Pitman - Keller Cemetery

Located off Route 622 at Winter Hill Farm. Owners Harry L. and Ray Brumback. Frederick County, Virginia. Pitman - Keller cemetery data furnished by Mrs. Jeanette Ritenour of Fort Valley, Virginia.
Jonathan Pitman b. 20 August 1783 died 28 October 1829

Mary A. Hoover Pitman b. 1 January 1784 died 20 December 1853 wife John Pitman, no data
Emma Pitman, no data
Henry Pitman, no data
Amos Pitman b. 29 March 1811 died 29 May 1841
Salome M. Pitman b. 26 September 1816 died 28 December 1861 daughter of Jonathan and Mary A. Hoover Pitman wife of Japheth Keller Philip Pitman d. 13 May 1852, no tombstone
Catherine Pitman buried 4 January 1861, no tombstone
Solomon Pitman buried 7 July 1864, no tombstone
Jacob Pitman d. 28 October 1866, no tombstone.

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