Hamman &
Bly Cemetery

Location: Located on the property of Obed Brill formerly the Luther P. Orndorff Farm about one and a half miles West of fishers Hill, Virginia on State road 601. There is a large chimney in the field and the cemetery is on the hill above the chimney. There are six identified graves and at least six unidentified ones. Routes 601 and 643.
1.  John Hamman born Feb. 15, 1787 and died Oct. 2, 1832

2.  William Bly born July 14, 1810 died Apr. 24, 1863

3.  Susanna Bly (nee Hamman daughter of John) born Sept. 26,
     1816 died Aug. 25, 1891 wife of William Bly

4.  Bessie Bly daughter of P. P. and Lydia M. Bly died Sept. 2,
     1892 (She was granddaughter of Wm. and Susanna Bly.  Was
     born May 1888)

5.  Hattie Bly daughter of P. P. and Lydia M. Bly died Nov. 20,
     1883 (she was born Dec. 10, 1880.)

6.  Anthony Bly born July 11, 1853 died Mar 1, 1886 (youngest
     son of William and Susanna Bly)

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