Episcopal - Woodstock

Location: Cemetery locate by Episcopal Church in Woodstock. East Court Street. 
1.  R. P. Bleaip born June 21, 1812 died Oct. 9, 1858 aged 43
     years 7 months __ days 

2.  Dr. W. W. Magruder died May 14th, 1867 aged 42 years

3.  Cyrus Spengler beloved husband of Mary C. B. Spengler and
     youngest son of Anthony & Catharine Spengler of
     Shenandoah County VA born __

4.  Mary C. B. Spengler beloved wife of Cyrus Spengler and
     youngest daughter of the late John and Ann Redmon of
     Shenandoah Co. Va. born Sept. 27th, 1817 died April 12, 1883
     aged 65 yrs 6 mos 15 days 

5.  W. W. Spengler

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