Strasburg Museum
440 East King Street
Strasburg, Virginia 22657

Open May 1st - October 31st

10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Daily

The structure was built ca 1890 and began operation 16 February 1891 as a steam Pottery.  The Strasburg Steam Pottery was also known as the Strasburg Stone and Earthenware Manufacturing Company.  Dr. Granville A. Brown, a Strasburg resident, was instrumental in the creation of this company.  The building is sixty by one hundred and ten and is of brick construction, two stories in height and has a slate roof.  It operated as a pottery for a period of six years.  Many of the Strasburg area independent potters became employees of the company.  The Steam Pottery was constructed at the end of the period for the demand of pottery wares.  Pottery for storing food was being replaced by the glass jar.  Most independent Strasburg area potters marked their wares but none of the pottery manufactured in the steam pottery is known to have been marked.   Picture of Strasburg Steam Pottery

David Milton Crabill of Toms Brook Virginia was the contractor for the project.  Mr. Crabill also built the nearby "Horse Shoe Factory".  The pottery was constructed during the "boom" period which took place during the 1890s.  The Town was re-subdivided during that time by the Strasburg Land Improvement Company.  The larger lots created by Peter Stover, the founder of Strasburg, and depicted in the plat of the town in the 1783 plat by Alexander Hite were divided into much small parcels.  The five acre "commons" lots were divided into many lots 100 by 125 feet in size.   Strasburg Land and Improvement Company

The building became a railroad depot for the Southern Railway 1913.  It was used as a depot until the early 1960s.  It was converted and used as a museum, opening as such July 5, 1970.  The property was first leased, but title was later acquired to the property.  Picture of the railroad station in operation.  A list of the railroad workers from Strasburg area who worked for the Manassas Gap, Southern and B&O 1854-1998

The Stark Car-Coupler Corporation was located at Strasburg, Virginia in the early 1900s.

Picture of the Winchester and Strasburg Railroad Depot located on Capon Road Strasburg built ca. 1880.

Virginia Cadden Pottery Room

J. Eberly & Company was still advertising his pottery in the 1905 Strasburg News.  He then called it "Art Pottery". 

Pottery agreement dated 1865 between Samuel H. Sonner, James M. Bly and James M. Shinnick.

List of Strasburg Area Potters From Museum Display.

Stamps Used by Strasburg Area Potters.

Buildings associated with the Strasburg Pottery trade.

Picture of the Museum's Railroad Caboose.

Strasburg Post Office Information.

Some unusual items on display at the Strasburg Museum.

Old Bibles on display at the Strasburg Museum.

Gift Shop at the Strasburg Museum.

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Strasburg Museum Mirror Site

The following are pictures of the exterior and interior of the building taken 1996. 

Strasburg Museum Exterior 

 Interior of Strasburg Museum
 Strasburg Pottery in Background.  Some of these items may have been manufactured here.

Interior of Strasburg Museum

 Interior of Strasburg Museum

A painting related to pottery production

Interior of Strasburg Museum

Some Old Pictures Displayed in the Museum

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