 9, 1868, "Private sale of land in Powell's Fort Valley ... farm of 197 acres, one half mile from Cross roads, watered by a running stream ... the farm was lately owned by Dr. Keller, deceased.  There has been a merchant mill known as the Keller Mill for the last 40 years.".

Kendal, Carthage, Saw Mill.

Knicely Mill, (McInturff Mill) (Clem Mill), ca 1820, Fort Valley.

Koontz Mill  An Article from the February 13, 1878 issue of the Shenandoah Herald reads, "a petition of William A. Lambert and others for road from David Sheets's on the Koontz Mill Road to Hoover's land was filed.".

Kronk, James K..

Lantz Mill, Stony Creek, West of Edinburg.

Link's Mill, (Site of Zane's, Wisecarver's, Brill's Mill) Cedar Creek.  Near Back Road.  (Frederick, Shenandoah County Border).

Lindamond, T. A. Mill.  1827.  Good condition.  (Arbogast).  Grist & Saw.  Southwest of New Market near Shenandoah River.  Spring water supplied.

Maloney's Mill, Cedar Creek, West of Old Factory Road.

Mainor, B. G., New Market,  Operating 1885.

Manor's Mill, North fork, Shenandoah River.
"The large flour mills, generally known as Manor's Mill, situated on the north fork of the Shenandoah River, owned and operated by the Riverdale Mills, Inc. were destroyed by fire early March 26 (1926).  The damage done stands between $50,000 and $55,000, partially covered by insurance.  The mill had reached a capacity of 200 barrels of flour per 24 hours." (from the Shenandoah Herald).

Maphis, .....  From the January 24, 1867 Shenandoah Valley Herald, We understand that Mr. D. R. Clem has just erected one of his unrivalled Little Giant water wheels at Mr. Maphis' mill near Red Banks and that it is a complete success as the one put up for Mr. H. Hottel near this place (Woodstock).

Maphis Mill  Article from the Shenandoah Herald dated July 9, 1868, "Messrs. Trout and Grabill & Co., Real Estate agents at this place sold the property known as Maphis Mill, a merchant mill with 28 acres of land, two and a half miles from this place (Woodstock) to Mr. S. Summery of Fulton county, Pa. for $4000.".  Article from the Shenandoah Herald dated June 21, 1882, "Proposal are invited for the building of an arched bridge of one span across Mill Creek at Maphis's Mill near Mt. Jackson about 100 feet in length, 16 feet in width and about 14 feet high, to be enclosed and covered.".

Maphis, Joseph.

Maphis Mill, Mill Creek, Mt. Jackson, Destroyed by fire.
"Two large flour mills located at Mt. Jackson were powered by water from Mill Creek.  These were Triplett's mill and Maphis' Mill.  Just above Maphis' Mill was a carding mill, and about a mile above the carding mill was the Rinker mill." (from the Shenandoah Valley Herald).

Mathew's (Timberlake's & Maslin's) Mill, Cedar Creek, (Frederick, Shenandoah County Border).

Mauck, John,  Mill, East of the Valley Pike, Included a grist Mill, sawmill, woolen mill and tan yard,  Included a dam.  Toms Brook.
Picture of a Mill at Toms Brook

Mauck, Robert, Grist Mill, Little Hawksbill Creek.

McInturff, Addison.

McInturff, John, Sawmill, ca 1848, Fort Valley.  Near the residence of John Coverstone.

McKay, Enos, Grist Mill, Big Hawksbill.

Meem's Mill   Near Rude's Hill.

Mine Run Mill   Powell's Fort Valley.

Moore, Joseph, (George), Moore's Store.

Moore, John, Mill Creek, Five miles west of it's confluence with the North Fork of the Shenandoah River.  Located on the South bank.  Some remnants.  Chopping mill stood on opposite bank of Mill Creek.  Undershot water wheel.  Later operated by Peter Swartz.

Morgans, John,  Mill.

Mowery, George.  Forestville.   Also called the Forestville Mill.
"George Mowery bought the land and the mill in 1817.  Mr. Zirkle evidently built the mill soon after he came to Forestville but some claim Mr. Mowery rebuilt it.  As of 1925, the mill was still used for making flour and doing grinding.  In 1831 the 44 acres and the mill were sold to Jacob Bowers and Michael Neese and two years later Mr. Bowers became sole owner" (from the pages of the Shenandoah Herald).
Picture of Mowery Mill

Mt. Airy Mills.  Shenandoah River.  South of Mt. Jackson.

Munch, Peter, Mill,  Mine Run, ca 1790, sold to Coverstone ca 1810.  Powell's Fort Valley (Massanutten Valley).

