September 10, 1891


Strasburg Virginian and News;  Philip Weatherall is the name worthily carried for 61 years by its owner, who is a respectable colored barber in this place.  In the year 1863, he had a sister sold by a Mr. Ripley of Red Banks in this county, to a Mr. Cook, of Washington, D. C.  this sister eloped with the man she married and obtained her freedom by getting into Canada and there all trace was lost of her to her brother.  Thirty eight years had elapsed when by mere accident, Philip learned a couple of months ago that his sister was at Chambersburg, Pa., and determined that he would visit her there.  This he did last week and the reunion was naturally a happy one.  Time had made many changes in both, naturally, and neither recognized the other, but the joy of the brother in again meeting with his favorite sister after this long lapse of years may be imagined.  Philip’s sister returned to the State a few years ago; is now a widow in comfortable circumstances, and is respected by those who know her in Chambersburg.  She will be remembered by some of the readers of this paper in this county.