Historical Data Strasburg Methodist Episcopal Church, South

Strasburg, VA., September 19, 1908

To the Members and Former Members of the Strasburg Methodist
Episcopal Church, South;

It has been decided to have a "reunion" of the MEN of our church
and all men that were former members and any friends that they
may wish to bring with them.  

The date is "Dedication Day," October 4th, 1808 (1908) Sunday
morning at 8:30 o'clock.

This meeting will be in the form of a prayer and testimony
service, to give our absent and former members an opportunity to
speak, as some will be desirous to tell of their early
experience and associations with our church.  The home members,
old and young, will be given an opportunity to take part.

This will be one of the best meetings of the day, as we expect
to have with us members from a distance that have not met with
us for many years.

There is not a member or a friend of our church that will object
to coming, for we should be proud of our new House of Worship,
and make October 4, 1908, a great day in the history of
Strasburg Methodism.

Don't forget the hour.  Let us assemble promptly at this early
morning service as we will need the full time.

STRASUBRG, VA., October 9, 1908. DEAR FRIEND: We are sure you are happy over the results of our Dedication Day at the Methodist Church on October 4. The pastor and officer of the Church are especially appreciative of your manifest interest in so cheerfully pledging $2.50 in order that the entire debt should be wiped out. By some oversight we failed to announce to whom you pledge payable. Any of the Stewards of the Church, the pastor or the Church Treasurer will be glad to receive the amount and give receipt. While the privilege of 90 days is allowed for the payment of your pledge, it is hoped that you can find it possible to attend to it before November 1, as we are anxious to stop interest on our note of $1,500 at that time. if you do not find it convenient to pay all at this time a part will be gratefully received. Very sincerely, C. D. BROWN H. C. BURGESS, W. H. BAKER, C. E. BUSH, W. F. LICHLITER Board of Stewards. C. M. Chiles, Treasurer. 

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