Munche's  Mill,  ca 1812, Passage Creek, Fort Valley. (probably a variation of the spelling of Munch).

Nazelrode Mill  Located on Stony Creek.

Neff's Mill.  Grist Mill.  Saw Mill.  Little remains.  Shenandoah River.  Shown 1832.  South of Mt. Jackson.  Article from the January 30, 1878 Shenandoah Herald reads, "......The construction of a bridge across the North Fork of the Shenandoah river near Neff's Mill.".

Neff, Samuel.

Paddy's Mill, Paddy's Mill Run, Cedar Creek Valley.

Painter, Lemuel.

Painter's Mill. Article from the Shenandoah Herald dated September 14, 1871, "...... a new road from a point in the road leading from M. Keller's Mill to Hottle and Painter's Mill near William Copp's house, thence running along the ridge through said Copp's land to and through John Maphis and to the Valley Pike.".  An article from the February 20, 1878 Shenandoah Herald reads, "......praying the court to declare and establish that portion of the river from the point known as the mouth of Pugh's Run at Hottle & Painter's Mill below.....".

Pelton Mill, Fort Valley.

Pence's, Henry,  Mill, Little Hawksbill.

Pennywitt, John, Mill Creek, West of Near Mt. Jackson near Rinkerton.

Pifer, Levi P..

Pitman, Lawrence, Red Banks Mill, Near Old Valley Pike south of Edinburg on Shenandoah River.  No remains.  (Kagley & Miller Grist & Saw Mill 1885).

Ridings, Jacob P..

Rinkerton Mill  Article for the pages of the Shenandoah Herald dated September 29, 1882, "Samuel P. Lonas, Rinkerton has recently leased the Rinkerton Mills in connection with the storehouse.  William Clanahan, an experienced miller will have charge of it.".

Rinkers Mill, Mill Creek, Grist and Saw, Rinkerton

Riverdale Mill, (see Manor Mill).

Rinkers Mill, Shenandoah River, Mt. Jackson.
"The Rinker Mill also ground feed and flour and had an adjacent sawmill.  Behind Vehrencamp's (in present-day Mt. Jackson) Tom Moore had a cabinet shop powered by the Shenandoah River.  Mr. Moore's water wheel was unique in that it ran under the water in a horizontal plane rather than in the overhead, vertical manner of most water wheels." (from the pages of the Shenandoah Valley Herald).

Road, Joseph,  Mill.

Rogers, A. J.,  Grist & Saw mill, Cedar Creek.

Runker's Mill.  Shenandoah River.  No remains.  Mt. Jackson..

Sheetz, Jacob,  Grist Mill, Narrow Passage Creek, South of Woodstock,
The Shenandoah Valley Herald published March 11, 1998, a picture of the site of the Sheetz Mill.  The caption reads, "......Sheetz mill stood on Narrow Passage Creek three miles west of Woodstock.  The cornerstone reads "built by J. Sheetz, Sept. 28, 1811."  It escaped being burned during the Civil War.  It was a water powered grist mill .......  Only a part of the stone foundation is remaining today off the Sheetz Mill Road.  ......".

Shenandoah Farmers Mill.  Article from Shenandoah Herald July 28, 1882, "The Shenandoah Farmers Mills at Mt. Jackson are now being run by the combined power of water and steam, operating jointly on the one drive wheel.  These mills have just finished the crop making a run of 30,000 bushels.  A stave and heading factory has also been erected on the Mill property just opposite the mill, west of the Valley Pike, which is driven by the steam power of the mills.

Shuk's, Jabetz, Cedar Creek.

Shull, William, Article from February 12, 1846 Shenandoah Herald, "For rent, The mill situated on Cedar Creek, formerly owned by Edward Bulger, and more recently by William Shull and occupied at this time by William Biltmire ...

Sigler,....  Saw mill

Sinks Mill.

Smith's (Cedar Grove) Mill, Cedar Creek.  (Frederick, Shenandoah County Border).

Smooker's Mill.  Toms Brook Run,  1831 - .......   East of Toms Brook.
Picture of a Mill at Toms Brook

Smootz, Jacob.

Smoot, T. A. Mill,  Alonzaville,  Operating 1885.

Smootz, W. D., Grist & Saw Mill, Tumbling Run, Fishers Hill. Operating 1985.

Snapp's, Jacob,  Mill, near Zanes' Road, Cedar Creek.

Snapp, Lawrence,  Mill, Tumbling Run.

Sonner, Philip Peter, Fisher's Hill.

Sonafrank, Abraham,  Saw Mill.

