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Church Accounts of the German Lutheran Congregation 

in Strasburg, 6th June 1830



Decembr. 24  Received from Samuel Cuper, church money  $6.19
1829 Received from Georg Lotholz, back rent  13.30
.Offering taken in from the year 1826 'til now, 1829  33.13
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From  Paid to Friederich Maurer for repairing the organ  $55.14
1825  Paid to Carl Maurer  14.00
to  .
1826  Philip Peter Backer has loaned money and other things  4.00
The same, Adam Kister 25.66
The same, Daniel Eberle  29.92
The same, Georg Schwartz 29.35
The same, Goerg Dosch  15.07
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Expenses for the affairs in the German Lutheran Schoolhouse and church, in the year of Christ, 1825.
Novbr.  Bought from Jacob Funk 690 feet and 10 inch -- inch boards at shilling per hundred, paid by Samuel Cuper  $10.00
1826  Paid to F. W. Maurer for work on the schoolhouse and organ  41.99
May 9  Paid to Wilhelm Dosch, from Friedrich Wilhelm Maurer  1.60
May 13  Paid to Friedrich Wilhelm Maurer, offering  1.25
Sept. 24  Paid to Friedrich Wilhelm Maurer, offering  3.99
Dec. 20  Paid to Isaac Funk for 3 (sheep skins)  1.08 
1826  Paid to Wilhelm Morris for lime and such like  2.52
Paid to Georg Schwartz for glass and putty .72
Paid by Georg Schwartz to Charles Maurer as delegate to the Synod in Maryland  5.00
1827  Paid to Georg Dosch for his expenses in Winchester and Woodstock  1.75
Paid to Wilhelm Morris by Georg Dosch for a lock on the church door  1.50
Oct. 1  Paid to Jahannes Dosch for Friedrich Maurer  .30
Jan. 19 Paid to David Crebill for Fr. Wilhelm Maurer note and interest 8.92
Feb. 24  Paid to Georg Hupp for sheet iron for the schoolhouse stove  1.12
Jany. 19  Paid to Jacob Reger for making stove pipe .67
Jany 26  Paid to Daniel Stuckle .... for Clerk's note 2.09
Jany 26  Paid to Joseph Long for Attendance at court as witness  2.12
Jany. 26  Paid to Georg Dosch for attendance at court 6.71
Jany. 26 Paid to Adam Kuster for the German Bible in the church 5.00
Jany. 26  Paid to Wilhelm Morris expenses  1.13
May Paid to Heinrich Graff for nails for the church .25
Oct.  Paid to Joseph Long as witness at court 1.36
Jany. 1  Paid to David Grebill for Carl Maurer  14.00
Paid to Heinrich Graff for nails  .40
March 28  Paid to Morris and .... not recorded above  1.55

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