United Methodist Church

West Queen Street

Strasburg, Virginia 22657


Washington Carter (1st Pastor)              1868-1870   

J. E. Peterkin                                              1913-

H. A. Parker                                               1923- 1923

C. E. Smallwood   

D. M. Pleasants                                           1928-1903

R. A. Griffin                                                1930-1940

J. W. Carrol                                                1941-1942

C. L. Davis                                                   1942-1946

S. K. Murray                                               1948-1951

O. D. Carr                                                   1951-1955

N. P. Perry                                                  1955-1956

R. W. Sharperson                                       1956-1957

J. S. Ford                                                     1957-1958

A. M. Erwin                                                1958-1962

E. G. Wiggins                                              1962-1966

H. W. Hall, III                                             1966-1970

Clyde Nuckols                                             1970-1974

J. M. Hanke                                                 1974-1978

Vergil Davis                                                1978-1979

Daniel Garrett                                            1979-1982

Michael Browder                                       1982-1986

A. R. Knotts, Jr.                                          1986-1988   

Howard Wilson                                           1988-1991

Howard M. Wilson & R. R. Bowen          1988-1989

Howard M. Wilson & Ralph Crabill        1989-1990

Howard M. Wilson & Minnie Davis         1990-1991

William Erbach, Sr.                                   1991-1992

Doris V. Byrd                                              1992-1999

Lucy Jackson-Huges                                  1999-Present


According to the history written by the late Phillip Thompson, father of Harold Thompson, Mr. Zion was erected on this site, the west end of Queen Street during 1869 to 1870. 

The original trustees were

Philip Witherall

Obed Byrd

Joseph Nickens

Reuben Brown

Charles Thompson.

Charles H. Thompson purchased the lot that this building stands on from Hugh Beaver and wife for the purpose of building a dwelling for his mother.  Later she decided to move south to live with her two sons and two daughters who were in Mississippi.  She sold the lot to the Trustees of Mt. Zion M. E. Church.  The church today is actually the old log cabin that was located out beyond the Fisher Hill neighborhood, which was torn down and brought to this site on rollers.  Although the exact date is not known, we do know that it was sometime between 1869 and 1870.


Information taken from a pamphlet titled, "132nd Church Anniversary, Saturday, May 17, 2003".

Posted by Calvin Sonner