Riverview Cemetery

Compiled 1997

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Located South Holiday Street, Strasburg, Virginia 

It appears that a cemetery existed on this property prior to acquisition by the Riverview Cemetery Corporation April 4, 1898. There however was no mention of this early cemetery in prior deeds researched but many tombstones stood at the site.

On April 4, 1898 Benjamin F. Richard conveyed to the Riverview Cemetery Corporation five and three quarter acres, reference Shenandoah County Deed Book 48, page 354.

On September 22, 1933 Benjamin F. Richard conveyed an additional two and one half acres to the Riverview Cemetery Corporation, reference Deed Book 112, page 459.

Benjamin F. Richard purchased a larger tract of which the cemetery was a part from George Miller, twenty nine acres and J. W. Eberly, forty seven acres, Deed Book 170, page 313.

The Riverview Cemetery was platted 1899.

The Cemetery that existed on this site prior to Riverview appears to have covered a area greater than one acre. Some of the early stone are dated early as 1835. Some of these older stones were moved from the Sandy Hook cemeteries and perhaps other outlying areas.

Reference "The American Lineages of the Veach and Stover Families, Compiled by Robert Spangler Veach, 1913. He makes a reference to what must be the older cemetery. "Peter was a quiet, unpretentious old German with the national characteristic of a great perseverance. He knew no failure. He was a philanthropist, having endowed the community with land and funds for building a schools, etc. As far as the writer has been able to ascertain, the exact location of his grave is unknown. Before Riverview Cemetery was established the writer (was told his grave) used to have a small bunch of trees which stood on top of the hill (This site was) pointed out to him as being over the resting place of several or the early Stovers. There is nothing there now to mark the place. In fact, other graves appear to have been dug upon the spot. Peter Stover, benefactor of civilization, Christianity and humanity; the progenitor of a race of warriors, statesmen and citizens of the first rank; the man of all men whose memory should be honored by the people of Strasburg--rests in a desecrated grave!" "Peter's will was probated September 10, 1799, and he evidently died in this year, far advanced in age."

It would appear from the above article that due care was not taken to in order preserves the final resting places of early citizens buried prior to Riverview Cemetery acquisition, That even the Founder of Strasburg lost his burial site in this shuffle.

The Riverview Cemetery is the largest Cemetery in the environs of Strasburg. It likely contains several thousand tombstones and about five thousand inscriptions. 

Combined Inscription Listing for Entire Cemetery

Part One, Riverview Cemetery Inscription Listings, Northern Portion of the Cemetery
Part Two, Riverview Cemetery Inscription Listings, Upper Oval
Part Three, Riverview Cemetery Inscription Listings, Back or Eastern Portion of the Cemetery
Part Four, Riverview Cemetery Inscription Listings, Area between the Upper and Lower Oval
Part Five, Riverview Cemetery Inscription Listings, Lower Oval
Part Six, Riverview Cemetery Inscription Listings, Portion South of the Lower Oval