Spangler, Anthony,  Mill, Grist Mill, Cedar Spring Run,  Strasburg, Route 11 South of Strasburg, Built 1797.  Water powered.  Standing in good repair. Artz Mill.  This mill, it is written, survived the Civil War because the Union Troop used it to mill grain for their use.
Picture of Spangler Mill

Spengler, Peter A.

Stickley, P. B.,  Saw & Grist Mill, Shenandoah River, Water powered.  Three miles south of Strasburg,  Operating 1885.

Stoner, Abraham Mill, (Kellers Mill) Funks Mill Run (Tumbling Run), Also included a U.S. Post Office at one time.  Dam was destroyed by flood about 1936.  Mill was then converted to electric power.  Fishers Hill, Virginia.  Article from the January 16, 1880 Shenandoah Herald reads, "Private sale of real estate.  My farm situated three miles west of Strasburg consisting of 27 acres with undivided half of the mill known as Stoner's Mill.  It is improved with a brick house and good out buildings.  Levi Pifer, Strasburg.".  Article from the Shenandoah Herald February 22, 1882, "Tumbling run enterprise.  Messrs. Funk, Ramey & Company are now building a large commodious department and store room.  Two large merchants mills, two sawmill, one chopping mill, one cider mill and tannery are sufficient to give Tumbling Run a start.".
Picture of Stoner, Keller Mill

Stonewall Mill, 1830-1935  Shenandoah River north of Woodstock.  Pictures of the standing mill have been published.
"At Stonewall dam just north of Woodstock where Pugh's Run enters the Shenandoah River stood the old Stonewall mill.  The mill toady is little more than a stone foundation.  It is gone, lost to time, and the roof has fallen into the mill race." (from the Shenandoah Valley Herald).
Picture of the remains of Stonewall Mill
Picture of Stonewall Mill

Stover, John, Mill, Shenandoah River.  Water powered.  Some walls partially standing.  North of Woodstock at Pugh's Run.

 Swartz, Jacob H..

Swartz, Phillip.

Thomas Mill.

Triplett Mill, Mill Creek, Mt. Jackson.
"Two large flour mills located at Mt. Jackson were powered by water from Mill Creek.  These were Triplett's mill and Maphis' Mill.  Just above Maphis' Mill was a carding mill, and about a mile above the carding mill was the Rinker mill." (from the Shenandoah Valley Herald).

Triplett, J. I., Valley Star Flour Mill,  East of Woodstock on Shenandoah River,  Operating 1903.

Valentine, John,  Saw Mill,  Grist Mill.

Varner, Philip,  Saw Mill,  Grist Mill.

Veach (Veache) Bone Mill, ca 1871, Fort Valley.  Article from the October 15, 1874 issue of the Shenandoah Herald, "The bone mill recently erected by Mr. Levi Veach of Powell's Fort is now in operation, turning out large quantities of pure bone dust.".

Vincent, Joseph F. Edinburg,  Operating 1885.

Vincent, Joseph W..

Voltz, Joshua,  Mill, Cedar Creek??

Wakeman, Jonas & Morgan  Article from the Shenandoah Herald dated January 16, 1873, ".......Tract of land lying in Powell's Fort containing 12 acres, a grist and saw mill ... conveyed to said Jonas and Morgan Wakeman by David Clem and wife.".

Wakeman's Mill, Shenandoah River.

Weaver's Mill.

Wegman's Mill, Shenandoah River.

Willis, Hiram.

Wissen, Edward B.

Wissen, Isaac

Whissen's Mill, Stony Creek.  Last used as a electric power plant.  Destroyed by fire 1913.  Little remains.  Edinburg.  Pictures of this mill have been published.
 Picture of Whissen's Mill at Edinburg

Whitmier, Christian.

Whitmier, Levi.

Wittington's Mill, Cedar Creek, Cedar Creek Valley.

Zirkles, Andrew,  Mill, Forestville.
Sold to George Mowery 1817.
Picture of Zirkles Mill

Zirkles Mill.  Shenandoah River.  Listed 1832.  Saw & Grist.  (Manors Mill)  Used as a electric power plant early 1900s.  Burned 1928.  Some remains.  West of New Market.

 ______________ Chop & Saw Mill, Fisher's Hill, Tumbling Run.

______________ Grist Mill, Edinburg, Stony Creek.

______________ Grist Mill, Forestville, Holman's Creek.

Trying to compile a list of Grist and Saw mill that operated in Shenandoah County
Any contributions of data would be appreciated.

This data is taken from various sources that cover a period from about 1800-1885.  While a great number of mills are not noted, some may be mentioned more than once because they passed down through a number of owners.
 Updated March 10, 1999