Johan Philip Sonner 


Land Grants

Grant number 1 is located mostly East of the Back Road and mostly North of Brubaker Road West of Strasburg, Virginia. Parts of his house still stands on this property. 

The Right Honorable Thomas Lord Fairfax Baron of Common in that Part of Great Britain called Scotland Proprietor of The Northern Neck of Virginia. To all to whom this Present Writing Shall come sends Greeting. Know ye that for good cause for and in Consideration of the Composition to one paid and for the annual Rent herein after reserved, I have given, granted and confirmed and by these Presents for me my Heirs and Assigns do give, grant and confirm unto Philip Sonner, Michael Feezel and Bostian Feezel of Frederick County, a Certain Tract of Waste and Ungranted Land on the Branches of Funk's Mill Run a Branch of and on the West Side of the North river of Shannandoah in the said County and bounded as by a Survey thereof made by Robert Ruterford, Beginning at a Locust and White Oak Sapling, Corner to the Land Surveyed for John Tory and running with his lines as follows, S 70 W One Hundred and Twenty four Poles to a Hickory and Gum on a Ridge, Then N 70 W crossing a Branch Ninety two Poles in Tory's Line at a Parcel of Stones put together by a Covered Hickory and White Oak, Then S 29 W Eighty Poles to two White Oak and a Red Oak corner to Frederick Ox's Survey, Then with Ox's Lines as follows, S 61 E One Hundred and sixteen Poles to two White Oaks one of them blazed, then S 29 W Fourteen Poles to two White Oaks, Then S 61 E Seventy nine Poles to sundry small Saplings by a large White Oak Ox's Corner Then S 70 E One Hundred and forty poles to Three Red Oaks by a Sink Hole, Then N 30 E Sixty Poles to three White Oaks, Then S 60 E Seventy five Poles to four young White Oaks, several Trees in this last mentioned Line are blazed, Then N 30 E Fifty Poles to the Line of George Dellinger's Survey by two Red Oaks, Then with his Line as follows, N 35 W Twenty five poles to a White Oak, Then N 55 E one Hundred and eighty Poles in Dellinger's Line at a White Oak Corner to Henry Pifer's Survey, Then with his Line N 35 W Thirty eight Poles to his Corner two White Oaks and then S 26 W Two Hundred and forty Poles to the Beginning Containing Five Hundred and Seventy Four Acres, Together with all rights M .... and appurtenances Thereunto belonging, Royal Mines excepted and a full third Part of all Lead, Copper, Tin, Coals, Iron Mine and Iron Ore that shall be found thereon, To have and to hold the said Five Hundred and twenty four Acres of Land together with all Rights, Profits and Benefits to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining, Except before excepted, To Them the said Philip Sonner, Michael Feezel and Bostian Feezel, their Heirs and Assigns Forever, They the said Philip Sonner, Michael Feezel and Bostain Feezel their Heirs and Assigns therefore Yielding and paying to me, my Heirs or Assigns, or to the certain attorney or attornies, agent or Agents or to the Certain Attorney, or Attorneys of my Heirs or Assigns, Proprietor of the said Northern Neck, yearly and every year on The Feast Day of St. Michael the Archangel The rent of One Shilling, Sterling Money for every Fifty Acres of land hereby granted and so proportionate for greater or lesser Quantity, Provided that if the said Philip Sonner, Michael Feezel and Bostian Feezel, their Heirs and Assigns shall not pay the said reserved annual Rent as aforesaid so that the same or any Part thereof shall be behind and unpaid by the space of Two whole Years after the same shall become due, I legally demand that then it shall and may be lawful for me, my Heir or Assigns, Proprietors, as afore said my or their Certain Attorney or Attorneys agent or agents into the above granted premises to reenter and hold the same as if this Grant had never passed, Given at my Office in the County of Frederick Under my Hand and Seal, Dated the 15th Day of July AD 1766, Philip Sonner, Mich. Feezel & Bost. Feezel their Deed for 524 Acres in Frederick.


    Information on the land grants

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Land Grant #1

Land Grant #2

Land Grant #3

Land Grant #4

Grants two, three and four were located just west of Woodstock Virginia


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