Monthly Bulletin

St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church

Strasburg, Virginia

The Rev. F. B. Lingle, Pastor Residence 116 High Street Telephone: 62

Church Directory

January 7, 1945

The Council:  Rev. F. B. Lingle, Chairman; H. L. Hottel,
Honorary Member; E. E. Keister, Vice-Chairman; E. M. Funk,
Secretary; W. C. Wilkins, Treasurer; R. H. Baker, J. F. Boehm,
C. Alvin Brill, C. E. Chandler, Frank Crabill, J. W. Hottel, Dr.
C. S. Grove, Prof. R. Brown Jenkins and Harland Miller.

The Trustees:  E. M. Funk, H. L. Hottel and E. E. Keister.

Church Treasurer:  W. C. Wilkins.

The Finance Committee:  C. Alvin Brill, W. C. Wilkins, J. F.
Boehm and Frank Crabill.

Committee on Church Property:  Harland Miller, H. M. Sonner and
P. E. Funkhouser.

Ushers for Morning Services:  C. Alvin Brill and C. E. Chandler.

Ushers for Evening Services:  Frank Crabill and A. C. Bowers.

Acolytes:  Bobbie Smith,  Donald Miller, Tommy and Richard

Organist and Choir Director:  Mrs. F. B. Lingle;  Assistant Mrs.
R. T. Harris.

The Sunday School:  E. E. Keister, Superintendent; Harland
Miller 1st Assistant Superintendent; J. M. Kibler, 2nd Assistant
Superintendent; C. E. Chandler, Secretary; Arthur Artz, 1st
Assistant Secretary;  Jake Kern, 2nd Assistant Secretary; M. B.
Keller, Treasurer; J. Ray Miller, Membership Secretary;  Miss
Frances Jenkins, Superintendent of Primary Department; Mrs. D.
S. Stover Assistant;  Mrs. C. S. Keister, Superintendent of
Intermediate Department:  I. E. Kern, Assistant;  Mrs. C. Alvin
Brill, Superintendent of Cradle Roll; Mrs. J. W. Hottel,
Superintendent of Home Department and Miss Katherine Foltz,

Brotherhood Bible Class:  J. F. Boehm, President;  L. L. Snarr,
Secretary;  J. M. Kibler, Treasurer;  Rev. F. B. Lingle,
Teacher;  E. M. Funk, Assistant Teacher

The Missionary Society:  Mrs. David Stover, President;  Mrs. C.
S. Keister, Vice-President;  Mrs. C. S. Grove, Secretary;  Miss
Beulah Lemley, Treasurer.  

The Luther League:  Miss Agnes Smith, President;  Mrs. Robert
Funkhouser, Vice-President;  Jake Kern, Secretary;  Robert
Funkhouser, Treasurer.

Congregational Aid Society:  Miss Frances Jenkins, President: 
Mrs. Fulton Venable, Secretary and Treasurer.

The Chancel Circle:  Mesdames P. S. Fahrney, I. E. Kern, Harry
Gochenour, Arthur Ritenour, J. F. Townes, Van S. McCardle,
Robert Phalen and Sandy Williams.

The Children of the Church:  Miss Frances Jenkins,
Superintendent and Mesdames C. S. Grove, Fulton Venable and Miss
Helen Kibler, helpers.

Calvin Sonner